Top 100 Pharmaceutical Companies In France in 2021

Are you looking for the top 100 pharmaceutical companies that are thriving in this era of research?

Worry no more. I have taken the load off of your shoulders and cut down the top 100 pharmaceutical companies. They have made progress ever since the evolution of the corona pandemic. The hard work of small companies and thrivers from the big ones made it possible to find its resistance.

I have modified these into short paragraphs to tell you what they do and how they face future healthcare.

Top 100 Pharmaceutical Companies In France In 2021

1.  West Pharma

West Pharma

West Pharmaceutical company is committed to providing high-quality, sterilized research products. They believe a minute change in the manufacturing of the product might disrupt the results. That's why the company's core aim is to promote science's integration and innovation via technology.

It has evolved from producing sterilized products to cartridge systems and components, pre-fillable systems, and much more. They have made reliable and efficient products to maintain the sustainability of the company's name.

2.  Vitafero


The top leading French pharmaceutical company, VitamFero, has changed the way people look at medicinal research. They have evolved from being a startup to a thriving company by introducing methods to prevent infectious diseases and reduce antibiotics use.

It has targeted two major departments and introduced various innovations. These include vaccine, immunostimulant, prophylactic, animal health, veterinary, livestock, ruminant, avian flu, toxoplasmosis, neosporosis and antibiotics.

3.  Vecture


Vectura is bringing the medicines one of its kinds. The company has promised and instilled it too after introducing the inhaled medicines. From formulation, analytical analysis and device platform, it has worked on product transfer through technical means.

With over 20 years of experience, the company is working on increasing the values of lives. They have produced inhalation products for many years now with continuous success. They offer fully-integrated innovative ways that support while developing inhaled medicines.

4.  Vectlays



Vectalys is using lentiviral technology to identify the diseased gene and work on it. Through DNA and RNA, they are proffering vectors for stable impression and non-integrative RNA delivery. They have introduced such advanced technology that you can now transfer genetic material into all cells without affecting their phenotype and viability.

Since 2005, the company developed a lenti-viral vector with less than 1% of protein and DNA impurities. They have introduced a powerful and robust titration method.

5.  Vaxon Biotech

Vaxon biotech

Vaxon biotech is one of the leading biotechnology and research companies that originated from Paris, France, in 2004. The pharmaceutical company has achieved great attention from sponsors worldwide for its continuous work as a well-propitiated team.

It has defined therapeutic vaccines for lung, gastric, prostate, breast, and renal, liver and colorectal cancers using innovative technology. It has specialized in tumour immunotherapy. The company is currently working on treat existing cancers by stimulating the immune system to recognize and attack human cancer cells without harming normal cells.

6.  3-D Martix

3-D Matrix

3-D Matrix is a well-renowned company that has used technology in a different yet innovative way. It has made a matrix for cellular and tissue growth. The company is currently increasing the ideas that will instigate a proportional response from different medical units.

The company has provided laboratory solutions as well as endoscopic solutions. Their mission is to reduce the chances of unwanted and undesirable components from being in a final product.

7.  AB Science

AB science

Since 2001, AB science  company has continuously worked on improved products made in headquarters located in France. A group made this company of scientists who wanted to better the lives of patients suffering from life-threatening diseases.

With showing advancements in four therapeutic areas, it is one of the most renowned pharmaceutical companies. They have developed two compounds to help fight the disease that is life-threatening for the patients.

8.  Acino


Acino is one of the prime leaders for novel drug delivery. This company has turned opportunities into success through wide significations. They have products in more than six areas including, cardiology and metabolism, cardiovascular, gastroenterology, infectiology, general health, oncology, urology and much more.

This pharmaceutical company has evolved from 1836 to now. They are in motion to develop advanced technological medications for the patients to help them live quality lives. They are committed to providing empathy for the sufferers.

9.  Adare

Adare Pharma

Since 2015, Adare Pharma has been the leading pharmaceuticals for the way it has introduced the product in a competitive market. The annual company revenue reached up to 59 million dollars, which made it a thriving business.

Now it has introduced more innovative products. Some of these include taste-making and ODIs, as well as customized drug releases. The medicines are enhanced and provide efficacy alongside solutions for improving the safety of the patient.

10. Adocia


Adocia  is a pharmaceutical company is celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2021. Since 2005, the company has made much revenue yearly through innovative products. They have made innovative formulations to signify the importance of biotechnology.

The methods used at adocia are primarily around these areas, cell therapy, oncology, and general medicines. it is known for introducing three main products that are BioChaperone®, Glucagon GLP1, BioChaperone®, Glargine GLP-1 and BioChaperone LisPram.

