Top 100 Pharmaceutical Companies of United States in 2021

US is one of the most established countries in the world in almost every field of life. There are a lot of medical companies present in the United States of America to fulfill different sorts of medical & clinical needs of the people.

While considering some questions and problems I just prepared the list of the top 100 pharmaceutical industries of the United States in 2021.

As you all know that the future of health care system is based on the pharmaceutical industry.

By keeping in mind some major and effective uses of different companies I just created a list of top 100 medical companies of the USA they can be alter & changed but here is my opinion based list.

pharmaceutical companies in US

1.Novitium Pharma

Novitium Pharma

Novitium is a moderate type of pharmaceutical company made in USA providing generic products since 2016.

This company is working to provide quality products at affordable rates so, that everyone can get the benefit. Let me tell you some of their products portfolio list Acetazolamide tablets Chlorzoxazone tablets, Clotrimazole solution, Prednisone Blisterpack tablets and Prazosin hydrochloric capsules.

2.Pfizer USA


Pfizer is one of the top US pharmaceutical company with leading research based vaccine provider all around the globe.

This is the first ever US company that provide the vaccine for Covid-19. It is the most established company with 51.7 billion dollars of revenue generation in medical field. Let me tell you about some of their top products Accupril, Adenosine, Aldactone, Altace, Aromasin & Atropine sulfate.

These products that I told you in the upper paragraph are used for the treatment of chronic diseases like addiction of something.

3.Johnson & Johnson (JnJ)

Johnson n Jonhson

Johnson n Jonhson is one of the top pharmaceutical companies of USA situated in New Jersey with 130+ years of experience in the medical industry.

JnJ is a top pharma company providing different sorts of medicine products in almost every field like cosmetics, medical equipment & oral products for almost every age of human being to make them healthy & to give them better life. The main aim of this firm is to work on heart diseases that cause instent death to a person & they have a very wide portfolio about their products let me tell you some of their products Neutrogena is a skin care product, Johnson’s baby lotion & many  products including medical equipments.

4.AbbVie Inc


AbbVie is a community based company developed to improve the health in different areas of the world.

The main and major purpose of this company is to research the best solution for a disease that is affecting the life of many people in a single area. This company works on the biopharmaceutical products to provide healthy and better life.

5.Merck & Co


Merck is a top pharmaceutical company of USA also operating in Canada to improvise best solution against harmful diseases like cancer.

One of the top pharmaceutical companies providing generic products for the treatment of rare diseases that are found in animals & human being.

This company is working research based production of generic medicine for human beings & for animals as well. They are working against diseases like Ebola one of the emerging harmful diseases mostly found in animals, HVI & cancer. Let me tell you some of their top products Asmanex, BCG vaccine, Cozaar oral dosages, Dificid tablets, Gardacil vaccine & Hyzaar tablets.

6.Novartis USA


Novartis is one of the top suppliers of medicine in terms of giving better life by providing them better supplements.

Working to provide best therapeutic treatment & medication of US branded base let me tell you some of their top therapeutic areas Opthalmology, Neuroscience, Immunology, Dermatology, Gene & cell therapy.

Main perspective of this organization is to work for the betterment of people life by providing them better medicine & products with more efficiency. Afinitor, Adakveo, Arzerra, Beovu, Cosentyx, Desferal these are some of their products portfolio. 

7.Bristol Myers Pharma


Bristol is one of the top USA based companies well known globally around the world providing innovative medication to those patients who are suffering with some serious diseases like cancer.

Three main & major working areas of this company include research on the advance solution of hematology, Immunology & cardiovascular disease.

The product portfolio of this company contain many sorts of medicine products for different sorts of rare & harmful diseases. This company provide PAA (Pre Approval Access) from their expert physicians to deal with the old patients.



Abbott is situated in the United States and one of the multination pharmaceutical companies that provide medicine products & medical equipments.

It is well know because of its adult nutrition products for diabetes, cardiovascular & neuromodulation items.

It is not a single organization that provides specific products. In 2011 the owner of Abbott decided to divide his firm into two major parts one is called Abb View for research base products & the other one is to provide different medical equipments to treat special diseases.

9.Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals


Bayer is one of the top multi living production pharmaceutical organization working to make life better of every living soul including plants, animals & human beings.

Bayer healthcare is well known globally in terms of providing best healthcare products in so many countries across the world.

They set some important values in the pharmaceutical industry by giving leadership, integrity, flexibility & efficiency in their products. Acceleron, Adempas, Adalat, Afrin, Alion, Arize, Aspirin & Avelox these are some of their top products in the market.

