Top 100 Pharmaceutical Companies in Canada in 2021

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the biggest and most innovative industries in the Canada. There are hundreds of different pharmaceutical companies all over the country and all of them specialize in providing products and services in its own way. The market is segmented in a huge number of smaller segments and different companies serve different segments.

The Canadian pharmaceutical company is the 10th biggest market for pharmaceutical products in the world, giving it a whole 2% of the total global market share. Here is a list of the top 100 pharmaceutical companies in Canada, in no particular order.

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1.  Angita Pharma Inc.

Angita Pharma

Located in the city of Quebec, Angita Pharma is a company with a mission to provide superior service to its valued customers. They offer a wide variety of generic drugs and have also used their expertise to innovate and develop new ones. They provide a highly customized service that is tailored according to the needs of individual customers.

They have a massive portfolio which includes any and all generic drugs you can ask for. Additionally, their team is working round the clock to research and develop new formulas.

2.  Antibe Therapeutics Inc.


One of the biggest and most renowned names in the pharmaceutical industry of Canada is Antibe. They are famous for their efforts for developing non-addictive pain management. The target aim of the company is to counter inflammatory pain in the most effective way possible. Something that has not been done before.

Their leading drug, otenaproxesul, has shown substantial promise and has proven effective for the treatment of arthritis. Another target market Antibe is looking into is the peri-operation pain management. The company is working on a drug to efficiently counter the condition along with many other diseases that stem from inflammation.

3.  Apotex Inc.


Aimed at provided innovative, effective and affordable drugs to people all around the world, Apotex takes pride in bringing generic drugs into the Canadian market before the rest of the world. This allows Canadian consumers to source necessary medicinal drugs at cheaper prices.

The company has invested over $1 billion in the research and development of new, innovative drugs over the last ten years. Their R&D efforts are what make the company a notable part of the top 100 list of best pharmaceutical companies in Canada.

4.  Aralez Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Aralez Pharmaceuticals

Now known as Miravo since 2020, Aralez Pharmaceuticals is focused on providing tested and verified therapeutic solutions to a variety of problems including pain relief, allergies and dermatology. With its headquarters in Mississauga, Canada, the company also operates in Dublin whereas its factory is located in Quebec.

Its wide range of distributed products include Blexten, Cambia and Suvvex along with multiple others. Mirova is one of the leading names in drugs aimed at countering migraines and other acute pain.

5.  Aspen Pharmacare

Aspen Pharmacare

The daughter company of Aspen Holdings, Aspen Pharmacare was established in Canada in 2014 with an aim to provide authentic and affordable pharmaceutical products to the people of the country.

The company hopes to operate in the country on the grounds that it will deliver on its promise of competitive prices and overall fair value for the consumers as well as third parties. The company offers a wide array of products in several broad product categories including anesthetics, women’s heath, oncology and antibiotics.

6.  Astellas Pharma Canada Inc.


Established in 2005, the Astellas brand is committed to providing hope and a healthy lifestyle to all. Their state-of-the-art technology enables them discover and develop therapies for conditions that have not been identified before.

Astellas has a huge product portfolio which includes generic drugs as well as their unique innovations. The company takes pride in being the introducer of several novel drugs into the Canadian market with the help of collaboration with other companies.

7.  AstraZeneca Canada Inc.


One of the leading biopharmaceutical companies in Canada, AstraZeneca is pioneering the skill of pushing the boundaries of science. They are leading researchers in the fields of head, lung and neck cancer.

Along with their efforts towards developing effective therapies for a variety of different conditions, the AstraZeneca is also committed to giving back to the community. They understand that their operations have external impact and it is one of their core principles to try and minimize the negatives of that impact.

8.  Aurium Pharma Inc.


Trusted by millions of Canadians for their healthcare needs, Aurium delivers on its promise of providing the most effective and innovative pharmaceutical products from all over the world to its customers. All of the products they sell have been tested for safety and effectiveness.

Their main goal is to develop solutions and be the provider of the best lifecare to their customers. Their products are sourced from the best innovators around the globe and they take pride in upholding the toughest safety and effectiveness standards.

9.  Bausch & Lomb Canada Inc.

Bausch Health Companies Inc.

One of the most renowned names in the pharmaceutical industry is Bausch Health Companies Inc. Their daughter company Bausch & Lomb specializes in eye health products. Along with those, they also provide the highest quality over-the-counter drugs, dietary supplements and ophthalmic surgical instruments.

The company is committed to their promise of continuous innovation as it keeps building its portfolio using the latest technology and research and development. Their customers are their biggest priority and they have a culture of listening to and delivering on customer feedback.

10. Baxter


When it comes to companies that are serving customers and patients all over the world, Baxter is one of the most prevalent names. The company has been operational for the past 85 years and continues to achieve its most important goal of “saving and sustaining lives”.

They began their journey with merely producing intravenous solutions that were the most basis pharmaceutical products of that time. Today, they are at the frontlines of developing and implementing the most extensive renal. Nutritional, acute and surgical procedures.

11. Bayer Inc.


Founded in 1863, Bayer Inc. continues to withhold its most important promises of quality, competence ad trust. The company’s mission is to help its clients live longer, healthier lives. Their main focus is on the therapeutic side of pharmaceuticals.

The company specializes in a variety of fields including oncology, cardiology, hematology, gynecology and ophthalmology. Along with healthcare of their patients, they are also working towards fulfilling the growing needs of medical and healthcare professionals with their products.

12. Biogen Canada Inc.

Biogen Canada

Biogen Canada has been fulfilling its aim of serving patients sine 1998 in Canada. Since then, the company has continued to expand operations and improved on its existing healthcare provision.

