Indonesia Softgel Tablet Production Counting Packaging Line Project



Customer:Juan Villamizar

Machine:SEM-100 Softgel Encapsulation Machine,BG-40 talet coating machine,FG-60 fluid bed dryer,cartoning machine,weighting machine,bottle unscrambler,tablet counting machine,desiccant inserting machine,capping machine,inducton sealing machine,automatic labeling machine




The Indonesia softgel tablet production counting packaging line project is for a privately held speciality pharmaceutical company who promoted healthcare products in southeast Aisa,the customer Mr.Juan is the general manager,his company had manufacturing capsule,tablet products for more than 30 years,they had tablet production machine,capsule production machine ,and in 2018,they wanted to launched a new softgel production line,so he browsed our online advertisement and found us.

At first,Mr Juan only wanted to lanuch the softgel production line,after browsing our site and communicating with several details with us,he found our professism in supply various pharmaceutical & packaging equipment,so he also asked for the fluid bed dryer , tablet coating machine and the whole softgel counting packaging line.



More Details About This Porject


Mr.Juan gave us his factory currently layout,we designed the SEM-100 softgel encapsulation machine and the auxiliary device for him as the production capacity required.

The whole softgel production line includes the material mixing tank,the thermal insulation heating tank,the gelatin is pneumatically conveyed from the thermal-insulated gelatin-storage pot through the ground, which helped to improve the production environment of Mr June’s factory.

We also designed the food-grade conveyance belt that is used for conveyance of capsule.

As the production capacity requirement from Mr.Juan and his factory layout ,we designed the BG-80 tablet coating machine for him.

As Mr.Juan’s factory layout,there is a large area for the secondary packaging,so we designed the softgel counting line that include the bottle unscrambler,softgel counting machine,desiccant inserting machine,screw capping machine ,automatic labeling machine with caroning machine for him.

For the production of tablet in Mr.Juan’s factory,the powder need to be dried before put into production,so we designed the fluid bed dryer for him.



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