10.Lilly & Co


Lilly is an old US pharmaceutical & bioscience organization founded in 1876 to assist patients by providing them better products & better treatment methods.

It is a science & pharma based company works to deliver diabetes solution, oncology treatment support, care pharma products along with some of their historic & famous medicine products like Evista, Effient, Strattera, Symbax & cialis. Lartruvo is very useful against cancer.

11.Fujifilm Diosynth


Fujifilm is a globally leading biopharma company providing Gene therapy, Fermentation of microbial and some other treatments as well.

Fujifilm is also very famous in providing best diet solutions for babies. They provide bacteria free products for better growth of babies.

This firm is using a latest technology called paveWay for the bacteria fermentation in gene therapy & other conditions in microbial. They prepare best liquid based bacteria free solution for diosynth & bio medication.

12.Abraxis BioScience


Abraxis is one of the most globally known companies present in the United States that help the people to overcome some major diseases.

The main aim of this firm is to develop & discover the perfect medicine and then deliver it to those who are fighting with some major diseases like cancer and others so, that they can live better life.

13.Acceleron Pharma


Acceleron is one of the most developed & well known companies present in the United States to facilitate the people who are affected by hematological disease.

Part of superfamily called TGF-beta is used to reach the next level bioligical medicines to improve the life style of those who are in danger by providing the best training and medication to them.

14.Acadia Pharmaceuticals

Acadia Pharmaceuticals

Acadia is a neurosergical based company in the US providing the best solution for the health care system in different ways.

It is the first ever company in the USA that provides you hallucination therapy for a disease called Parkinson’s psychosis. They use different sorts of a novel approach to overcome the pain and some other approaches like, neuropsychiatric signs to overcome the nervous system disease in the early stage.

15.Accera Pharma


Accera is one of the most globally known companies in terms of providing biotechnological help for disorder in the nervous system along with some other therapies the main headquarters of this firm is present in United States and Singapore.

The main operation of this company is to provide the best solution for different brain diseases like, brain tumor and others. It provides the best therapy system for sensitive brain system tissues.

16.Acella Pharma

Acella Pharmaceuticals

Acella pharma is a company named as “The best firm in terms of Medical sales” in 2021 by the European Pharmaceutical Union.

Different categories of therapeutics are used on the basis of their diversified portfolio to give quality products to the people so, that they can have the medication in cheaper rate with best quality.

This company work for the betterment of women life providing medication in three major areas of women disease Nutritional Supplementation, Endocrinology, pain relief and dermatology.

17.Accord Health Care


Accord health care is one of the best & rapidly growing companies of the USA that provides generic medicine of the best quality to the people.

This company is well known in terms of providing the best medication for generic purpose & some special diseases. The main portfolio of this firm is to provide the best & standard medication that include Helzion caps, Gixzyson tablets & orher oral dosages in lower rates so, that everyone can get benefit of it.

18.ACI Healthcare

ACI logo

ACI Healthcare is a generic based US company that is well known because of its greater revenue generation in the medical field.

It is not a single firm that provide limited sorts of products in one field. The parent company of ACI healthcare is ACI Limited it provides different types of agricultural products, pharmaceutical products for human being, and retail chain system.



Aceto is the best to call for when it comes to distribute different sorts of chemicals with complete research based system to improve the healthcare system of different living thing. The very old company discovered in 1947.

Different type of special chemicals of Aceto are used worldwide in making different kind of pharmaceutical, agricultural, neutraceutical & other chemical products. More than 1,100 chemical combinations are used in this firm for different sorts of research medication & then delivered to 11 different countries.

20.Aclaris Therapeutics


Aclaris is a fully research based organization in USA that give the service about discovering the new drugs that can be used for therapy.

Research based new drug products are developed in this industry so, that some small amount of these products can be utilized for therapy system of the disorder immune conditions.  KINect based technology is used to perform different kinds of clinical drugs.

21.ACIC Pharmaceuticals


Acic is very experienced in terms of delivering some small ingredients about different sorts of products. FDA & other quality standards make sure that this firm is delivering quality products & machinery.

It is very active in terms of therapeutic category to deliver some products like, antibiotics, anti-diabetic, antidepressant, cardiovascular and CNS and some protease inhibitors. This firm is working to provide the quick and faster medication molecule in different medical fields to make the recovery quicker & faster.

22.Acorda Therapeutics


Acorda is therapeutics based company from United States that works to improve life by giving new therapeutic approach rather than the same old way.