The specialties of the company include the fields of spinal muscular atrophy and multiple sclerosis. Biogen Canada takes pride in research and development and has also been excelling in providing support services to its patients in the country. Biogen Canada has a reasonable product portfolio which includes drugs like Spinraza, and Fampyra along with multiple more in the pipeline.

13. Biomed Pharma Inc.


Biomed was established in 2002 with an aim to produce and distribute generic drugs in the city of Quebec in Canada. Since then, the company has gone through major rebranding, acquisitions and even a change of ownership to become what it is today.

The Biomed Pharma of today is one of the leading brands in the country with excellent customer service. The company aims to provide patients and medical professionals with all the innovation they need to lead healthier, happier lives. They offer a wide range of generic and innovative products to thousands of loyal customers all over Canada.

14. Bles Biochemicals Inc.


BLES a canadian comanpany in the 1970s , a few university students got together in a lab in Ontario and started working on conjuring up a surfactant used to save premature babies. Just after a few years, they began clinical trials and soon the drug was approved and used worldwide with the name of Neosurf.

The drug, as well as the parent company This have been praised for their excellence and effectiveness all over the world since then. Having treated more than 160,000 global patients already, there is still a great deal of potential in the innovation of the drug and many others like it and team BLES is working on it continuously.

15. Celex Laboratories Inc.

Celex Laboratories

Since 1987, Celex Laboratories Inc. is one of the leading brands which innovate and develop natural healthcare products in Canada. They manufacture these products on contract basis and all their customers including direct consumers and domestic and international healthcare professionals benefits greatly from it.

The company manufactures and distributes a huge variety of products in different categories including antioxidants, men’s health, skin care, sleep aids, weight loss, vitamins and liver health. They also have their own GMP certified facility to ensure the highest quality of their products.

16. Celgene Inc.


Celgene Inc. is established and operated on just one principle: improving the lives of customers and clients all over the world. The company takes a wholistic approach to make sure that quality is embedded into every aspect of the production and distribution of the products.

The company also strives for the greatest innovation with the aim to learn more about the diseases and condition in order to learn from the and prevent or cure them. There are many processes and products that are in the pipeline currently along with innovative treatments and extensive research. Currently, they have over 50 products in the making and over 40 diseases that are kept under observation.

17. Cipher Pharmaceuticals


Committed to the highest levels of quality and safety, Cipher is one of the first of its kind pharmaceutical companies in the country. It is classified as a specialty pharmaceutical company with a huge portfolio. However, the company does not manufacture any products itself.

Instead, the company operates by acquiring products from manufacturers who have not marketed or gotten approved yet and then completes the process itself. Clinical development and trails are undertaken under Cipher Pharmaceuticals and then the product is added to their portfolio.

18. Columbia Laboratories Canada Inc.

Columbia Laboratories

Columbia Laboratories Canada was established in 2001 as a subpart of a huge pharmaceutical group that operates on an international level. The distribution facilities spanned over five countries including Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Denmark and Canada.

Over the counter products, at Columbia laboratories are sold with no compromise on quality and effectiveness. The company takes pride in their innovative ideas concerning healthcare and the well-being of their patients. The products distributed by Columbia Laboratories Canada are available in almost all pharmacies all over the country. Additionally, you can shop for the popular brands of pharmaceutical products from their portfolio through their website as well.

19. ConjuChem Inc.


ConjuChem is a biotechnology company which specializes in creating next-generation medicinal products using therapeutic peptides. The company aims to complete research on several in house projects in recent years while also completing the development of a new product that is in the pipeline.

The company thrives on creative highly profitable drug from technology that allows them to protect peptides from dehydration, thereby increasing their lifespan in the body. This is something that is seldom done in the pharmaceutical world and ConjuChem are surely on the right track of completely conquering the idea of using peptides for therapeutic drugs and other products.

20. Contract Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Contract Pharmaceuticals

Contract Pharmaceuticals Ltd. are specialists in the entire production process of a medicinal product. That is, they ensure the highest quality and smooth running of the process right from conception through to development and then then final commercial launch.

Their main products are liquid and semi liquid pharmaceutical products which are manufactured using a fool proof process involving no technology transfer and the minimization of risk. Their product focus is on non-sterile liquids like suspensions and solutions along with semi-solids like creams, lotions, gels and ointments.

21. Custom Biologics

Custom Biologics

There are very few companies who can specialize both in small and large molecule CRO. Custom Biologics is one of them. The company uses latest technology to not only produce pharmaceutical drugs but also test them through the pre-clinical and clinical stages. Custom Biologics has more than 10 years of experience in the field and has spent billions of dollars developing, testing and implementing the GLP-compliant drugs.

The company employs an independent quality control unit which ensures that the products are in leu of the strict quality standards set by the company. The highly qualified team of scientists is encouraged to always engage with the customer, gain valuable feedback and then use it to meet the changing demands of the market. The testing and trials are also done for clients and the record speed of the service is unbeatable.

22. Dalton Pharma Services

Dalton Pharma

One of the leading contract service providers for pharmaceutical drugs in the country is Dalton Pharma services. The firm specializes in discovering, developing, and providing manufacturing services to the pharmaceutical industry. The company is aimed at fulfilling all of the clients’ needs under a given set of instructions including high quality, short timelines, low cost, and the provision of information. Their drug discovery and development program aim to achieve all of these.

The company has a huge portfolio with more than 2,600 chemical compounds. These include materials, impurities, degradants, and other scientific chemicals needed to make the best quality drugs out there. The company also has a separate portfolio of research clients in industries like environment, biotechnology, health care, agricultural and many more.

23. Delmar Chemicals Inc.

Delmar Chemicals

Delmar Chemicals is one of the most famous R&D specialists in town. The company provides chemistry services based on their extensive experience and the latest state-of-the-art technology in the labs. Not only do they produce the highest quality drugs, but they also provide testing and technical assistance in the developing of any new drug to other companies.

