Top 30 Global Medicine Packaging Company In 2024

Do you know there is a higher standard for medicine packaging? You must know! But have you found the real reliable and suitable medicine packaging company for your medicine or pharmaceutical products? If not, there is the right post for you.

The post about top 30 global medicine packaging companies in 2024 will show you the most detailed conclusion of medicine packaging companies and provide information to lead you get the best and most suitable one for your manufacturing.

If you are looking for the enhancement or improvement of your packaging device and tech to make the creation and enhancement in medicine packaging, come on and check this post.

Rank  Medicine Packaging Company Location
2 Koerber Switzerland
3 AIPAK China
4 Bausch+Ströbel Germany
5 Marchesini Italy
6 Medpak USA
7 Syntegon Germany
8 Harro Hofliger Germany
9 IMA Group USA
10 Gea Germany
11 OPTIMA Germany
12 Ascendpkg USA
13 Pharmaworks USA
14 Dara Pharma Spain
15 UnitedPharmatek USA
17 Euclid USA
18 Groninger Germany
19 Dec Group Switzerland
20 Bellatrx Canada
21 Uhlmann Germany
23 RxSafe USA
24 MedSol USA
25 Rotzinger Group Switzerland
26 Shemesh Automation Germany
27 Mendel Company USA
28 O’Hara Technologies Canada
29 Romaco Germany

Locations: USA



Sepha is a medicine packaging machine manufacturer that enjoys a high reputation for its outstanding work in innovation and manufacturing of contract packaging. Its various container types, test methods, and high standard on machine make it widely welcomed for medicine packaging.

The company provides various medicine packaging solution which covers various container including blister packs, bottles, vials, ampoules, pre-filled syringes, and medical device packaging.

Featured Products:

  • Sepha Ez Blister Table Top Blister Packaging Machine
  • EzBlister Plus 21 Cfr Part 11 Low Volume Blister Packaging Machine
  • Sepha Ez Blister Autofeed Small Blister Pack Machine

Sepha EZ Blister table top blister packaging machine

EZ-Blister-Plus-21-CFR-Part-11-low-volume-blister-packaging-machine (2)

Sepha EZ Blister AutoFeed small blister pack machine


Locations: Switzerland



As have 125 years of experience in medicine packaging machine technology and manufacturing, Korber is super professional in medical or pharmaceutical packaging. It has a well-divided and technical medicine package line for choice and its products enjoy a high reputation in sustainability and environmental friendly.

Körber provides super precise packaging for wallet packaging, smart packaging, and clinical packaging.

Featured Products:

  • Korber Topload Case Packer
  • Automatic Inspection Seidenader Cs30
  • La160 Sachet Machines

Korber Topload Case Packer

Automatic inspection Seidenader CS30

La160 Sachet Machines

Locations: China


AIPAK is a reliable medicine packaging company which provides professional medicine packaging solutions. You can get an one-stop-shop for almost all high-quality pharmaceutical manufacturing in this place.

The various packaging service it provide can fulfill most need of medicine packaging as it plays a good job in solid, semi-solid, liquid and nutrition packaging. You can find the packaging solutions for tablet, capsule, tube, syrup, eye drop, suppository, vial, ampoule, sachet, blisters and so on from here.

Featured Products:

  • DPP80 Aluminium PVC Flat Plate Blister Packing Machine
  • NJP200C Full Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
  • APK110 Flat Pouch Horizontal Sachet Machine

DPP80 Aluminium PVC Flat Plate Blister Packing Machine

NJP200C Full Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

APK110 Flat Pouch Horizontal Sachet Machine



Locations: Germany



Bausch+Ströbel plays a leading role in world medicine packaging as it pays much to make suitable packaging for the better state of medicines. They are especially good at syringes, vials, cartridges, and ampoule packages.

The company provides a wide packaging range and it also provides other service like cleaning, labeling, and so on.

Featured Products:

  • RTUContainer
  • Vial Filling And Closing Machine
  • Cartridge Filling And Closing Machine

RTU containers

Vial Filling And Closing Machine

Cartridge filling and closing machine

Locations: Italy



Marchesini provides medicine packaging solutions as well as cosmetic ones. It provides packaging service for your liquid, solid, and medicine with a high standard of hygiene. Besides, it can design the packaging line for specific and convenient use for some factories.