Most of the people are in danger because of their weak nervous system in the body so, the aim of this company is to give better & productive life to those who are struggling with some major disorder in the immune system. Advance program & approach of this industry is making life better in different areas.

23.Janssen Pharmaceuticals


Janssen pharmaceutical company is present in one of the states of United States called San Francisco & working on the disease called PAH.

PAH (Pulmonary Hypertension) is a common disease present in mostly the old people because of their old age & this firm is working on to remove this problem from the human life so, that they can enjoy more & live more happily by providing quality medication.

24.ACT Biotech Inc


ACT Biotech company is based on the biotechnology to deal with some major diseases like cancer. Developed in 2008 in San Francisco to mainly focus on removing the cancer disease.

Privately operated for the biotechnology products to deal with deadly diseases like cancer and provide medication and commercialization of some specific drugs to deal with the patients. Biopharmaceutical products are made and then delivered to the people for giving them better life & help to remove the dead tissues and cells from the body.

25.Acumen Pharmaceuticals Inc

Acumen pharma

Acumen is a special research base company in USA that works on some rare disease that are found in different human beings at different levels.

A disease that is called Alzheimer’s disease is rarely treated in some specific organizations and acumens pharma is one of the leading organization that works in the treatment of Alzheimer disease along with some other diseases like neurodegenrative  while focusing on some toxic biomolecule.

26.Adamas Pharmaceuticals


Adamas pharma is an organization present in the US for delivering better life to the people who are affected by some rare disease like neurological.

Old people who are affected with the neurological problem are treated with better medication and better living style. This disease often made them slow but the medication of adamas pharmaceuticals. Gocovre is one the main product of this firm.

27.Adare Pharmaceuticals


Adare is one of the globally the best working pharmaceutical company based on driven technology CDMO.

Main working focus of this organization is to provide oral dosage for animal healthcare & other OTC market medicine products to give better life to the livings. Here are some Adare products that are used for medication Parvulet tablets, Minitabs, Microcaps, diffucaps & advatabs.

28.Emergent Biosolutions


Emergent organization was first developed as a single and lonely firm to provide a single sort of medication in a single country but later on more working is done by the employees & contribution of this company is made with many others.

Adapt pharma products are utilized in this industry to give better life environment to those who are struggling with harmful diseases. Here are some products that are made in this organization Narcan, Nasal Spray, RSDL used for skin treatment, BAT & Anthrasil.

29.Advance Pharmaceuticals Inc


Advance pharma is one of the modern based organizations present in the city of New York USA.

The research based system is completely biased with advance technology in pharmaceutical industry to provide modern and more advance medication to the people. Here are some list of products that this organization produces or provide Aspirin tablets, Calcium carbonate, APAP Tablets, Ferrous sulphate tablets, & Meclizine HCL caplets.

30.Ajanta Pharma USA


Ajanta is a pharmaceutical company present in New Jersey USA to facilitate the patients with quality medication of generic drugs.

It is completely R& D (Research & Development) based company  to provide different types of generic medication. Different sorts of solid dosages and other liquid medicines like, eye drops, solid tablets of different types powder & granules are prepared in this organization

31.American Regent

American regent

American Regent is one of the top pharmaceutical organizations of USA well known in terms of providing injectable medication.

The main & basic work operation of this company is to deliver generic injectable medicines for quick recovery. Some of their main products approved by many organizations are Calcium chloride injection, Acetylcysteine solution, Aminocaproic acid USP injection, Droperdol injection, Estradiol injection & Nitroglycerin injection.

32.Alfasigma USA


Alfasigma is one of the health care based organizations of USA to provide reliable solution to the people who are getting old in early stage of life.

Improving health & life style is one of the main aims of this firm. Dealing with depression & solving adult problems in women with some other diseases is the major part of this firm. Some products that this organization provides are Deplin L-methylfolate Ca, Zelnorm tablets, Metanx & CarefolinNac.

33.Almatica Pharma

Almatica Pharma

Alamatica is well known in providing different sorts of medical products for different type of diseases in different areas of US.

Main portfolio & development of this organization is to provide different pharmaceutical items like comtan tablets, gralise tablets, Macrodantin, Macrobid, Naprelan & Stalevo with other products to work against therapeutic like cardiovascular disorder in body.

34.Amag Pharmaceuticals

Amag is one of the pharmaceutical based organization working terms of delivering medicine to those wo are affected with rare therapeutic problems.