Namely, their main operations include chemical development, project management, research and development and scale-up and manufacturing. These services are also offered to external parties and enables other smaller companies to make use of the state-of-the-art technology to develop drugs which contributes to the overall growth of the industry.

24. Dermolab Pharma


Dermolab with a production facility spanning 50,000 sq ft., and a goal to ensure the success of any and all effective pharmaceutical products in the industry, Dermolab takes part in the research, development, manufacturing, packaging and storage of over a thousand different batches of pharmaceutical drugs annually.

It has a specialty in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and healthcare products. It takes pride in its innovation capabilities and has a keen focus on keeping it products natural and organic. Its team of qualified scientists are working day and night to experiment with thousands of different compounds to develop unique, effective and safe products to fulfill unmet needs of the market.

25. Domrex Pharma

Domrex Pharma

Founded in 2006 with an aim to smooth out the distribution process of necessary medical devices, Domrex Pharma offers a range of innovative products to promote the health and safety of its patients. The company specializes in distributing medical device as well as pharmaceutical products for diabetes.

Although relatively limited in number, the company offers the highest quality products in order to deliver on its promise of quality and consistency. These include pe needles, safety lancets, safety needles and barrels along with blood collection devices and safe containers and disinfectant.

26. Dermtek Pharma

dermtek pharma

Specializing in therapeutic dermatology, dermtek pharma is a leading company in Canada offering a range of more than 30 products. These include over-the-counter treatment drugs as well as especially innovated drugs to meet the specific needs of patients or dermatologists.

One of the most notable innovations by the company is the trailblazer Ombrelle sun protection which is now sold as a Loreal brand all over the world. The company takes pride in the fact that its products reach consumers all over Canada and loyal customers do not need much effort to retain.

27. Dr. Reddy’s

Dr. Reddy’s

An international pharmaceutical company, multiple innovative products in the pipeline, and the means to keep prices competitive, Dr. Reddy’s is doing everything right. They are currently at the center of three subsidiary businesses along with a huge vertical portfolio, Dr. Reddy’s is one of the leading brands of its kind in Canada. The company thrives on integration and aims to provide improved and affordable healthcare to the people of Canada to increase the length and quality of their lives.

Although they offer a limited number of products, the ones they do are of the highest quality including generics, differentiated formulations, biosimilars etc.

28. Duchesnay Inc.


With a strong commitment to sustaining women’s health, Duchesnay is the first of its kind to be featured in the top 100 list. The company specializes in the provision of the highest quality care and products to mothers or pregnant women and their babies.

Along with pregnancy and breastfeeding, the company is also looking to add products relating to other areas in their portfolio. They are expanding into gynecology as well as towards serving clientele other than only women. It currently offers products aimed at different therapeutic fields like obstetrics, urology and bacterial vaginosis.

29. Eisai Limited


The component that Eisai Limited is most concerned about is the human aspect of the service provision. Eisai Limited believes the best provision of human health care is through love and kindness. They have a strong culture of keeping the patients and their families first along with listening to and adhering to any complaints or requests that they might have.

With the company’s strong commitment to understanding the patients on a personal level, the level of service quality is unmatched. This stems from fully understanding the situation your patient is in and what are they expecting and then working from there.

30. Lilly Canada Inc.


Founded in 1876 by Eli Lilly, Lilly began its journey as the modern medicine in a world full of elixirs and letter and black magic. Its main aim was to provide good quality medicines to the masses. To this day, the company has been persistent in its mission of ensuring quality at every stage starting from the employees to the healthcare professionals, to the consumers and to the community at large.

For the past 140 years, the company has been working on developing and distributing medicines that fulfill the realist needs of the population. The company has a wide range of medicines in its portfolio many of which are solely aimed at quality rather than innovation.

31. Euro-Pharm International Canada Inc.


Operational since its foundation in 1996, Euro-Pharm has truly expanded over the years and has made its mark in the market through diversification. Its degree of innovation and the good quality of its service are what has made euro-pharm as big as it is today.

Euro-pharms’ ever-growing portfolio of products include pharmaceutical products for children and adults both ranging from vitamin and dietary supplements to laxatives and analgesics. The company has culture of making everybody in the organization understand the mission so that everybody works towards it in a timely and orderly fashion.

32. Ferring Inc.


Committed to providing the highest quality therapeutic treatment, Ferring Inc. specializes in the fields of urology, reproductive health and gastroenterology. Ferring Inc. is a biopharmaceutical group with an aim to provide families with the best healthcare to enable them to lead better lives.

The company’s products are tailor made to suit each patient’s specific body. This enables the doctors to treat different conditions and diseases in the most effective way possible. Innovation and quality are two of the biggest priorities of the company and they achieve these with the use of latest biotechnology and the help of a qualified, devoted team of scientists and researchers.

33. Germiphene


Specializing in dental care, Germiphene has operated for more than 65 years in the country and continues to work towards providing safe and effective products for its patients. Their main values include trust, customer care, strong customer relationships and that patients and customers should always be told the truth.

Ever since its establishment, the company has set standards for excellence in the industry and has grown from a team of 10 people manufacturing and distributing locally, to now a team of more than 100 people delivering products all over the world.

34. GFR Pharma

GFR pharma

GFR pharma is a full service contract manufacturer of GMP. They specialize in functional foods and health supplements with a commitment to quality, consistency and high standards. They are regarded as the formulation expert of tablet, powder, liquid and capsule products for natural health in Canada, USA and international markets.

Established in 1998 as a small-town pharmacy for natural healthcare products, GFR has grown and made its mark in the market through delivering on its promise of innovation and quality. Investment in employee training and the latest technology has aided this growth and success.

