The Secret Of Cutting Blades In High Efficiency Wet Granulator Machine

When talking about the development of the pharmaceutical industry, you will naturally associate with the upstream pharmaceutical industry- the pharmaceutical equipment, among which wet granulator machine is one of the key equipment in the pharmaceutical production process.

The preparation of almost all solid preparations involves a granulating process. The resulting granules may be final products, such as granules; it could be intermediate products, such as tablets.

However, the granules made by the wet method have the advantages of good particle quality, beautiful appearance, strong wear resistance and good compression moldability after surface wetting, and are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Wet Granulator Machine

The wet granulator machine is of great significance in the pharmaceutical production process, but when it comes to the wet granulator machine , you need to figure out which parts it consists of, so today's news is mainly for the slices of the wet granulator related explanations, so that manufacturers can better understand and operate this machine.


When talking about the wet granulator machine’s cutting blades, the first thing that appears in your mind is that it can cut materials up, actually cut materials up only occupy 40% function of the cutting blades.

Wet Granulator Machine-1

You should know that when you overlook a wet granulator machine that is under a working state, due to the centripetal force, the material is distributed in a ring around the pot wall, so we temporarily called this “material belt”. Then the cutting blade plays a vital role in the diversion of the material in the pot.

If you look closely, you will find that the material in the material belt does not move in parallel in a circular motion, but tumbles at the place of the cutting blades! (Don't tell me you haven't noticed a phenomenon, if it's not a problem with the device design, it's that you're just too careless).

This tumbling, when you analyze it, includes two directions: up and down and inside and outside (relative to the material belt, side view).

Wet Granulator Machine-2

Rolling up and down ensures that the upper and lower layers of the material are fully mixed, because the granulation mainly occurs in the lower layer ( the mixing between the main paddle, the pot wall and the material).

This is mainly based on the material along the wall of the pot carried by the main paddle in parallel circular motion, after the high-speed turnover of the cutting blades, and the bending of the pot wall to achieve.

Wet Granulator Machine-3

Similarly, the inner and outer rolling makes sure that one side of the concentric pot wall ( with high granulation strength) rolls into the material, ensuring that the internal materials are all realized and involved in granulation.

How does this achievedv? If you observe carefully, you will find that most of the cutting blades have a flower-like structure, which is conducive to the diversion of materials from the outside to the inside.

Wet Granulator Machine-4

This tumbling effect, up and down and left and right, is the core value of the existence of the cutting blades, because the shredding can actually be achieved by the wet whole grain behind.

Rotary directions

For the majority of formulation research and development workers, it is a bit complicated to remember what is clockwise and counterclockwise. So you just need to remember that the direction of the cutting blades must be consistent with the direction of the material.


To be honest, the design of each supplier for the cutting blades is very different, and the pattern is more than the main paddle, so you can only speak from the perspective of consumers, whether it has formed the effect of burst flow in the process of use is the most direct standard to judge whether it is excellent.

Wet Granulator Machine-5

Dimensions(diameter and depth), height from bottom of pot

This parameter directly affects the efficiency of material tumbling when the load is different. How to design the cutting tool of a wet granulator machine to cover 30~70% of the loading volume range as far as possible, which is the direction that an excellent equipment supplier needs to work on.

A good design of the cutting blades can make the granulator machine reach 20~80% of the loading capacity. In this way, the use of equipment and process batch tolerance range, brings great flexibility.

Wet Granulator Machine-6

When you use the same granulating pot for different loading capacity, it is necessary to consider the loading height and low position of the wet granulator machine, which is mainly determined by the height and diameter of the cutting blades. Of course, this is usually fixed. In most equipment, the choice of height is not large, and the diameter is the same.

As for the depth, when you look down on the granulating, you know that the materials in the granulating process are mainly concentrated on the outside of concentric circles, forming a circular "material belt". As for the width of the material belt, the cutting is not necessary to reach this width.

Wet Granulator Machine-7

For the same equipment, these parameters are fixed, but it doesn't matter. If the shape of the pharmaceutical cutter and the shape of the pot are designed well enough, you can make up for the above deficiencies by adjusting the speed of the cutter.

In the process of process scale-up, the ideal state is to use the same loading amount. At this time, it is enough to scale up your cutting blades’ parameters and scale according to the same principle of linear speed.

Wet Granulator Machine-8

However, when forced to use different loading capacity, it is necessary to consider appropriate adjustment of the speed of the cutting blade to balance the smooth flow and turnover of materials.

So, when an equipment supplier tells you how wide a range his equipment can cover, you can simply look at the burst flow effect of the highest and lowest load of the equipment in operation.

Wet Granulator Machine-9

The design of the granulator machine’s cutting blade needs suppliers to pay more attention. A good cutting blade design can make the granulator machine to achieve a high load so that the use of equipment and process batch has high flexibility.

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