11. Advance Accelerator Application

Advanced accelerator applications

Advanced accelerator applications (AAA) was found in 2002. The company has thrived since then. The products are made usually through radiographic approaches.

They have mixed technology with science. The methods are radio-gland therapy which is one of the most advanced techniques of 2021.

The company's main research is based on oncology, endocrinology, cardiology, neurology, and infectious and inflammatory diseases. They are currently working on active research based on multiple cancer types and its mechanism.

12. Advance Biodesign

Advanced bio-design

Advanced bio-design was found in 2010. The company is situated in Saint-Priest, France. Through innovative technology, the company is working on finding anti-cancer techniques and medications. Other than that, they have made millions of sales across 130+ countries.

Advanced bio-design was introduced by some scientists who were looking to find solutions for those who have cancer. Their techniques are such highly regarded that there has been great advancement in the health of individuals.

13. Avicenna


Avicenna was introduced into the market in 2007. In France, the company became one of the most thriving businesses for its technological approaches. The company is now working on improving the quality of life for individuals due to saturated sickness.

This company is working on improving the healthiness of kidney disease. Moreover, the company has introduced products which are selling in more than 100 countries. Advicenna makes the French pharmaceutical industry proud.

14. Bio Elpida

Bio Elpida

Situated in Saint-Priest, France, the company was found in 2009. It has evolved ever since then. Bio Elpida focuses majorly on cell culture, innovative cell therapy and immunology. They have applied advanced technology in cell culture and fermentation, grafting and injecting of cell tissue.

Bio Elpida is a biotechnology department that works on a contract basis and has revenue in millions of dollars. The company is making sales under various brands through analytical methods.

15. Biocydex


BIOCYDEX has been working for over two years now and providing the best medications in dosage and oral forms. They have been working on mixing technology with scientific approaches. Moreover, the ideas have evolved their products into becoming one of France's leading sales pharmaceutical companies.

The company implements high-performance liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry and rheumatology. The main areas they are working on are cell culture, bacteriology, and others.

16. Biomerieux


With over five decades of success, the biomerieux has become an individually owned company selling medications in 150+ countries. They have worked to enhance the lifestyles of individuals who are suffering from life-threatening diseases.

The company owns in-vitro diagnostic solutions, which are supported by the decisions of well-named research scientists. Ideally, their main aim is to integrate the technology alongside scientific approaches.

17. Biophytis


Since 2006, Biophytis  is working on clinical biotechnological ways to reduce the ageing process. The methods are human friendly and mitigate any chances of harmful diseases. They have therapies available for ageing which enhance the living quality of those reaching their retirement age.

It is a compatible French pharmaceutical company that doesn't back down from challenges. Their new challenge involves the idealities to reduce the chances of cancer in old age.

18. Biopredic


Located in Rennes, France, biopredic is one of the most thriving industries working on research. They are currently working on primary hepatocyte cryopreservation, which is a new of its kind of research. The company has released products after working on areas including Toxicology, Immunology, Genotoxicology, and Metabolism.

They are implementing ways that include bio-analysis, permeability, and transporters. Their main products are HepaRG and Silensomes.

19. Biotek


Biotek-instruments has been working as a pharmaceutical company for over six decades. Since then, the research is based on industrial as well as scientific. The mix of technology and technical approaches have made them introduce such products that improve patients' living styles suffering from life-threatening diseases.

This company is a dilemma of significant achievements, including immunology, oncology, cell therapy, metabolism, general medicine, and much more. Moreover, the products are through cell imaging, microplate-readers, liquid handling, robotics and software.

20. Biotrial


Biotrial works on clinical trials methods where the products go through human and animal trials before reaching the pharmacies. They have established such highly qualified links with the individuals, making them specific in what they offer.

The company has introduced high selling products through dedicated staff and innovative labs. They implement scientific, technological, and technical approaches.

21. Biowest


Bio-west was introduced into the French pharmaceutical industries in 1990. Since then, the company has thrived by working in areas that include cell biology, immunology, toxicology, proteomics, virology, genomics, and innovative drug research.

The main aim of bio-west works is to maintain sustainability and make the businesses thrive once and for all. This makes them stand out in the French world, where they are the leading companies.

22. Bio-Xtal


Bio-xtal has been working on something unique for 15 years. This unique idea is protein expression structural biology. The French pharmaceutical company has become one of the most renowned industries since it was introduced. They have been tackling the ultimatum professionally without any challenge coming in between these.

Bio-xtal is working on protein expression, receptor purification, X-ray structure, and cytobody. The best thing about this company, which was a significant source of the increase in their revenue, was they took finance only after completing the work.

23. BSN Medical

BSN medical

BSN medical company focuses on hygienic products. The high-quality products are very distinguished and well-researched. With clinical research and sustainability, they can maintain accountability. The main areas of research include Orthopaedics.