35. Gilead, Alberta


One of Gilead’s best manufacturing facilities is the one located in Alberta. It specializes in developing and manufacturing investigational drugs as well as supplying pharmaceutical ingredients to ongoing research programs in clinics and contributing to supplies needed for new product launches.

One of the biggest commitments the facility has made and it fulfilling is to develop life-saving medicines without causing any serious harm to the workers, the consumers or the environment at large. Using extensive internal and external research and development Gilead Alberta has managed to match several unmet needs for medicinal drugs and devices in the past, and will continue to do so.

36. Fresenius Kabi


Fresenius Kabi manufactures products that are highly effective in the treatment of chronically ill patients. The company prides itself on its diversity and commitment of provision of the highest quality and affordable pharmaceuticals. They are a family of more than 36,000 people all over the world and all of them are working on delivering on the company’s promise of always putting the patient’s needs above anything else.

The products offered by Fresenius Kabi include medicines and technologies like transfusion, infusion and also parenteral nutrition. They are also working towards animal health, IV drugs, compounding and standard solutions.

37. GL Chemtec International

GL Chemtec

GL Chemtec is a contract research company that functions in the discovery phase. It is also famous for providing custom solutions to patients all over Canada and use these innovative technological solutions to even help other industries like biotechnology, material science and pharmaceuticals.

The company’s basic model is to use chemistry to the best of their ability and to harness untapped potential of science to come up with innovative, effective and safe products to improve the well-being of millions of customers around the globe.

38. GlaxoSmithKline


Aimed at treating some of the most chronic and common acute diseases, GlaxoSmithKline is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. They specialize in three major areas, pharmaceuticals, vaccines and consumer healthcare.

Using the discovery and development method, the company is continually researching in many core areas including Infectious diseases, HIV, immune-inflammation and respiratory problems. Their vaccine portfolio is also extensive containing over 30 doses for each stage of life.

39. HLS Therapeutics Inc.

HLS therapeutics

Th core objective of HLS therapeutics is to maintain the heritage of life science products. The company has introduced some of the best novel therapies along with the most trusted brands in the market. With an aim to provide patients, healthcare professionals and caregivers with the most effective and trustworthy medications out here, HLS focuses on the commercialization, acquisition and supply of well-established late-stage pharmaceutical products in north America and Canada.

The product supplied and distributed by the company are mostly related to the nervous system and cardiovascular areas.

40. Honson Pharmatech Group

Honson Pharmatech

With 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical market of Canada, Honson Pharmatech group is focused on providing an integrated solution to herbal, dietary, vitamins and nutraceutical problems. The company’s core value is its people and they spend a lot of time and effort into making sure their team of employees are happy.

The manufacturing facility of Honson pharmatech group is one with the most advanced technology used for production and packaging. They also have an in-house analytical lab which is used for testing the drugs they produce or package to ensure compliance with the strict quality standards.

41. Hydralyte


Established in Canada in 2010, Hydralyte specializes in products containing electrolytes needed to restore the balance in our bodies. The company has mastered the science of providing the body instant rehydration. Dehydration is a life-threatening condition and, if used at the right time, Hydralyte solution can act as a life-saving drug.

The company’s products include electrolyte powder, maintenance solution mand tablets.

42. I-Med Pharma

I-Med pharma

I-Med pharma specializes in the treatment of dry eyes and aids ophthalmologists and all eye-related medical practitioners prevent, diagnose and treat various different eye problems.

The company is consistently working to research and develop the most innovative and effective medical devices and drugs that can help doctors and patients respectively. These include punctum plugs, artificial tears, ocular hygiene cleansers and nutritional supplements.

43. Immuno Vaccine Technologies Inc.


Immuno has the aim of providing cancer patients the treatment they deserve. They use a unique technology which strengthens the immune response of the body against cancerous cells. This technique is not only effective but it also has considerably fewer side effects than chemotherapy.

The company works to improve the effectiveness of immunotherapies through a delivery platform called DPX. Phase 2 trials of the drug have been completed and the company is working on developing the drug further.

44. Indivior


Indivior is one of the biggest companies in the country focused on developing drugs to treat addiction and other mental health disorders. They are committed to providing the best form of support to their patients throughout their journey to ensure full recovery.

There are several products currently in the company’s pipeline but the future looks promising.

45. Intellipharmaceutics International Inc.


The parent company of intellipharmaceutics was founded in 1998 and was successful in developing and commercialization many FDA approved drugs. They have now grown to acquire numerous patents, drug delivery technologies and a diverse variety of generic and novel products in the pipeline.

Their main target areas include cardiovascular, neurology, gastrointestinal, pain and diabetes.

46. Ipsen Biopharmaceuticals Canada, Inc.


Ispen puts their focus on patients suffering from hard-to-cure diseases. Such patients are treated as the number one priority for Ipsen and the company promises to help them throughout their recovery process.

The company has plans to develop and launch a new product every year and so far they have released four in total including Cabometyx, Dysport and Increlex.

47. J.A.R Pharmaceuticals Ltd.


J.A.R is based in Alberta and its operations are focused on topical drugs and their delivery. Moreover, it also markets its own line of lecithin organogel products. The company’s service is one of the best in the industry and they are committed to providing all sorts of help to customers as well as physicians and pharmacists.

Their notable products include Phlojel, Phlojel Ultra and Phloderm. These have been proven effective for helping your skin absorb vital nutrients and chemicals that it needs to look and feel healthy.

48. Jamieson


Voted Canada’s most trusted brand of vitamins, Jamieson take pride in being the provider of a huge variety of natural vitamin products to the country. The purity and potency of the company’s products are known and commended all over the world.

Since its establishment in 2004, Jamieson has continued to touch people’s lives all over the world and it know supplies its products to over 45 countries.