Featured Products:

  • BL-A420 - 430 - 525
  • MA50 - 80 - 100
  • MA360

BL-A420 - 430 - 525

MA50 - 80 - 100


Locations: USA



Medpak is leading in medicine packaging and provide nice machines in both medicine packaging and labeling. As a big brand, it can fill your need in medicine making, hospitals, and many others and fulfill the need in an all-around way.

The company processes large factories and well-organized workers to manufacture various medicine packaging products for you.

Featured Products:

  • Pharmacy Accessory Bagging System
  • Auto Print Max Bagger
  • Auto Wrapper


Auto Print Max Bagger


Locations: Germany



Syntegon provides a reliable packaging service in pharmaceutical packaging as it has over 160 years of experience in pharmaceutical packaging and high preservation to innovation and sustainability. The serving scope is wide enough for you to get a suitable one.

It provides medicine packaging for cartridges, syringes, dry or liquid vials, syringes, cartridges, capsules, tablets, powder, granules, pellets, sachets, stick packs, and other forms of medicines.

Featured Products:

  • ARF 1000
  • ALF-4000
  • Vial Filling Machine

ARF 1000



8.Harro Höfliger


Locations: Germany


Harro Höfliger

Harro Hofliger is high professional in realizing your processing goals and assure the nice quality of your products. It can serve the laboratory machine as well as design and innovate the packaging machine or machine lines for customers' special needs.

Its medicine packaging service has a wide supplying range and you can see them in products like eye care, skin care, surgical sutures, and many other professional sectors.

Featured Products:

  • Modu CS
  • Modu-C-LS
  • Omnidose

Modu CS



Locations: USA



IMA Group is a company make much strength in pharmaceutical and health care product packaging. It takes the pharmaceutical products with high need in tech and quality like blood transfusion, HSG, pain management, respiratory and so on. You can find your dreamed medicine packaging with a nice combination of technology and practicality.

Featured Products:

  • Blister Packaging Machine
  • In-Line Filling Machine
  • FTC509 Vertical Dosing And Filling Machines

blister packaging machine

In-Line Filling Machine

FTC509 Vertical Dosing And Filling Machines

Locations: Germany



Gea provides medicine packaging service for various industries like food, cosmetic and so on. But it also makes rather high professional service for pharmaceutical packaging. You can always get the suitable one as it can make your specific need and make the machine to fulfill the need.

It provides the medicine packaging include liquid dosage, nutraceuticals, semi-solids and solid dosage.

Featured Products:

  • Pilot Master
  • Ring Dryer
  • Phase Separating Decanter

pilot master

2-phase separating decanter

Locations: Germany



OPTIMA takes the leading role in medicine packaging for both solid and liquid materials. With the stand of rich experience and groups of high-skilled workers, you can get a reliable and well-performed machine from the technology leader of the medical packaging sphere.

Your strict requirements for medicine packaging like aseptic filling, and freeze-drying which need high profession can be filled from OPTIMA.

Featured Product:

  • CSPEWith Optima Turnkey Systems
  • Optima Linoline Filler
  • Production Line For Elisa Test Kits

CSPE with OPTIMA turnkey systems

OPTIMA Linoline filler

Production line for ELISA test kits


Locations: USA


As a company with an extensive line of productivity and manufacturing, Ascendpkg has the advantage in providing you the medicine packaging machines and solutions with life-long after-sales service and innovation.

Its packaging machine enjoys a high reputation in medical manufacturing which includes bottles, blister, pouches, bags, and other forms of medicine packaging.

Featured Products:

  • Argentecnica S-100
  • SureFill 300 Slat Filler
  • CPS 130

Argentecnica S-100

SureFill 300 Slat Filler

CPS 130

Locations: USA



Phamaworks provides a wide range of pharmaceutical packaging machines for medical, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, personal care and so other use. Its excellent work can make you a great machine and also rebuild your used machine to make it fit your new need or trend.

It provides various types of medicine packaging machines to fulfill the needs of your various medicine forms.

Featured Products:

  • TF1proBlister Machine
  • TF1eBlister Machine
  • Ci6 Cartoner



Ci6 Cartoner

Locations: Spain



Dara Pharma sticks to a high standard in quality, innovation, and machine excellence to provide really nice machines for pharmaceutical, medical, and cosmetic packaging. It can serve various material packaging and makes suitable packaging for different formats.