Moreover, the company is a prerequisite of solutions. They are working on immobilization and orthopaedics in non-invasive ways. This company is a subsidiary of essity, which is its parent organization.

24. Cellectics


Cellectis works as a pre-clinical stage pharmaceutical company based on biology. The main aim is to develop a cancer cure through CAR-T therapy. Since 1999, the headquarters of Cellectis is based in Paris, France.

They have high-leading experts who are working on gene editing, modification, and elimination. The products released are UCARTS, therapeutic indications, and much more.

25. Cure Pharma

Cure Pharmaceuticals

Cure Pharmaceuticals company has been working to find a cure for cells through cell therapy. The company came into being to find cures for cancer and eradicate chemotherapy. They are dedicated to the integrity of maintaining sustainability for human life.

It has an expert who implements technology that includes oral thin films, oral solution, topical, and chewable. They are launching products that are skin-friendly and healthy for life. Alongside that, they are also releasing products for pets.

26. Cell Prothera

Cell prothera

Cell prothera started in 2008 and made a thriving name in the French pharmaceutical industry. Moreover, they have evolved from none to everything in the industries. They are producing medicines for regenerative methods for patients.

They have proven clinical trials on immunoselection that makes this company unique and reliable. Cell prothera is accountable for its aim and mission, which is to improve patients' lives and give them a quality life.

27. Cerenis Therapeutics

Cerenis Therapeutics

One of the best things about this French company is that they are working to find cures for patients who have lost hopes. Cerenis Therapeutics is a well-renowned name in the French pharmaceutical industry. They are working to treat cardiovascular diseases.

The technology they are implementing is HDL therapy, and the main areas are oncology. But their main target is research-based advancement in immune-oncology and chemotherapy.

28. Cerep

Eurofins Cerep

Eurofins Cerep is working on research through non-trial research and clinical trials methods. The company found heed in the French pharmaceutical industries after working on in-vitro profiling and drug screening.

The company evolved after introducing products such as AgroSciences, pharma, and much more.

Cerep Eurofins is a company where the research is based on high-quality products where they are regarded as the most thriving business.

29. Charles River

Charles River laboratories

Charles River laboratories was found in 1947. The company's current CEO, James Foster, is a reputed research scientist who believes everyone deserves to live a quality life. The company is based on pre-clinical research with safe evaluation of drugs and therapeutics.

This French pharmaceutical company is working in many areas, including oncology, toxicology, immunology, rare diseases, renal disorders, and much more. The yearly revenue was somewhere around 745 million dollars through product sales in 100+ countries.

30. Corden Pharma

Corden pharma

Corden pharma is located in Chenôve, France. The company has been working on the contraction of small molecules. The research led to the introduction of many products which were accepted widely around the world.

They are currently working on peptides, lipids, carbohydrates, highly potent oncology, injectables and small molecules. This global pharmaceutical company is proud of its services worldwide to help live quality life for those suffering from life-threatening diseases.

31. CS Bio


This company is known for providing pharmaceutical products among other companies since 1993. CS BIO is currently providing the Peptide Synthesizers to help in clinical and non-clinical research and trials. The latest product released from the CS bio was a cGMP peptide used in research based on various diseases and disorders.

The company has moved on from France, founded in California and other states of the world. This thriving business is looking to provide more sterilized instruments and help in research based on peptides.

32. Daiichi Sankyo

Daichi Sankyo

Daichi Sankyo  is a Japanese company that has roots instilled in France. The pharmaceutical company is currently working on bettering the lives of patients. The pharmaceutical company came into being in 2005 under two billion dollar worth companies.

It has been currently working on the progression and improvement of life for patients. They have introduced products which enhance the quality of life.

33. Davos Pharma

Davos pharma

Since 1992, Davos pharma has become one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in France. The company has hired well-reputed and creative scientists who indulge in finding solutions to the problems.

Moreover, the company is currently working on cGMP manufacturing. This means they can now use this technology to improve expression from APIs, NCEs, and biologics. The yearly revenue exceeded six million dollars last year.

34. DBV Technologies

DVB technologies

DVB technologies pharmaceutical company is among the very few France companies working on improving the allergic response of individuals. They are currently working on medicines by mixing science and technology. The response to their medications and products is great. Therefore, the current revenue was exceeding millions of dollars per annum.

It is working on improving allergenic response towards milk, peanuts, and eggs. Now they are far more witnessed and became a thriving one in the industry.

35. Declion Pharma

Declion Pharma

Declion Pharma was founded in 2011, and it is French-based. The owners and CEO are all situated in the USA and have headquarters there as well. The company is a thriving pharmaceutical in France.

