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  • High Accuracy Rate>99.5%

  • Multi-level Vibration Lane

  • Intelligent Monitoring

AIPAK Capsule Counting Machine

AIPAK capsule counting machine is special for used counting tablets, soft gelatin, hard capsule and chewing gums, etc. The design of this capsule counting machine uses the most advanced anti-high dust electronic counting technology. Tablets (including shaped tablets), hard capsules, soft capsules (transparent, opaque) pellets, and other solid particles ranging in size from 3 to 12 mm can be counted and dispensed.All counted capsules,tablet or other sold particles can be bottled, boxed, bagged. All AIPAK capsule counting machines are fully compliant with GMP requirements, especially suitable for research institutions, hospitals, new small pharmaceutical factories, health products factories.


AIPAK Capsule Counting Machines

APC-B8 Automatic Small Capsule Tablet Counting Machine Tablet Counter Bottle Filling Machine

AIPAK APC-B8 capsule counting machine has been designed and developed to count & fill different shapes or size of products accurately like soft gel capsules, hard capsules, tablets, sugar coating, and film coating tablets, pills, herb medicine or similar products into containers or vials. The counter machine can be adjusted to count capsules or tablets between 1-9999 pcs per bottle without changing spare parts.

Easy to use & clean & maintain

Feeding automatically

Meets the requirements of GMP

APC-8 Multi Channel Automatic Bean Tablet Capsule Counting Machine

AIPAK APC-8 Automatic capsule counting machine is special for counting tablets, soft gelatin, hard capsule and chewing gums, etc. This machine adopts 8 sets imported counting sensor for counting with 8 Guiding Way and two head. The advantage of the machine is no need change mould when you change the counting object, only adjusting the counting table height by Easy Adjust wheel. The machine comes with Touch screen operation and PLC Control for convenient running.

Wide applicability


Protect materials from harm

APC-12 full automatic high speed 00-5 capsule counting machine for bottle filler / tablet counting machine

AIPAK APC-12 capsule counting machine has strong compatibility, high accuracy, wide application range, can count and bottle tablets (including shaped tablets), capsules, soft capsules (transparent, opaque) pills.It has strong applicability and adopts the company's original anti-high dust photoelectric sensor technology, which can work stably under the condition of high dust.

High degree of intelligence

Fully automatic operation

Convenient to change the variety

APC-16 Automatic Counting Machine Tablet Pill Counter Capsule Counting Machine for Pharmaceutical

AIPAK APC-16 capsule counting machine is professional machine for the pharmaceutical industry. This machine adopts electromagnet vibration design, which is stable and reliable. It is in reasonable design, small size, light-weight, low noise, accurate counting, easy operation and simple maintenance. And the contact parts of the medicine are made of stainless steel, which ensures the cleanliness of the packaged material.This machine meets the requirements of GMP.

Avoid the materials jam

Detection function

Wide applicability

APC-24 Candy Sugar Balls Chocolate Capsule Counting Machine Pharmacy Soft Gel Tablet Capsule Pill Counting And Bottle Filling Machine

AIPAK APC-24 capsule counting machine has high accuracy, wide applicable range and adopting the dust-resistance photoelectric detection technology. It is realizing the counting and split charging for the tablet including the shaped tablet, hard capsule, soft capsule (transparent and nontransparent) and pill. Oscillatory type material loading. High intellectualism, multi detection and alarming control functions like never missing the count for vials, self-check against failure.

Avoid the materials jam

Protect materials from harm

Detection and sorting function

APC-32 High Quality Capsules Counting Machine Full Automatic Capsule Counting Machine Line

AIPAK APC-32 capsule counting machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, food, chemical, plastic, health care products and other industries. It can count and bottle capsules, tablets, granules and other drugs or food candies, plastic parts, including blisters of single capsule.It has strong compatibility, and can count and bottle solid preparations or solid particles such as tablets (including special-shaped tablets), capsules, soft capsules (transparent and opaque), pills, etc.

High dust resistance

Detection function

Simple operation

APC-48 Automatic Electronic Capsule Counting Machine for Tablets Capsules counting

AIPAK APC-48 capsule counting machine is a kind of light and compact counting and filling equipment for solid particles. It adopts the internationally advanced 8-channel vibration, computer control, dynamic scanning counting, automatic bottle conveying and photoelectric control. It is designed in strict conformance with GMP standard and equipped with intelligent safety protection devices such as system self-inspection, error warning and automatic shutdown.

High dust resistance

Simple operation

Easy maintenance

APC-202 Multi Channel Automatic Electronic Vibrating Medicine Bottle Capsule Counter Pill Tablet Counting Filling Machine

AIPAK APC-202 capsule counting machine is suitable for various single bottle filling and various tablet types. It can be applied to different products without changing the mold. This machine has high recognition rate, fast response speed and simple operation. The use of man-machine interface touch screen, international photoelectric control system and other configurations make the machine run stably and reliably. It is widely used in the counting and filling of tablets, capsules and pills in the pharmaceutical and food industries. The machine complies with GMP requirements.

