Doypack Machine

Aipak doypack machine is suitable for powder,granule,liquid and viscous products filled into 3-side or 4-side thermosealed sachets,signle or duplex.It is a machine that creates an innovative packaging format that makes the pouches stand up after filling.Now the doypack packing machine has been widely used in food, pharmaceuticals, chemical, cosmetics industry.

VFFS Machine-4

VFFS Machine: The Complete FAQ Guide in 2023

VFFS machines for packaging are always fascinating! If you’re looking about purchasing one for your business, then there are various things to consider before making a final decision.
If you just go online and select a random piece of equipment, so you might end up with the wrong product. You must educate yourself about VFFS machines. This article will introduce you to various aspects of VFFS machines currently available worldwide perfect for your business.

Flexible Packaging Industry

Application And Development Of Doypack Pouch in Flexible Packaging Industry

Nowadays,people’s purchasing power for FMCG continues to grow. The rapid development of FMCG market also drives the rise of flexible packaging industry. Nowadays, the types and uses of packaging bags are very extensive.
At the same time, good packaging can also establish the high-quality image of products, improve the competitiveness of products, and promote product sales.

NJP 1200D


Capsule Filling Machine

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