You can find your medicine packaging for vials, syringes, cartridges, bottles, microtubes, IV bags, and many other formats.

Featured Products:

  • SX-310-Welding
  • Crabes
  • LAF






Locations: USA



UnitedPharmatek is one of the most credible and biggest medicine packaging companies. Its various products and versatile machines help fulfill the need of many industries with high standard and strict need. The high profession makes it also takes an important role in lab instruments.

You can achieve your wild packaging needs of a blister, capsule, soft gel, sachet, granulate, tablet, tube, and so on from this place.

Featured Products:

  • UAFHigh Speed Capsule Filling Machine
  • UCP501 Single Punch Tablet Press
  • FCSFilm Coating System

UAF High Speed Capsule Filling Mac



Locations: USA



ACIC is a pharmaceutical packaging company with a broad base on medical packaging and deep investment in medical ingredients and forms. The solid foundation it made can serve the packaging products with excellent service and great quality.

As process the high profession and rich experience in a specific sphere, you can get the real good medicine packaging for injectable, vaccine, antibiotics and so on.

Featured Products:

  • MicroDosing Machine
  • PBLIsolator
  • BagFiller

Micro dosing machine



Locations: USA



Euclid is one of the most welcomed manufacturers in medicine packaging as its features like credibility, reliability and quality are remarkable. It keeps on investment in technological innovation and quality improvements.

It provides you the rather reliable medicine packaging service for muti-dose, unit-dose,vitamins and supplements.

Featured Products:

  • Bag Filler
  • Vizen EX
  • Vantage Bagging Machine


Vizen EX

Vantage Bagging Machine

Locations: Germany



Groninger is leading in pharmaceutical packaging in current market. Its high profession allows it well performance in the pharmaceutical sphere with high standard. It collaborates with many big brand and also prove the personal packaging solution for specific need.

It process the outstanding medicine packaging machines for vial, cartridge, nasal spray, eye drop and syringe.

Featured Products:

  • Civica Rx
  • Syringe Filling Machines
  • Vial Filling Machine

Civica Rx

Syringe filling machines

Vial filling and closing machine

Locations: Switzerland


Dec group

Dec Group is recognized for its outstanding work in medicine powder packaging and packaging process control. This machine can play a rather well handling in fine material packaging and complex integrated packaging process. The new innovation and creation makes its machine high efficient.

It provides various medicine packaging solutions for various packaging forms and can design the one suits your specific need.

Featured Products:

  • Filling Machine
  • Cell Therapy Isolator
  • Powder Transforming Machine

Filling machine

cell therapy isolator

Powder transforming machine

Locations: Canada



Bellatrx can provide one-stop-shop for many types of pharmaceutical packaging products. It products include every parts of a medical products packaging. The principle of speed, efficiency, flexibility and versatility makes its always enjoys high judge in pharmaceutical packaging market.

The packaging solutions it provide can fulfill the need pf liquid, solid and powder packaging.

Featured Products:

  • Bottle Recovery Machine
  • Aquarius Packaging Machine
  • BottleRecover

bottle recovery machine

Aquarius packaging machien


Locations: Germany



Uhlmann has the cutting-edge technology which can package various packaging materials and take different types of packaging process. As devoted in pharmaceutical packaging industry for many years, the company can handle the medicine packaging proficiently and reduce the operating difficulty.

It manufactures different types of medicine packaging machines for different kind of container and fulfill the different producing need.

Featured Products:

  • Blster Line IBC150
  • Blister Machine B200
  • PTC 200 Cartoner

Blster line IBC150

Blister machine B200

PTC 200 cartoner

Locations: USA


With the principle of creating sustainable value, CVC can produce the rather professional and outstanding work in various pharmaceutical packaging. This company has a global network of 29 local offices and can respond the personal need or provide personal answer quickly and responsibly.

Its various medicine packaging machine types can fulfill the packaging need of tablet, liquid, soft-gel and other forms of medicines.