The main aim of this firm is to break the chain of therapeutic problem which is covering the life of so many people & they do it by providing  new & innovative medications like Makena caproate injection is one of the main product of this firm along with some other products like Feraheme Injection.

35.Alvogen Pha


Alvogen is one of the globally well known pharma based company working operating in different countries with head office or main branch in USA.

The main purpose of this company is to deliver different generic medicine brands under OTC & bio similar items to all the suffering people around the world. Oncology, neurology, cardiology & respiratory medicine these are the main focusing areas of this firm to deal with.

36.Amarin Pharma


Amarin is one of the top pharmaceutical industries in the US providing different sorts of medical solutions to treat therapeutic problems.

Cardiovascular healthcare is dealt with by utilizing commercialized therapeutics & focusing on developing some other possible medications by doing research on the specific disease & then find its proper solution through generic medication.

37.ALK Abello


ALK is well known & one of the top pharmaceutical industry in USA who works in providing different medicine solutions for allergic problems.

Allergy from a specific thing like home dust, sun rays & other things like that are treated with the medication from ALK organization. Some other problems like Diagnostic different medical problems, healthcare solutions & Emergency medication are also handled in this firm.



Alkermes is well developed and a technology based pharmaceutical organization that works in dealing the chronic disease with a better way.

It is very powerful & expert based medication companies that provide its portfolio in facilitating the patients who are struggling with chronic disease. Some of their products are there Aristada & Vivitrol.

39.Amgen Pharmaceuticals


Amgen is a globally well known biotech organization dealing with therapeutic products to deliver quality products to the people who are struggling with illness.

Some of their product list of this organization is as given Aranesp Alfa, Avsola Injection, Blincyto & Corlanor. These are some few medicines which they provide for better life to those who have a rare disease.

40.Amneal Pharmaceuticals


Amnel is a well known company in US facilitating people with different generic medicine products for many years.

This organization is working on providing best solution to the patients who are struggling with drug addiction & some other life affecting problems. Their special products list is given Emverm, Unithroid, Zomig Nasal Spray & Rytary.

41.Amicus Therapeutics


Amicus is operating in USA for delivering quality medication to the people by using biotechnology.

A globally well known organization with quality products serving so many countries & providing solution to a rare disease called metabolic disease. Galafold is one of their major products prepared for adult patients for the treatment of metabolic disease.


Amri l

Albany Molecular Research is a US organization working as a research center and providing different sorts of medicine products to patients with rare disease.

Expert & tech based organization globally contracted with pharmaceutical & biotech products to give quality life to the suffering people. It provides solution in terms of API manufacturing, Drug medicine products & some other analytical services.

43.Amryt Pharmaceuticals


Amryt Pharma is one of the unique organizations of USA that provide solution to those who have debilitating conditions.

Main focus and development of this company is to provide a proper treatment to those who are struggling with orphan & rare disease. Some of Amryt products are Lojuxta, Myalept & Gene therapy.

44.Anesiva Pharmaceuticals


Anesiva is one of the top bio-pharmaceutical organizations of USA that provide medication to the late stage disease suffering people.

One of their products like Nexletol & Keto pills are used for diet management in people. They are providing novel pharma medicine products for late treatment of different surgery operations like knee surgery.

45.ANI Pharmaceuticals


ANI is one of the top pharmaceutical industries in USA providing high quality generic medication.

ANI is working to control different sorts of diseases by providing some major products to control the level of important substances in the body & these substances include, steroids & hormones, anti-cancer substances & Complex formulation of powders & granules.

46.Antares Pharma


Antares is present in USA & providing better & quality drug dosages with lesser side effects after using it against the disease.

Main portfolio of Antares in medicine products include some unique & best products in the likes of Xyosted therapy injector, Otrexup a subcutaneous injection it is one of the first ever subcutaneous product approved in USA.

47.Angelini Pharmaceuticals


Angelini pharma was manufactured in Rockville USA based to develop & manufacture best quality medication to the needy ones.

Infectious skin & body disease is treated with their medication in portfolio of angelini pharam here are some of their major products Alcavis 50, Alcavis Bleach-Wipe, Peracidin, Exsept & Aniosgel 85 NPC.

48.Aprecia Pharmaceuticals


Aprecia is one of the top organizations in providing less amount of medication with greater affect & better solution.

This firm is facilitating the people with unique form of dosage. It is the first ever company in all around the world that introduces a unique 3dp cutting edge technology. Spritam tablet is one of the main and major product of this organization.

49.Apotex Corp


Apotex is an American organization was founded in 1947.  Now providing innovative solutions & high quality medicine products.