49. Jamp Pharma Group

amp Pharma

Founded in 1998, Jamp Pharma group launched their first generic molecule in 2007. Along with custom manufacturing generic products, the company is also a reputable supplier of over-the-counter pharmaceutical products. Over time, the company has grown rapidly and become one of the leading ones in the country.

The company has multiple subsidiaries aimed at specific fields of medicine including Orimed for bone health and Wampole for heart and intestinal health along with sleep disorder and iron deficiency.

50. Janssen


A subsidiary of johnson & johnson, Janssen has been innovating and excelling as a pharmaceutical company in Canada for over 50 years. The company has already contributed to the progress of finding cures to many diseases so far and is committed to continuing it research and development in the future.

The company has a firm belief of all stakeholders in a community working together to ensure a better quality of life for everyone.

51. Johnson & Johnson Canada

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & johnson is a brand name that has been around ever since we can remember. This is one company that has truly delivered, time and time again, on its promise to keep people of all ages well. The company has a huge variety of products in its portfolio under broad categories like skin health products and self-care products.

Johnson & Johnson is the world’s largest healthcare company and all its products are of the highest quality in their respective markets.

52. Jubilant Radiopharma

Jubilant Radiopharma

Jubilant Radiopharma is one of the frontline researchers, developers and manufacturers of radiopharmaceuticals, not just in Canada but in the world. The company is passionate about advancements in quality, sustainability and the overall nuclear community. Nuclear medicine professionals around the world trust Jubilant radiopharma with their products and support the company for their sustainable approach towards the market.

Jubilant Radiopharma is also applauded for its ability to deliver the highest quality while reducing costs and making the overall patient experience memorable.

53. Laboratoire Atlas Inc.

Laboratoire Atlas

Operational in Quebec for more than 50 years, Laboratoire Atlas is a pharmaceutical giant. The company employs the most qualified and skilled workers who are experts at formulating, manufacturing and testing pharmaceutical products of the highest quality standards.

They have a variety of creams, ointments, lotions and other topical solutions.

54. Laboratoire Riva

Laboratoire Riva

Another Quebec based pharmaceutical giant is Laboratoire Riva. Established over 40 years ago, the company specializes in the supply and distribution of generic drugs. It takes on the responsibility of testing manufactured drugs and getting them registered with Health Canada for commercialization.

They provide their customers with products that meet the strictest quality standards and their customer service is also excellent.

55. Leo Pharma

LEO Pharma

The Canadian branch of the Leo Pharma A/S has been operational for 30 years and has delivered on their commitment of improving the lives of their patients. 100% of the company’s profit are invested back into researching more solutions to helping as many patients as possible.

It is focused on two main fields; blood clots and skin conditions. Its parent company has over 100 years of experience and more then 700 researchers and scientists work round the clock to find solutions that work.

56. Lundbeck Canada Inc.

Lundbeck Canada

Lundbeck Canada is one of the leading companies specializing in the treatment of brain disease in the country. The whole organization and each and every employee is committed and devoted to making the lives of patients with brain disease better. The culture is such that every employee feels like they belong to the organization which greatly improves their productivity.

The research and development efforts of the company relating to neurological and psychiatric issues is unparalleled and the company is adamant on continuing them in order to provide treatment to thousands of patients across the country.

57. Lupin Pharma Canada


The Canadian subsidiary of the Indian pharmaceutical giant Lupin Limited, Lupin Pharma is focused on treating patients with unmet needs in mainly 3 areas: palliative care, respiratory and gastroenterology. The efforts of the company are aimed at provided the highest quality branded medicines to healthcare professionals as well as patients and making things easier for them.

The company offers a wide variety of not just generic products but also innovative products that are developed from scratch.

58. Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals


Aimed at developing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing specialty products, the company has a portfolio that includes drugs for rheumatology, neurology, pulmonology and nephrology treatment. The company also segments its markets according to the brand and also generic drugs with active ingredients.

Two of the most successful products of the company are Therakos and Inomax.

59. Mantra Pharma

Mantra Pharma

Successful business ties combined with superb leadership has led to Mantra Pharma becoming one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the country in just a few years. The company was established in 2006 and started developing a line of generic, natural heath products that stood out from the competition.

At mantra, the safety of the patient is the top priority and strict quality control measures are in place to ensure no product falls short of the safety standards.

60. Marcan Pharmaceuticals


Marcan’s primary focus is to ensure quality of their products so that their patients are not troubled with dealing with low quality products. The company has a huge product portfolio and a number of different categories that it distributes products in.

The main goal of the company is innovation, and keeping their products cost-effective. This is what enables them to always put the patients’ well-being first.

61. Medicure Inc.


With an aim to become the biggest cardiovascular therapeutics in the US market, Medicure has set sail in its journey to provide the safest, most cost-effective drugs to the patients. Their commitment to integrity, partnership and service is what gives them a competitive edge in the market.

Their core values are their people, innovation, diversity, integrity, profitability and community. The perfect mix for a successful business.

62. Merck Canada Inc.

Merck & Co.

Merck Canada is one of the leading innovators of medicines, vaccines and products relating to animal health. Their main aim is to provide treatment to patients to improve their lives. The company has actively contributed to the development of vaccines for diseases like mumps and measles.

Innovation and improving the lives of their patients are two of the most valuable focal points of the company.

63. Methapharm


Methapharm is a pharmaceutical company with a specialty in acquiring, licensing, partnering, and promoting products in all of North America. The company is also working on expanding its portfolio to include diagnostic products to be available for distribution all over the world.

They specialize in hospital products as well as specialties in the areas of imaging, oncology and respiratory.

64. Mint Pharmaceuticals

Mint Pharmaceuticals

Mint Pharmaceuticals was established 2007, this Canadian pharmaceutical company takes pride in its ability to provide affordable, high quality generic products to help their patients live better, healthy lives. Their product differentiation and their excellent service makes them stand out.