They have merged peptide therapeutics with neurodegenerative disorders and auto-immune dis-functionalities. It is currently working on finding an immediate cure for diseases through advanced technology called declensional peptides.

36. Diagast


Diagast is the thriving biotechnology company of the French pharmaceutical industry. It has been working as a leading agency for the blood transfusion industry since 1998. The company focuses majorly on immune-haematology.

The research scientists at diagast are currently working through implementing technologies that include Erythrocytes Magnetized Technology and AB Test Card. The yearly revenue exceeded past one million, with only ten employees at work.

37. Diaxonhit


Diaxonhit With headquarters located in France, diaxonhit focuses on work as a diagnostic agency. The company is currently working on releasing products that may have some cure or work as a vaccine.

It is a leading agency that focuses on transplantation, infectious diseases and cancer. Moreover, they have released subsidiaries, including SAS Capforce Plus, Dendritic SAS, tecomedical AG, and Ingen Biosciences SA.

38. Domain Therapeutics

domain therapeutics

Since 2001, domain has been the leading pharmaceutical company in the French industry. Moreover, the company is also releasing new technologies to help ease stress among individuals suffering from deadly diseases.

The company is currently working on three main areas, immune-oncology, CNS and rare diseases. The technological implementation of science has made them release products that are showing results for young and old.

39. EAG Labartories

EAG laboratories

EAG laboratories have been working as an analytic institute for solving clinical problems for over four years. The decades of success has visualized their company into producing products that are a mix of technology, opportunity and science.

Moreover, the company is currently engaged in areas including prototyping and analytics alongside the synthesis of cells. The applied technologies include microscopy, analysis, corona testing, and much more.

40. Enterome bioscience

Enterome bioscience

Enterome bioscience is currently working with great agencies and has investors that include nestle, Bristol Mayers Squibb and more. The company has applied scientific technology to produce products in areas that include immune-oncology, inflammatory diseases and metabolic disorders.

With advancements, they are now expanding their research department into much bigger. The company is pioneering through increased sales that will help them gain insights into the competitors.

41. Enyo Pharma

Enyo Pharma

Located in Lyon, France, Enyo Pharma is working on anti-virals and improving them through technical approaches. The company is working on the discovery of diseases related to viruses. The research scientists at Enyo Pharma are highly qualified and prospered towards the significance of the product.

Enyo Pharma is also a leading biotech company for applying scientific technology to oncology, metabolic diseases and infectious diseases. The technology used is bioactive peptides, small chemical molecules and virus-human protein-protein interactions.

42. Episkin


L'Oreal is the parent company of Episkin. Since 1997, Episkin is introducing reliable skin products. They have been using alternatives for replacing study on animal testing. Moreover, the company is also working to increase its products for the skin.

The company is applying the in-vitro technique to implement the products positively. Ideally, Episkin is from a skin company producing products to treat skin problems or diminish them from the root.

43. Erytech


It is a Biopharmaceutical Company that is thriving in the industry since 2004 in France. Now Erytech is working on improving the lives of individuals facing uncalled diseases. The target of the industry is to produce products that alter the metabolism of amino acids in cancer.

The company is also working on producing a pipeline of products that reduce the chances of diseases related to amino acid dysfunctioning.

44. Euro Bio


Eurobio is a biotechnological products manufacturing company that has been working for over five decades. The company has become the leading supplier of research products to pharmaceutical industries in France and worldwide.

Within fifty years, the company has revolutionalized the importance of diagnostic products. From manufacturing products for individuals with allergies to producing medications for auto-immune diseases, eurobio does it all.

45. Famar


Famar is a leading pharmaceutical company in France. This French biotech company is one the roll to manufacturing solutions that include Rx and OTC. The company has also been involving science's technological application through analytical methods and EC/EEA gateway.

Famar is involved in packaging that includes printed materials, labelling/re-labelling, packaging engineering, primary packaging, secondary packaging and speciality packaging.

46. Fluo Farma

Fluo farma

Fluo farma is a contract research and development pre-clinical pharmacological French company. It has been working on manufacturing products through image and data analysis.

The main areas that this company focuses on are cell and tissue biology, high-content analysis, tailored readouts and assay designs for new targets. The company works on diseases related to predictive toxicology, cardiovascular, neurobiology and metabolism.

47. Galapagos


Galapagos is a French biopharmaceutical company that is working on drug and antibody therapy discovery. They have been manufacturing for the pharmaceutical companies also.

The company is working on finding solutions for treating rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, along with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis & scleroderma. Galapagos is a thriving clinical biotech company that is working on improvement through scientific idealities.

48. Galderma


Founded in 1981, Galderma is one of the leading skin health biotech companies in the French pharmaceutical industry. The company has been working on improving skin diseases related to medications.