Portfolio of this organization is very wide in terms of dosage & other medicine products more than 4000 dosages are utilized for the treatment of different diseases & more than 300 generic medicines are there for patient treatment.

50.Aurolife Pharma


Aurolife is one of the well known pharmaceutical manufacturing organizations in USA delivering quality medication for many years.

Auro is one of the leading companies in USA providing medication of different types in the form of their unique products like anti-biotic tablet called Ciprofloxacin, An anti-diabetic called metfornic HCI & some other anti products.

51.Artesa Labs


Artesa is a unique and special organization that works as dermatology product supplies for those who are suffering with skin disease.

It provide different type of medication for different type of diseases like Dry skin, Acne, dermatitis, Cortico steroid & Rosacea. There are so many products that this organization manufacture & deliver here are some their product list Desonide gel, mimyx cream, plexion, nolix & nicaprin.

52.Arena Pharmaceuticals


Arena Pharmaceuticals is one of the top pharma companies of USA providing top quality medicine to the suffering people.

Research based products are used for the treatment of those who are struggling with their life in transformational phases. Main pipeline of this company is based on three phases with early research & pre clinical medication.

53.Armas Pharmaceuticals


Armas pharma is a US base medicine organization with more than 50 years experience that works in developing, manufacturing & then delivering the proper medicine products to the needy ones.

Multi sorts of pharmaceutical products like Erlotinib, caffeine citrate solution, verapamil, sodium nitoprusside, azacitidine & caffeine citrate these are some main products of this organization which they deliver.

54.Ascendia Pharma


Ascendia is working for different sorts of difficult compounds to solve the issue about bioavailability enhancement & solubility of difficult molecules.

They provide unique and molecule based medication that can easily get dissolve in stomach some novel based products are manufactured using different manufacturing techniques like analytical sciences, oral dosage, forming of dosage & parentral dosages.

55.Austar Pharma


Austar is a research based pharmaceutical organization providing proper & pure medicine products for many than 10 years with many collaboration companies.

It is a medicine drug based company working and manufacturing different sorts of medicine & medicine technologies some of their products are Alendronate sodium tablets & Methocarbamol tablets.

56.Braun Medical


Braun is a USA medical organization working in two main areas of life managing the pain & infusion therapy in different patients.

It is a highly recommended organization in terms of getting best treatment & better healthcare environment. And by enhancing their experts in medical science this firm is providing best solutions in terms of production & therapy. Prefilled flush syringes, Admixture & Renal therapies are the top productions of this organization.

57.Bell Pharmaceuticals

Bell pharma

Bell pharma was founded in 2001 for pharmaceutical purpose as a manufacturing & packing organization.

They are working to fulfill the demands of their customers in every aspect of medicine production by offering them quality packing & manufacturing. There are three top products that this firm provides Jet Asleep, Jet Alert & Alerthness jet alert.

58.Biofrontera Inc


Biofrontera is a unique pharma & biotech based company working against rare & harmful diseases like skin cancer.

It provide different sorts of medical items in terms of cosmetics & other dermatological dosage of drug. The main portfolio of this organization is based on Ameluz combination with different medicine products along with treatment equipments.

59.BTG International


BTG is a US pharmaceutical & medical tech company serving all around the world with top products & equipments with proper training services.

Portfolio of this organization is very wide in terms of medicine products & tech based equipments am going to tell you some of their products & tech equipments. Electrophsiology product, Pelvic medicine items, CRT-D, CRT-P & Coronary stents.

60.Birchwood Lab


Birchwood is one of the top laboratory based pharma company in USA providing different sorts of medication for wounded patients.

Different sorts of medicine products are manufactured in this organization for relief in pain, quick recovery in skin wound & bacteria free medicine. Liquid cell, wound care, AER hazel & some other gel or cream based products are main in this firm.

61.Bion Pharma


Bion is one of the top soft gel capsule shell provider organization working in United States of America.

Main & major operation of this company is to provide superior soft gelatin shells to other pharmaceutical firms & companies for filling purpose. They also provide some other medicine products by their own manufacturing level in the likes of Nimodipine capsules, Paricalcitol oral dosage & some other tablets and oral dosages as well.

62.Biovista AI


Biovista is an Artificial Intelligence based medical organization working on their own pipeline to fight against different diseases.

They use their own artificial experts to fight against epilepsy, orphan disease & oncology. To work against them they are utilizing some of their drugs called de-risking of drug & repositioning of drug.