It produces Rx products as well as medical devices.

65. Mylan Pharmaceuticals

Mylan Pharmaceuticals

Operating as one of the largest and most widely spread pharmaceutical companies of the world, Mylan Pharmaceuticals produces over 1,400 different types of medicines to be packaged, distributed and sold all over the world.

They began their journey in 1961 as a small company with an aim to help village people and local communities through selling them affordable medicines.

66. NAEJA RGM Pharmaceuticals Inc.


The company was established using some of their greatest scientists, researchers and discoverers. The NAEJA RGM scientists have been able to discover and develop numerous leads and drugs in the past that they are only expected to further push their boundaries and keep on their discovery work.

The company currently has a lot of famous generic drugs under its belt including Mofezolac and Tazobactam.

67. Amgen Canada Inc.

Amgen Canada

Amgen Canada Inc. is located in Mississauga Canada. Amgen is a large group that produces revenue that exceeds 82Million $. Amgen was founded in 1980 and now lists the top biotechnological companies in the world.

Amgen has vast experience in producing Biosimilar products with the help of research and development in the same field. Amgen is a company that is making significant enhancements in the field of science and technology with help of cutting-edge technology to help deal with patients suffering from severe illness. The company is developing new therapies that are leading towards great medical achievements.

68. Amicus Therapeutics

Amicus Therapeutics

Amicus Therapeutics is an organization that has pledged itself for patient-dedicated research. They are based in Philadelphia, PA, and were founded in 2004. The company is dealing with rare diseases that include Fabry, Batten, and Pompe disease that is not commonly heard of. Amicus Therapeutics has a mission to give a better life for these patients and their research mostly lies around this struggle. The company is running extensive trials on these patients and working on Migalastat Monotherapy.

They focus on those rare diseases that are difficult to treat because the founder of Amic Therapeutics was diagnosed with such kinds of diseases. Their kindness, compassion ad empathy are the main spirits behind their work.

Their international franchises are in Australia, France, Canada, Japan, Italy, Spain, Germany, and The Netherlands.

69. Omega Chem

Omega Chem

Located in the Quebec City area Omega Chem has specialized in the pharmaceutical industry and aims to provide the best and top-notch services to its valued customers. The company is providing their service that extends to a vast network of 30 countries all over the world.

Starting its operations in the year of 1988 company gives its utmost significance to its clients and offers them all sorts of Custom synthesis and process optimization. The company also expertise in the production of natural Amino acids. Omegachem is a company that is loyal to its partners in the business and develops new compounds for them. Omegachem’s research and development team largely consist of Ph.Ds. that are always working on the development and delivery of new compounds and medicines.

70. Oncolytics Biotech, Inc.

Oncolytics Biotech

Oncolytics Biotech is a company that has its headquarters in Calgary and Alberta. The company was founded in 1988. The company is in the agreement Co-development with Pfizer and Merck KGaA. Oncolytics Biotech is currently working to develop a safe virus that will ultimately treat the tumor that is a serious condition.

Oncolytics is now focused on the combinations of immunotherapy. Its research and development team are studying the immunity systems of humans and their medicine that deals with the immune system are currently under the process of manufacturing on commercial levels.

71. Ondine Biochemicals

Ondine Biochemicals

Since the year 1997 Ondine Biochemicals starting its operation in the city of Vancouver the company is a leading manufacturer of medicines dealing with all kinds of antibiotic infections.

Ondine Bio is on a mission of providing the world the simple solution to huge complex problems in the field of pharmaceuticals. The company has vast experience in the field of the lab and an excellent team that is behind the success of its research and development projects. The company believes in teamwork, reliability of their products integrity in giving the best in the market, and quality that exceeds the rest making these their core values.

72. Pacgen Life Science Corporation


Pacgen is a company based in Vancouver which is emerging on the list of companies that is trying to focus on commercializing the products that are originated from small business platforms.

The company is trying to create a global-based market for these types of businesses and selling their p113 product range to the entire world. The company is committing each of its shareholders to give them a share of every product of its sale. The company at present is selling more than 60 different types of products in the field of oral and skincare.

73. Paladin Labs


Paladin labs are a large group of the pharmaceutical company that is a product whole seller with its base from Montreal. It was founded in 1996 and very popular among the consumers and shareholders of the company.

The company is also into the stock market and giving good values to its stockholders. The company is also dealing globally in the field of pharmaceuticals. It has a variety of products dealing with different types of skin and internal diseases.

74. Parvus Therapeutics

Parvus Therapeutics

Parvus Therapeutics is a company that is leading the world in its biotechnological advancements. It is a biopharmaceutical company. This company focuses on dealing with the diseases that are associated with the autoimmune system of the body. Through their extensive research in the department of R&D the organization making adhesive advancements in the making of medicines that will only affect the cure of the disease without damaging the Normal immunity of the body.

The organization is taking the industry by storm as its sales due to the technical advancements have skyrocketed and are at a new height of $800 Million. Parvus's researches are mainly on the diseases of diabetes, Autoimmune liver disease, celiac disease, and inflammatory bowel disease, and all of these projects are also in their pipeline.

75. Pascal Biosciences

Pascal Biosciences

After being founded back in 2011 and based in Vancouver Pascal Biosciences has been working on Biopharmaceutical Company which is licensed from the University of Colombia. The company mainly focuses on its research on the treatment of cancer and cancer-based medicines and treatment. The company is aiming to make special treatment machines that will provide a better future for the patients that are suffering from this disease.

It has now entered in the research for the vaccination Of the Covid-19 virus and lending a hand to leading manufacturers of the world for the advances in the formation of the vaccine.