Featured Products:

  • Liquid Filler And Capper
  • LabelingLabeling Machine
  • Bottle Unscrambler And Air Rinser

Liquid Filler and Capper


Bottle Unscrambler and Air Rinser

Locations: USA



RxSafe provides safe and secure service for medicine packaging which is the most needed value for pharmaceutical industry. It combines the tradition and creation and makes the out-of-the-box thinking for customers’ packaging solution.

The company provides various medicine packaging service which is designed for different need such as pill, tablet, capsule and so on.

Featured Products:

  • Rxasp20
  • Rxasp600
  • Rxvault1800




Locations: USA



Medsol is the lasting leader in medicine packaging industry for its lasting insistence on medical products investigation and quality improvement. Its products are widely adopted by medicine manufacturers and play a good job in many places.

Featured Products:

  • IV Bags and Disposables
  • Medical Device Packaging Machines
  • Syringe Packaging Machines

IV Bags and Disposables

Medical Device Packaging Machines

Syringe Packaging Machines

25. Rotzinger Group

Rotzinger Group

Locations: Switzerland



Rotzinger Group get start its packaging process from medicine packaging and with more than hundred years development, it has rather nice performance in handling pharmaceutical packaging. It makes good infusion of tradition and innovation and sticks to make change in pharmaceutical packaging process from Internet.

Its various packaging styles and packaging way can fulfill most need of medicine packaging and handle packaging like bottles, vials, ampoules, syringes, auto-injectors, pouches, blister, tubes and so on.

Featured Products:

  • Bottle Cleaner
  • PickFeeder System
  • In Line System

Bottle Cleanier

pickFeeder System

In Line System

26.Shemesh Automation

Shemesh Automation

Locations: Germany


Shemesh Automation

Shemesh Automation has over 30 years experience in pharmaceutical packaging and focus on the different material and format packaging. The one-stop-shop service and personal packaging solution give customers great convenience.

The company provides its customers the great medicine packaging service for tablet, granulates, cream and liquid.

Featured Products:

  • Deenex High Speed Servo Driven Tray Denester
  • Sa Sealpro-j Buckets Conduction Sealer
  • Sas-j Round Wipes Buckets Stuffer




Locations: USA


Mendel Company

Mendel is a young and innovative pharmaceutical packaging company which sales machines, machine parts and give technology support for personal need. It has a group of skilled and professional workers for machine innovation and manufacturing.

Its equipment can handle the medicine packaging of capsule, tablet, suppository, and many other medicine forms.

Featured Products:

  • In-Cap Automatic Bench Top Capsule Filler
  • In-Pack Blistering Machine
  • Bd-3000 Capsule Bander




28.O’Hara Technologies


Locations: Canada


O’Hara Technologies

O’Hara Technologies is one of the largest medicine packaging manufacturing organization. With great and proficient workers efforts, it made great work in pharmaceutical packaging and gives high-quality and reliable products for customers.

The products it produced can handle tablet making and packaging. You can also get the reliable medicine processing methods from this place.

Featured Products:

  • Fastcoat™ Production Tablet Coating Systems
  • Labcoat™ Tablet Coating Systems
  • Containment Labcoat™ Coating Systems

Fastcoat™ Production Tablet Coating Systems

Labcoat™ Tablet Coating Systems

Containment Labcoat™ Coating Systems

Locations: Germany



Romaco is a leading manufacturer in pharmaceutical packaging which provide machines for various products use and also personal solution for customers need. It is widely welcomed for its great work in taking packaging problems and good after-sale service.

The packaging solutions it provide can handle various medicine packaging forms like granulates, pellet, blister, tablet and so on.

Featured Products:

  • Promatic Cartoners
  • P 91 Series
  • LVI Series

Romaco Promatic Cartoners

P 91 Series - Romaco

LVI Series




MACTEC focus on give innovative and well-performed pharmaceutical packaging machine for pharmaceutical industry use. This machine makes a large investment on technology innovation and quality improvement. You can find the real nice blister packaging machine, pouch packaging machine and mono-block packaging in this company.

Featured Products:

  • Pouch Packaging Machines
  • Blister Packaging Machines
  • Unit Dose Packaging Equipment

Pouch Packaging Machines

Blister Packaging Machines

Unit Dose Packaging Equipment


All in all, the top 30 global medicine packaging company can provide you the reliable and high-quality products for pharmaceutical packaging use. Have you decided the packaging machine for your products? If you have any questions or doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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