63.BPL Inc


BPL stands for Bio product laboratory they work to produce different kinds of bio products for medication & treatment.

Gammaplex is one of their top substance that is very vital in making different sorts of liquid based medicine like Gamaplex 5% is one of their PI treatment based product for adults & children. Coagadex normally used for bleeding treatment in women.

64.Catalent Pharma


Catalent is a globally well known & top pharmaceutical company providing clinical & medicine help in medical field.

Mainly they are focused on providing biological, consumer & healthcare products. All type of biotherapeutics and advance therapy is done in this organization with special dealing of orphan disease, Plasma & DNA & other vaccines.

65.Chiesi USA


Chiesi is a global pharmaceutical company with mainly focused on R&D system providing medicine for rare disease in different hospitals.

Primary aim of this firm is to give better medication to those who are living on the edge in this world with very harmful disease. They are working for more than 80 years & providing some of their products like Bethkis, Cleviprex, Kengreal injection, pertzye & Zyflo.

66.Cipla USA


Cipla is one of the leading and top pharmaceutical companies of USA very old in terms of history with so much experience in medicine production.

Cipla is facilitating the people with quality medication in cheaper price to work as a making organization. Some of their products are very famous like Lamotrigine tablets, Meloxicam tablets, Rizatriptan tablets & Topiramate tablets.

67.CMP Pharma


CMP is a top pharma company operating in USA & delivering medicine according to the niche of market demands.

Liquid & oral dosage are one of their top manufacturing products that are used against different sorts of diseases like skin therapy. Absorbase is one of their top products used for treatment against dry skin. Carospir is one of their first ever oral liquid suspensions approved by FDA.

68.Cerecor Inc


Cerecor is a biopharmaceutical company working to discover & build new & unique therapy technique against orphan & rare disease.

Cerecor is facilitating the people with many of their innovative products & they are very famous in terms of providing best medicine products. Let me tell you some of their top products in pharma industry Millipred Tablets, Prednisolone USP.

Millipred & Prednisolone USP is used for the treatment of rare disease for the completion of missing nero cells & proteins to the body.

69.Covance Inc


Covance is a multi pharmaceutical organization providing medical equipments & products for medical industry.

It has been awarded as the “Global CRO companies of the year 2020” of best practices. Very influentiol in terms of medicine production & medical treatment equipments of different types with very efficient production line. This company is providing you all types of medical equipments, clinical trials, Pre-clinical trials & other marketing solutions in pharma industry.

70.Cronus Pharma


Cronus is an animal pharma based company present in New Jersey USA providing facilities to all the pet lovers.

This firm is working to provide better medication to the animal pharmaceutcial industry so, that the life of those people who are living with their pets can live secure and better life. Portfolio of their products contain Amikacin Sulfate injection, Anestatal, Bizolin Injection, D & T worm capsules, Equigel.

71.Azurity Pharmaceuticals

Azurity Pharma

Azurity is facilitating its people with safe & secure medication for those who require some special treatment.

They provide oral dosages for old patients who need special care & personal treatment. Azurity is providing quality product by removing compounding in them & introducing molecular based dosage. Some of their products portfolio contains Firvanq solution, Katerzia tablets, Epared.

72.Endo Pharma


Vision of Endo pharmaceutical is to serve people with better treatment and best medication for better living.

Main focusing area of Endo is based on some of these therapeutic problems that consist of Insomnia, Urology, Cellulite, CPP, Allergy treatment, Dermatology, Orthopedics & other infectious diseases.

73.Eagle Pharmaceuticals

Eagle pharma

Eagle pharma is a unique pharmaceutical company specially operated for the treatment of orphan disease, oncology & other critical care problems.

Aim of Eagle pharmaceutical is to provide advance technology based medication in the form of injectable products. Portfolio of this organization holds a very wide range of products but let me tell you some of their main & influential products Bendeka injection, Belrapzo injection & Ryanodex.



Assertio is a well known commercially leading pharmaceutical company of USA that provide different sorts of medical products.

Main operation area of this company is to provide medicine against neurology, pain & inflamation products. Here are some of their products Indocin oral dosage, Sprix spray, Cambia oral solution & Indocin suppositories.

75.Elorac Pharmaceuticals


Elorac is one of the top leading companies of USA work to facilitate those who are suffering with skin diseases like cancer.

This firm is providing different sorts of bioscience & dermatology based therapies for skin treatment. In terms of their portfolio this company is not top in providing medicine products but very well in providing different sorts of therapy treatment for skin care & protection.