Galderma implies imaging technology that involves infiltration of inflammatory substances in acne skin through multispectral analysis. The company is currently working on anti-ageing products for the skin. They are also working on improving the general skin diseases conditions and nutrition for the skin.

49. Galenix


Galenix has been working on small molecules since 1993. They have introduced formulations to improve the lives of patients suffering from unmet deadly diseases. Moreover, the company is working to produce solids, semi-solids, and liquid dosages for individuals.

The company is pretty serious about formulations and has introduced in-vitro diagnostic approaches. They are implementing high-performance liquid chromatography to signify the solutions.

50. Genclis


Gencils is a pre-clinical and cellular modification company currently working on a study of transcription and translation. They have modified results for the users to produce medications related to cancer.

Gencils is also working on improving the medications for animals and humans. The scientists working in this company are implementing TI technology.

51. Genethon


Since 1990, the major objective of genethon was to treat diseases related to genes. Genethon has been working to implement technological approaches in science.

The main research areas are eye disorders, liver diseases, blood disorders, neuromuscular diseases and immune system. The reason for three decades of thriving is that they have introduced products that got attention worldwide.

52. Genoway


Genoway has been working with almost 30 industries. The intended success is because of the specific research they do on mouse, rat and cell engineering. Ideally, the company was founded in 1999 and released hundreds of products.

They have been using technologies like CRISPR, homologous recombination, site-specific recombination, and internal ribosome site. The main areas of concern are cancer immunotherapies, pre-clinical and clinical trials on CANCER.

53. GenSight Biologics

Gensight biologics

Gensight biologics is a profound biopharmaceutical industry that was introduced in 2012 in Paris, France. The company has been working to achieve great attention from so many investors. This is due to the engaging work they have been doing.

The idea has instilled upon them the criteria to implement a few technologies that include gene therapy, optogenetics and mitochondrial and targeting sequence. The main areas of research are neurogenerative diseases, optic Neurotherapy, and much more.

54. Gentical


Genticel was introduced in 2001 as a French biopharmaceutical company that worked to increase its potentiality. The research is based on immunotherapies and has worked since then into productive research.

The products released involve work on vaccines and enzymes. The yearly revenue has extended pass 5 million dollars.

55. Glaxo Smith Kline


Since 2000, Glaxo smith kline has been thriving in various businesses that are currently introducing various products. The company has strived through the hard part after working on the institute's edge of finding diseases that include Small Molecules, Vaccines and Biologics.

It is a thriving biopharmaceutical company for two decades now. It has evolved from a small startup into potential through vaccines, prescription drugs and much more.

56. Graftys


From soluble to injectable products, Graftys  has been researching bone diseases. The company has produced a variety of products that are based on clinical trials. They are promoted towards providing products that are synthetic bone biomaterials.

It is also working on the evolution of degenerative bone diseases. The company has been thriving for more than a decade now.

It has been working intrinsically after the implementation of various technologies.

57. Hybrigenics


Hybrigenics has been working for many decades in the pharmaceutical research industry. With advancements and the implementation of various biological technologies, the company has successfully constructed a name.

The company is currently working on drug discovery through clinical trials. Moreover, the technologies implemented are molecular glues and targeted protein degradation, target deconvolution and much more.

58. Imabiotech


Imabiotech works on an international level and uses mass spectrometry for research. The company was found in 2009. Since the company was a startup, they have spent billions of dollars on research and product.

The main areas of research are oncology, dermatology, ophthalmology, respiratory diseases, central nervous system and metabolic diseases. They have implemented technology molecular imaging, laser microdissection, multi imaging solution and much more.

59. Imaxio


Imaxio was found in 2000. The company is based on biotechnology. Through advancements in the scientific-technological application, the approaches achieved have gained them great attention. The drugs are highly dignified and provide solutions to diseases.

Moreover, company research is based on vaccinology. The primary research is on leptospirosis and links through significant advancements in treating this deadly disease.  Since the disease was prevalent in France with a maximum death rate, the company started research for its cure and vaccine.

60. Immunid


Immunid is a known company since 2009, the owners were looking to find something that would detect the immune diseases instantly. For more than a decade now, the company has introduced many products working on this disease.

The company is evolving through the technical application of science and technology. Moreover, the immunID has been showcasing adaptive research based on the immune system. The main areas of research are cellular therapy, neutralizing antibodies and vaccines.

61. ImmuSmol


ImmuSmol is involved in making products that have antibodies. These amenities can work against antigens, toxins, lipids, amino acids, and others. Moreover, the company is currently working on diagnostic research through clinical trials.

The company is implementing ELISA, Immunofluorescence, EIA, and Immuno-histochemistry. They are also using aptamer-based technologies.