76. Patheon


PatheonIncluding the city of Toronto, the organization is working on 55 locations worldwide. This is a leading company in pharma services that produce the drugs with clinical trials and most important can commercially manufacture the drug. It has a team of more than 1700 scientists and has experience of over 40 years.

It claims to deliver the best and unmatched services to its consumers and this can be easily assessed by the revenue that has climbed to more than 1.7 Billion$. As of today, the company is manufacturing more than 100 different products that are approved by consumers in more than 70 countries.

77. Pendant Biosciences

Pendant Biosciences

Pendant Biosciences are located in Nashville, in the state of Tennessee, founded in 2012. They are mostly known for their “polymer” based platform and products, drug delivery technologies, and innovational surface coatings, also called next-generation technology. Their main focus remains on orthopedic applications. Their primary product focuses on orthopedic implant-related infections. Their technologies are helping physicians and doctors to solve issues of agony, pain, and suffering.

78. Pivot Pharmaceuticals

Pivot Pharmaceuticals

Pivot Pharmaceuticals, an emerging biochemical technology-based company is one of the emerging companies in Canada, founded in 2002. It’s headquartered is located in Vancouver, Canada. Its branches or subsidiaries are known as Altum Pharamceutical Inc. and Pivot Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Corp. They rebranded as “Better Life Pharma Inc.” in 2019. Their main markets are in Canada, Germany, and the USA. They aspire to be the leading pharmaceuticals in the country with proprietary phytocannabinoid, CBD, and micronutrient product profile of theirs.

They are focusing on treating diseases and illnesses that are mainly related to women, such as breast cancer and gynecology-related issues. They have introduced several effective therapies. They have the objective to reuse approved drugs to treat gynecological disruptions.

79. Pivotal Therapeutics

Pivotal Therapeutics

Pivotal Therapeutics is an emerging company in pharmaceuticals with branches in Canada, Woodbridge, and Boca Raton, Florida US. It was founded in 2011. Its subsidiary is known as Pivotal Therapeutics (US), Inc. They developed their leading product VASCAZEN which is based on scientific research and proof that Omega-3 is beneficial for cardiovascular patients. This product has clearly shown effective results in just 8 weeks of regularly ingesting it.

Their second-leading product is OMAZEN, which is also formed from Omega-3. It is used as a health supplement in both Canada and the US. Their applications are used for human and veterinary use. Including the process of constructing, assembling, and producing products that will prove advantageous to overall health issues.

80. PnuVax


PnuVax is a biochemical pharmaceutical company located in Montreal, Canada. It has expertise of over 30 years and they promote working for public health worldwide. They are widely known for their thorough research and upscale production of medicines and vaccines using various techniques that are beneficial for the public.

PnuVax also offered their expertise to the government in the wake of Covid-19, to make an effective and capable vaccine. But it’s a shame that the government had already chosen the companies who were given the grant to work on the vaccine. PnuVax still offers its services to the government, whenever they would be needed.

81. Veristat


Veristat formerly known as The Clinical Trial Company (TCTC) was established in 2006. Founded in the year 1994 this organization is based on the scientific method and focuses upon the trials of clinical therapies related to complex problems that are faced by the patients and the organization dealing with them. The company is motivated to bring some biotech products into the markets that are beneficial for both company and people.

Company is ISO9001 approved in 2008 which ensures the customers of its quality in every aspect.

82. Viva Pharmaceutical

Viva Pharmaceutical

Viva Pharmaceuticals was built in April 1994. They built a modern manufacturing facility, on the West Coast of Canada. It is situated near an international airport, highway transportation, national shipping way, and railway station making it an ideal location. It is considered the largest GMP verified manufacturer of pharmaceuticals and natural health products in British Columbia.

They offer their customers the convenience of one-stop shopping of raw materials, manufacturing, testing, research & development, and packaging & shipping. Their products include Omega-3 soft gel capsules, Vitamins, Magnesium, Calcium, and Iron tablets.

83. Wellspring Pharma

Wellspring Pharma

Wellspring Pharma, also referred to as Wellspring Consumer Healthcare was founded in 1999, produces and delivers retail and prescribed drugs. This company's productions include consumer health products and skincare products. Wellspring Pharma markets are extended in the US and Canada; however, its HQ is in Sarasota, Florida. Its subsidiaries are FDS Inc., & WellSpring Pharmaceutical Canada Corp. Their trusted brands are EmetrolÂ, MicatinÂ, Gelusil and Glaxal Base Skin Cream.

84. WEX Pharmaceuticals

WEX Pharmaceuticals

WEX Pharmaceuticals is based in Vancouver from the year 1987. The company specializes to make drugs that are analgesic in nature. The business manufactures medications for the treatment of mild to moderate pain, symptom relief related to opioid addiction resignation, and medicines for local and regional anaesthesia from naturally occurring toxins.

Their latest and novel product is Halneuron which is non opiod and have no side effects such as euphoric state and it has no withdrawal symptoms. This medicine is not addictive according to trials and it does not build up tolerance over time. It’s being cited as a breakthrough in medical technology. More than 10 of their new products have completed their first clinical trial, and some are currently in their second trial phase.

85. Zymeworks


Zymeworks headquarters based in Vancouver Canada and offices in British Colombia the company was

Originated in the year of 2003.

With the research team consisting of 250 employees and out of which 45 alone are PhD’s

It is a biotechnological company that is dealing and researching for the treatments of cancer and other autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Zymeworks is enthusiastic for creating a next generation diverse functional bio therapeutics that will initially concern with the treatment of cancer and on the next stages it will lead to other programs that are in their pipelines. In this case the company has come in contract with some of the leading biopharmaceutical companies.

86. Zoetis


Zoetis Canada is basically an American Based company that is the world largest company in the production of medication and vaccination for the livestock and pets. Company was initially a part of Pfizer the largest drug maker in the world but after some while it is a company that is totally independent and managing on its own. It is also one of the largest drug companies in the stock market and has an annual turnover of around 5.3 billion US$.