76.Epic Pharma

Epic pharma

Epic pharma started their pharmaceutical business in 2008 in terms of providing generic medicine products.

This company is working to provide medication in the form of powder that is used for capsule filling, dry tablets & empty gelatin capsules for filling. Main content of their products portfolio contain CII & CV medicine items. Let me tell you some of their main products Citalopram tablets, Dutasteride capsules, Estradiol USP, Methadone HCI & Potassium chloride.

77.Ethypharma USA


Ethypharma is completely focused on Central Nervous System (CNS) conditions & diseases along with care for critical patients by providing them best injectable medication.

It is a R&D developed company working perfectly on the CNS & other critical care by providing best therapy. CNS is treated in this firm that mostly happen because of growing chronic disease in the body. Main aim of this company is to give aid to those who are suffering with disorder of CNS.

78.Ezra Pharma


Ezra is a well known privately held pharmaceutical company providing quality medicine products.

Ezra is very affective for providing generic medicine products to improve quality & access of therapeutic system in pharmaceutics. This firm also provides some FDA approved products for medication.

79.Exeltis USA


Exelits is a pharmaceutical company operating to serve women to give them better & healthy life.

It is an incredible & extraordinary company which works for the betterment of women life by giving them better life experience with very useful & quality products like Slynd it is a product made for those women who don’t want to have oral dosage for their treatment. Nuvessa, Nuvetest & Vitafol these are also some of their major products.

80.Fidia Pharma


Fidia is a USA pharmaceutical & medical company working to facilitate those who are sufferin with their body parts in terms of pain and other problems.

Mainly operated to work for the injectable treatment for the lower body parts including legs & feet. Trilluron is a 3-injection based medication of Fidia pharma that is used for the relief in knee pain. Cartijoint forte is also one of their dietry item for bones joint.

81.Freeline Life


Freeline is a gene therapy expert based clinical company based on AAV for gene therapy treatment.

This organization is using AAV based gene therapy for the treatment of two major diseases Fabry & Haemophilia B. They provide two phase research based gene therapy with freeline expert doctors & staff members.

82.Galen US


Galen is a very old pharmaceutical company founded in 1968 dealing with medical areas in the like of dermatology, pain managing & gastroenterology.

The vision of this company is to look for better medication treatment rather than the one which is working in the market and become a trend. Some of their products are as follows PKU easy microtabs, PKU easy shake & go, PKU easy liquid & PKU go.

83.Geron Corporation


Geron is one of the best R&D based late-stage company provide biopharmaceutical first class products.

Some of their main commercialized operations are to handle telomerase inhibitor & imetelstat which is found in malignancies of hematologic. Main aim of this company is to work against the cancer disease with other harmful diseases.

84.Global Pharma tek

Global pharma

GPT is a biotechnology & research based company facilitating the people with new and innovative ways of treatment.

The main knowledge & aim of this company is to provide different types of research based clinical help including safety of drug & PV, regulatory management of affairs, public & statistics management. They also provide some other services in the form of work force including MSP & payroll control.

85.Grifols USA


Giofols is a multi operation biopharmaceutical company working to provide facilities to people in multi medical fields.

It is a combination of four major areas of medical field including Hospital management, biosciences, diagnostics of different diseases & providing biopharma products. In hospital management this firm is providing required nutrition products for patients & other clinical help.

86.GTX Inc


GTX Inc is a pharmaceutical company providing healthcare and quality medical products for better life.

Some of the people have acquiring disease problem & it is not easy for them to bear so, this firm provide some important and lifesaving treatment ways to those whose life is at risk after taking proper test of their body & old age of blood cells. According to the disease level a proper treatment is make sure to make easy & peaceful treatment to the suffering patients.

87.Health Pharma USA


Health pharmaceutical company is situated in New Jersey USA.

It is a research based company that takes every sort of important test of your product to make it perfect in quality according to the market demands & enhance the life of medicine products. Making sure the product is safe & secure for treatment purpose. This firm got some major products list as well including Tylenol tablets, Aspirin tablets, Sudafed P1, Midol tablet & Excedrin capsule.

88.Hope Pharmceuticals


Hope pharmaceutical is a well known pharmaceutical company famous because of its some specific injectable products in medical field.

This organization is very good in providing injectable medicines like Sodium nitrate injection, Sodium thiosulfate injection USP & Nithiodote injection very useful in all around the world for better treatment of therapeutic patients.

89.HLS Therapeutics


HLS is a pharmaceutical company working as a chain production company in the medicine products.