62. Innate Pharma

innate pharma

Innate pharma was founded in 1999 in Marseille, France. The company is currently working on finding antibodies to fight cancer that harnesses the immune system. Moreover, innate pharma has released hundreds of products over three decades.

The primary integration area is based on clinical trials through which they have prospered in this advancing industry.

63. Interagen


Since 2006, the company has been working on clinical research to improve patients' health suffering from deadly diseases. Moreover, integragen is providing solutions for agrigenomics, microbial genomics, and clinical research.

The products released in the areas are through DNA sequencing, transcriptomics, epigenomics, SNP genotyping and much more. The technological approaches have made them a thriving company in the French pharmaceutical industry.

64. InvivoGen


InvivoGen based on the gene and its therapeutic research, this biopharmaceutical company is the leading one in Toulouse, France. It has been working on increasing the products for diseases related to genes mutations.

The company has been working on inflammation, cancer research, immune checkpoints, vaccine development, and COVID-19.

The most profitable products from this industry are antimicrobial reagents, vaccine adjuvants, selective antibiotics, engineered cell lines, pattern-recognition receptors (PRRs), antibodies, genes, and promoters ligands.


It is a French biopharmaceutical company thriving in the French industry for many years now. IPSEN is quite unpredictable since the headquarters are located in France and has over 5700 employees.

With yearly revenue surpassing billions of dollars, the company has become one of the industry's leading ones. The main areas of research include oncology, rare diseases, neuroscience, and much more.

66. Lavi Pharma

Lavi Pharma

Lavi Pharma is located in Paris, France, where the company is currently working as a pre-clinical research firm. The prosperous years have made the company earn potentially throughout the years and maintain sustainability too.

The most probable research demands that the company is finding solutions in areas, i.e. cardiology, respiratory diseases, chronic pain, oncology, central nervous system and much more.

67. LFB

LFB Pharma

LFB Pharma is a thriving company that develops products for the treatment of rare disease. The main areas of interests for research are hemostasis, immunology, and intensive care. Moreover, the company has released a variety of products that are providing therapeutic solutions to patients.

The company is succeeding to provide solutions for so many continuously. Moreover, LFB Pharma has introduced products that are Plasma-derived drugs.

68. Lonza


Lonza takes the opportunity and mixes it with technology and science. They have been currently working on areas pharma, biotech, microbiology and nutrition. The company has been releasing products to treat rare diseases.

Lonza is a pride for the nation of France because of the work they do. The company has been maintaining sustainability through accountability for several years now.

69. Lysogene


Lysogene was found in the year 2009. It is a biopharmaceutical company that works to improve diseases related mutations in the gene. The pre-clinical research is based on gene therapy.

The main area for research is neurodegenerative lysosomal storage. Moreover, the company is currently developing innovative therapeutic methods for improving the health of patients suffering from the central nervous system.

70. Medelis


Medelis is a biopharmaceutical company that was introduced in 2004. The company is working on cancer therapies and releasing products to treat diseases related to oncology.

The main areas of research are oncology, dental, nephrology, and medical device and diagnostic. Immunotherapy is the implemented technology. They are using products of cost savings and cost certainty.

71. Medincell


Medincell has been working as a French biopharmaceutical company since 2003. The company has been thriving since then and made it possible for the patients to get treated significantly.

Moreover, the company is currently focusing on innovative science that is API delivery gel. With the implementation of this technology, they have worked on products providing solutions.

72. Medtech


Medtech is working to provide products that are used in pharmaceutical research. Medtech has been working for more than a decade now. The main research areas include cavernoma, epilepsy, generalized dystonia, hydrocephalus, and Parkinson's disease.

The technology implemented is ROSA which is very innovative as it is a mix of science and technology application.

73. Meta Brain

Meta-brain research

Meta-brain research is a well-renowned biopharmaceutical company that was introduced in the French research industry in 2000. The company is working on oncology and cancer therapies to improve patients' health facing such diseases.

The company is working to provide innovative solutions through therapeutic technology. The reason is to deal with obesity, diabetes, sarcopenia, depression and anxiety.

74. Micro Point Bio-science

Micropoint bioscience

Micropoint bioscience is one of the leading biopharmaceutical companies of French industries. Its success is the proper implementation of technology to help patients and animals live a quality life.

The main areas of research are cardiovascular diseases, anticoagulation therapy, infection, veterinary, and fertility. The technology implemented is MEMS, micro fluids, biotechnology, and technology partnering.

75. Micro Vention


Micro-vention's primary concern is related to neuroendovascular diseases. The company has been working to find solutions to diseases related to this problem. This company releases the cure, vaccines and much more products.