Founded in the year 1952 the organization is loaded with the experience of over 60 years and large base around the world working with an army of 9200 employees.

87. Xenon Pharmaceuticals

Xenon pharmaceutical

Based in the city of Burnaby Canada Xenon pharmaceutical company is a biopharmaceutical organization that is dedicated to produce special and innovative therapeutic drugs that can help and improve the lives of patients that are severely suffering from rare neurological disorders and address the high medical needs that adheres onto the focus of epilepsy.

Xenon pharmaceutical company are also performing well in the stocks with a single stock worth of $20.24.Xenon pharmaceutical researches are based on the genetic overviews and the production of novel medicines through R&D which ultimately refers to extreme genetic studies.

88. Protein Simple

Protein Simple

Protein Simple having roots in the city of San Jose, Canada protein simple is company that is helping the researchers with the reservation of the difficulties that they face with proteins. Company is committed to deliver out of the box solution to the researchers and protein analytics so they can solve their problems that are related to diseases that are co related.

It is a well renowned brand in the community of bio-Technic that also involves R&D purposes.

Initiated from the year 2004 the company is dealing with protein science as well as life science research tools and analytical instruments.

89. Rapid Novor

Rapid Novor

Rapid Novar is a company that has changed trends it is the world’s most secure and accurate that produces and sequences antibody proteins de novo which is using the technique of mass spectrometry.

Roots that began from the city of Kitchener Rapid Novar is now the world’s leading company in antibody protein sequencing solutions operating from its own facility which is now the largest privately funded proteomics facility in Canada. Team of the organization has vast experience of more than 20 years the development of protein sequencing. Company has been awarded the 1st place for in the innovation in the field of life sciences innovation that was featured in the Scientific American.

90. Alethia Biotherapeutics

Alethia Biotherapeutics

Alethia Biotherapeutics is a Canadian company. It is a renowned private-held clinical-stage Montreal-based Biotechnology Company. This company is currently having a program with phase 1 data.

They have delivered their medicines with lysosomal acid lipase deficiency, hypophosphatasia, paroxysmal-nocturnal hemoglobinuria, and many other treatments. So basically, they help patients to diagnose rare diseases. After diagnosis, treatments would be easy.

91. Alk Abello Inc.

Alk Abello

Alk Abello Inc is one of the famous Canadian pharmaceutical companies. It was developed in 1923. It is engaged in the discovery and development of the treatment of allergy.

It has developed allergy treatment, together with global partners. For anyone suffering from any allergy, this company is manufacturing and developing products for those diseases to improve the quality of life.

92. Allergan Inc.


Allergan Inc. is headquartered in Canada. It is a bold, global pharmaceutical leader. The company has thrived in the Canadian pharmaceutical world for manufacturing sterilized products for research.

Allergan is engaged in the discovery and development, manufacturing and commercializing of branded pharmaceutical device. These include biological, surgical and regenerative medicine products for patients around the world.

93. Alexion Pharma Canada Corp.

Alexion Pharma

Alexion Pharma Canada Corp. is a Canadian pharmaceutical company. It is working to understand rare diseases, which began with their pioneering work in complement biology.

This knowledge allows them to innovate and evolve into new areas. These are great chances to help patients and their families to live their best life.

94. Alnylam Canada ULC


Alnylam Canada ULC was founded in 2002 in Canada. It is one of the leading RNAi therapeutics company. It is known for harnessing a revolution in biology for human health.

This company has worked hard for more than 16 years to turn the RNAi scientific possibility into a therapeutic reality.

95. Accord Healthcare, Inc.

Accord Healthcare

Accord Healthcare is currently working on producing products that are resilient and manufacturing precision medications. As a company, it has high standards, and they have gained public trust for their treatments.

Their partners include Tortii, Abbott and Seqirus. They develop immunotherapy tablets and export them to Japan, New Zealand, Australia and Russia.

96. Acerus Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Acerus Pharmaceuticals

Alethia Biotherapeutics has announced its events regarding its research ina number of events. It is engaged in the discovery and development of therapeutic mAbs against highly disease issue-specific novel clinically-relevant targets.

It has established a specific and strategic partnership to access mAb generation. Not only that, but it has also revolutionalized antibody-drug conjugates, CHO production and humanization technologies.

97. ACIC Pharmaceuticals

ACIC Pharmaceuticals

The success of ACIC pharmaceuticals is powered by our global colleagues. They are committed to being bold for life together by always doing what is suitable for their patients.

They have commercial operations in approximately 100 countries and working with physicians, healthcare providers and patients to deliver the treatments.

98. Actelion Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc.

Actelion Pharmaceuticals

Actelion Pharmaceuticals believes that its efforts have the potential to produce general medicines. This amenity will help to improve the lives of patients worldwide who are waiting for new treatment options.

They have a robust pipeline of investigational RNAi therapeutics, and they focused on diseases with the following area, i.e. genetic medicines, cardio-metabolic diseases, infectious diseases and central nervous system.

99. Advanz Pharma

Advanz Pharma

Advanz Pharma is a leading pharmaceutical company in Canada. It is manufacturing products through the implementation of innovative technology and making novel drug discovery. The company is currently looking to reinvigorate the potential for manufacturing medicines.

Moreover, the company is working to produce precision medicine to help improve the life of sufferers. Advanz Pharma is known for the proficient approaches it has made throughout the thriving years.

100.      Verisante Technology

Verisante Technology

Verisante technology is working on a new sort of product can treat cancer in its early stages. The precision medicines produced are for the manufacturing devices for Cancer detection.

Moreover, the company has currently implemented advanced in-vitro technology. This step revolutionalized the way their products are sold around the world

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