Very wide range of products of this company are listed in the FDA list & in their personal portfolio include Trinomia that can decrease the risk of CV reduction, Perseris that work against Schizophrenia, Absorica that works against acne in skin cancer, Clozaril used for the treatment of Schizophrenia. These are some its major product list that I just shared with you.

90.Hercom Pharmaceuticals

Hercon pharma

Hercon is a unique pharmaceutical company in USA working to provide transdermal type of generic medication.

Hercon is a top established company in the market to deliver generic products all around the globe with quality & perfection in affordable pricing. Some of their products portfolio is as follows Nitroglycerin 0.2, 0.4, 0.6.

91.Indivior Inc


Indivior is one of the unique working pharmaceutical companies providing medication help to the addicted & mentally disorder people.

Addiction is a very dangerous form of disease that can eat a person piece by piece and you won’t even know what is going on with my body. Some people are also disturbed because of some mental illness & disorder so, what this firm do is to provide products like Sublocade injection, Perseris injectable suspension & Suboxone film.

92.Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Jazz Pharma

Jazz is a globally operating pharmaceutical company providing medicine to those patients who had no option left for treatment about a specific disease.

This firm uses the best solution for the treatment of rare & complex diseases for example in Neuroscience Therapeutic they provide some quality products like Sunosi tablets, Xyrem oral solution, xywav oral solution & in Oncology and Hematology they provide Defitelio injection, Erwinaze, Kidrolase & Vyxeos liposomal.

93.Klus Pharma


Klus is a unique working pharmaceutical company of USA fully focused on clinical help in biotech sciences with the help of generic medicine products.

This firm is well known in terms of providing best solution for harmful diseases that can cause death like cancer & some other diseases. 3 main medical areas are dealt in this company that includes Oncology of Immuno system, Oncology of targeted type & cardiovascular disease. Providing different sorts of medication help which include drug based medicine products, three phase pipeline system, IND enabling & preclinical help.

94.Ironwood Pharma


Ironwood is a top leading company of USA working to find best solution for those who are suffering with GI disease.

This company is working to provide best solution for the GI disease so, that millions & thousands of people can live better life without any problem. Always working to bring new therapies for GI disease one of their latest products that is launched in the market is Linzess.

95.Innogenix Pharma


Innogenix is situated in New York City of America providing quality generic products to medical industry.

Fully innovative & latest biotech sciences production is made in this company to maintain their quality they work according to the GMP standards for delivering the best quality products to the people. Innogenix work to provide Bio equivalent products like powder and pellets that is used in the filling of hard gel capsules and they also provide you immediate release medicine products as well.

96.LGM Pharma


LGM is a USA based pharmaceutical company working to provide best API’s of medicine products.

This company provides more than 10,000 products that are based on powder, oral dosage, solid dosage, Semi-solids, liquid suspensions, semi-liquid products, Sustained release & Non sterile liquids. In their one step services they offer you Assistance in CMC, Products packaging, Raw materials & product testing.

97.Octa Pharma USA


Octa is one of the research based privately owned company providing best & quality generic products for plasma treatment.

R&D based pharma companies with some of their quality portfolio products like Atenative a critial care product, octagam for immunoglobulin & octanine used on hematology.

98.Alvogen Pharma


Alvogen is a privately owned pharmaceutical company well known in the global world as well working to facilitate the medical industry with top generic products.

Main headquarters of this company are based in USA that includes the brand version of this company. Most of their production is done for the treatment of cardiology, neurology, respiratory medicine & oncology. Most of their generic product portfolio contains soft gelatin capsules, solid dosage, oral dosage, creams, injections & ointment products.

99.Irisys Pharma


Irisys is a local pharmaceutical company working in San Diego USA to implement best medication according to GMP standards.

Irisys was found in 1996 to provide R&D based medication to the people. They provide different kinds of clinical & dosage form help to the patients. Let me tell you some of their products in oral & clinical form in dosage form they provide enteric coated tablets, lyophilization injection, creams & ointments, pain relief tablets and hard gel capsules.

Irisys also facilitate its customers with packaging & labeling that include bottles, vials, powder in cans, encapsulation & syrenges for sterile fill.

100.CVS Pharma


CVS is one of the largest operating American retail pharmaceutical organization called as CVS health.

It is one of those USA companies that provide the vaccine of Covid-19 to the world & introduce the world that there is nothing possible.

Consumer value store is providing top quality vaccine products in all around the world & working in more than 50 states of USA facilitating the people with best medication in allergic diseases & for other harmful diseases.

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