Microvention has been thriving since 1997. The subsidiaries of this company are microvention Europe and Sequent Medical. The company has also released products that are used in research.

76. Namsa


Since 1967, Namsa has been proving the reason for its continuous thriving. This biopharmaceutical company has achieved enough success throughout the years to engage the solutions for complicated problems. Moreover, namsa is currently known to be working for well-provocative decisions.

The leading technology implemented is core imaging. The main area of clinical research is nanoparticles which are related to most diseases.

77. Nanobiotix


Nanobiotix is a privileged biopharmaceutical company that has been thriving forever. The company was introduced in 2003 with headquarters in Paris, France. The main areas of research include immune-oncology, radiotherapy, therapeutic technology and much more.

The company has implemented radial technical approaches to pre-clinical researches. With an everlasting thriving company, the company makes yearly revenue of more than 60 million dollars.

78. Laboratories NEGMA

Laboratoires Negma S.A.S.


Laboratoires NEGMA  is a biopharmaceutical company currently bought by Wockhardt. The company has gained credibility that has worked in the areas including small molecules pre-clinical research. The company is currently working on discovering drugs that can be taken in via capsules, tablets, syrups, sachets, etc.

The company has been working for many years now, including full-research based on small molecules' biology. The products released are Biovac B, Wepox, and Wosulin.

79. Neuro Fit


NEURO FIT is a pre-clinical company that is located in France. The biopharmaceutical company is working on in-vivo and in-vitro clinical research. It has achieved credibility for maintaining sustainability.

The research's main areas are diseases, ADHD, allergy, sclerosis, neurodegenerative diseases, disorders, and much more. The technology implemented is electromyography, histomorphometry, cellular tests, and animal and behavioural tests.

80. Novarits


Novarits is one of the top leading pharmaceutical companies in Switzerland has a sub-location in Suresnes, France. They have proffered such high regards to the gender inequity issues and maintained their sustainability for more than 250 years.

It uses high technology and great methods to make it a reliable company for new research procedures. They are working hard to find out the reasons and solutions for the outbreak of a pandemic.

81. Novasep


Novasep is a leading French pharmaceutical company known for studying small molecules, CRO, and API chemistry. This company is identified for its work through fermentation and chemical commodities.

They have been producing global business units, including speciality care, general medicine, and vaccines. Novasep looks at empowering the lives of all individuals, from young to old and work for the betterment of people.

82. Novian Health

Novian Health

Novian Health is a French biopharmaceutical company that has executive offices spread all over Evry, France. It has one of the top leading pharmaceutical solutions for patients fighting breast cancer and helping them live healthier lives.

With high quality and trusted medicines, Novian health has become one of the renowned companies for its research. Continuous working involves increasing sustainability for the patient and work on providing devices for breast cancer ablation.

83. Oncodesign


Oncodesign is an independent pharmaceutical company found in 1995. It was the first bio-research company dedicated to precision medicines.

Oncodesign focuses research on cardiovascular diseases, cancers, diabetes, immune-inflammatory and neuropsychiatric diseases.

The technology used is in-vivo and in-vitro assays. State-of-the-art medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, bioanalysis and medical imaging are three main areas where research is based.

84. Onxeo


Onxeo is the top leading French pharmaceutical company working through innovative ways to find complicated health diseases. The company was found in 1997 and had been working on small molecules and biologics.

The company targets two technologies for manufacturing and developing drugs, DNA-targeting and epigenetics. The innovative technology used is for developing drugs for treating cancer.

85. Opia Tech

Opia technologies

Opia technologies are one of the top French pharmaceutical companies with headquarters in Paris, France. They have used science to ophthalmological diseases and help the sufferers live healthier life. The company is also helping those who are unable to afford the medications.

This is not just a French pharmaceutical company but a platform of creative minds working to save and help lives. There ways for the betterment of patients and to treat the diseases that make them unique and reliable.

86. Smartox Biotech

Smartox biotechnology

Smartox biotechnology is working on peptide synthesis through animal venom. They are currently collecting the deadliest venoms to help make custom peptides.

This amenity has led them to manufacture precision medicine and drug discovery for many diseases. Moreover, the company is the leading biopharmaceutical company working on manufacturing products through peptide detection from animal venom.

87. Smart Bioscience

Smart bioscience

Smart bioscience doesn't wait for anyone and looks to find solutions for dermatological diseases. If the medicine is found for one disease, they work on the better option available for it. The company has worked for many decades and became one of the proud of France pharmaceutical industry.

Currently, the company is working on peptide modification and synthesis protocols. The technology used is to do custom peptide synthesis.

88. Servier


Servier is an independent pharmaceutical company found in 1954. It was the first bio-research company that found cancer medicines.

It is also the first pharmaceutical company in France. Servier focuses research on cardiovascular diseases, cancers, diabetes, immune-inflammatory and neuropsychiatric diseases.

The company is selling medicines in hundreds of countries with three therapeutic areas. Oncology, immune-inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases, cardiometabolic are its three main areas where research is based.

89. Sanofi


Sanofi is the leading French pharmaceutical company known for identifying the cures for many diseases like meningitis treatment, diabetes, colorectal cancer, lung, prostate and breast cancer. This company is identified for its work finding out medicines like Menactra, Lantus, Eloxatin and Taxorete.

They have been producing global business units, including speciality care, general medicine, and vaccines. Sanofi looks at empowering the lives of all individuals, from young to old and working for the betterment of people.

90. PX' Therapeutics

PX therapeutics

PX therapeutics is the primary pharmaceutical company in France, where the top leading products are being made. The company is working on contract research and manufacturing.

They are making vaccines and prescription medicines alongside consumer health products. The company is currently working on research based on genes and proteins related diseases and disorders.

91. Proteogenix


Preteogenix biopharmaceutical company uses advanced innovative technological approaches, which makes them renowned in the country.

It has established products, mainly focusing on improving the lives of patients suffering from threatening diseases. The team has maintained integrity and stood its ground in the company's name for years now.

92. Prestwick Chemical

Prestwick Chemical

Prestwick Chemical is one of the top leading French pharmaceutical companies with high-quality and innovative products. The sales have increased from the past years and reach 46 billion dollar revenue last year.

Since 1999, the company has provided solutions for precision medicine. It works on saving libraries where specific combinations are saved for immediate solutions to certain diseases.

Currently, there is phytochemical, drug fragment, CNS drug, peptide macrocycle and many more libraries at prestwick chemical libraries.

93. Poxel


Poxel is a top leading pharmaceutical company that has evolved much higher since its introduction in 2009. Many researchers are working in this company to mix technology alongside innovative scientific techniques to develop metabolic diseases products.

The results have come into the forms of medicines that improve patients with type 2 diabetes and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH).

94. Polypeptide


Polypeptide is a French pharmaceutical company that has evolved since 1996 in France. The innovative technological approaches have made them the top leading companies. They are working to improve the lives of patients who are tired of suffering without any vaccine or cure.

Moreover, they have played a major role in introducing more than 3000 products worldwide with an increased success ratio. The main area for research includes dermatological product through cosmetic peptides.

95. Pierre Fabre

Pierre Fabre

Pierre Fabre is a French pharmaceutical company currently working on skincare products. They have revolutionalized from France and evolved in 47 more countries. Now Pierre Fabre is becoming renowned for broadly manufactured products.

The company is currently on the roll to treat cancer, chronic diseases, everyday ailment, skin and hair problems. Through innovative solutions, the company is currently manufacturing derma products for everyone, people of all age and gender.

96. Pherecydes Pharma

pherecydes Pharma

Located in France, pherecydes Pharma has been developing products since 2006. This pharmaceutical company has introduced technology to study bacteriophages.

Three main products released are Anti-staphylococcus aureus, Anti-escherichia coli and Anti-pseudomonas-aeruginosa. The company's primary focus is on the bacteriophages destruction mechanism.

97. Pharnext


This French company is leading in the pharmaceutical industry because it mitigates bacterial disease's idea are incurable. Since 1923, Pharnext has become a thriving healthcare department with many products generating sales up to 19 billion dollars.

They are currently working on novel combination therapies. The technology implemented for manufacturing clinical biopharmaceutical drugs is pleo-therapy.

98. Pharmaleads


The latest technological approaches applied in Pharmaleads French company have made it the top leading pharmaceutical company globally. With products selling throughout the world, the company has made precisions medicines for treating acute and chronic pain.

The company mainly focuses on the non-opiate to relieve the pain of patients. It has implemented endogenous enkephalins, natural peptides novel drug manufacturing technology for the medications.

99. Pepti Mimesis

Pepti Mimesis

This company is known for the type of medicines it produces. Pepti Mimesis has used innovative technology to apply scientific technicalities into novel drug development.

The company is currently producing products from these six areas, antibiotics, antiretrovirals, cardiovascular products, central nervous system products, gastro-entero-logical, and anti-allergics.

100. Ose Immuno

OSE immune therapeutics

The research in OSE immune therapeutics is in-vitro based. Since 1977, its founding year, the research is based on immunotherapy, located in Paris, France.

Moreover, the company has allocated various products that can treat cancer and auto-immune diseases. The main areas of research are born turnover, animal research and much more. The company has thrived with million of revenue per year through products like vaccines, working on immune-oncology, auto-immunity and inflammation.

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