Wide application range

Strong compatibility

No regular replacement parts

Capsule Counting Machine Production Line Videos

The Buyer's Guide

Capsule Counting Machine: The Complete Buying Guide In 2024

A capsule counting machine is one of the most suitable equipment for the accurate counting of the capsule.

Hand counting was an old-fashioned way of counting capsules now replaced with the fastest electronic and automatic capsule counting machine. Hand counting may be cheap but if you compare the user's time that goes into counting, a capsule machine saves time, energy, and money.

Capsule counting machine has numerous industrial applications. In this guideline, we will assist you to buy an ideal capsule counting machine.

Here are the various parameters such as benefits, application, maintenance, and parts of the machine. We will explain everything that you must know about the capsule counting machine.

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    1.What is a capsule counting machine?


    AIPAK capsule counting machine

    A capsule counting machine is an astonishing device thatipped with a photoelectric sensor allows a high precision e ensures the presence of capsules accurately and fills them into respective containers or polybags; equspecially needed for counting and filling.

    Capsule counting machines are ideal for small to large size productions. They are suitable for commercial, laboratory, and industrial applications. A capsule counting machine is designed to meet quality standards such as cGMP, CE, etc.

    This machine ensures patient medication protection and safety, fast processing, and increase efficiency. Modern capsule counting equipment is automatic and operates under the control of a micro-controller.

    Capsule counting machine with state-of-the-art allows effortless capsule counting experience that you'll love to know.

    2.What is the working principle of the capsule counting machine?

    It is important to have knowledge about the working mechanism of machines for better operation. Let us understand each step;

    First step: Program Setup

      • This step requires the user to set desired counting parameters on the machine.


      • It also requires the user to fill capsules in the automatic filler and ensures the practicality of all machine components.


      • At this step, user active input is necessary.


    Program Setup

    Second step: Capsules Supply to the Machine

      • At this step, capsules pass through the automatic filler and enter into the hopper.


      • Capsules from the hopper flow into the feeder trays made up of stainless steel and the hopper also regulates the number of capsules passing through it.


      • There is another component "hopper sensor" in the machine which helps in regulation of capsules level in the stainless-steel feeder trays without process interruption.


      • Subsequently, capsules flow slowly into the conveyor belt by automatic vibration.


    Third step: The Real Counting

      • Flow of capsules to the next component depends on the speed of stirring of conveyor belt which can be adjusted.


      • The next key part is the "sensor"which detects the capsule when it passes through it and records its count which is visible on the computer screen. In addition, it also assists in detection of defected capsules with improper colors, weight, sizes, and broken pieces.


      • Photoelectric detectors are other alternatives which facilitate capsules counting.


    Real Counting

    Fourth step: Automatic Capsule Filling

      • Subsequently, the required number of capsules automatically add into the package for downstream sealing and packaging.


      • There is an efficient rejection system in the counting machine which accurately segregates appropriate capsules from unacceptable capsules.


      • The operation of the capsule counting machine is continuous and does not stop until the desired count of capsules is achieved.


    Automatic Capsule Filling

    Basic Working Structure of Capsule Counting Machine

    The entire process is controlled by an advanced electronic micro-computer system that counts and scans dynamically so medicines in each filling container may distribute evenly. In case of error, the capsule counting system automatically stops working and assesses the cause of the error.

    3.What are the basic parts of a capsule counting machine?



    This is for storing and loading capsules to be calculated. There is an adjustable baffle present at the exit of the hopper. This adjustable baffle can be modulated according to the output volume of capsules. You can easily take out the hopper for easy cleaning.

    Vibratory Feeding Track

    Capsule counting machine has been adopted with multi-grade vibrators. You can control the vibratory speed according to the flow and quantity of capsules. The vibratory feeding track is accompanied by a small gap on the front of the feeding track to clean the dust from capsules and collect.

    Photoelectric Detection Device

    This machine offers superb benefits via intelligent automatic capsule counting device. It results in accurate, fast, and cleaned output.

    Touch Screen

    Touch Screen

    Automatic capsule counting machines are adopted with touch screen PLC system where you can set the required parameters, start, and stope the process and monitor the real-time data as well as failure warning.

    Vibrating Channel

    Capsule counting machine is installed with vibrating channels to distribute the capsules smoothly and evenly.

    part of capsule counting machine

    Bottle Conveying Unit

    This unit is integrated with drive system, a conveyor belt, and a bottle pause cylinder, an illuminating sensor etc.,

    Bottle Conveying Unit

    Adjustable Lifting Base

    Adjustable Lifting Base

    Capsule counting machine structure is lifted on adjustable base that ensure easy integration and protects the body.

    4.What are the types of capsules counting machines?

    Capsule counting machines are available in different types based on their mode of operation. In general, they can be of following three types;

      • Manual capsule counting machines


      • Semi-automatic counting machines


      • Automatic counting machines


    Manual Capsule Counting Machines

      • Manual capsule counting machine used for various kinds of capsules via manual technique for capsule counting.


      • It is ideal for counting small scale batches of capsules in pharmaceutical, chemicals, foods industries


      • Easy to operate and maintain.


    Manual Capsule Counting Machines

    Semi-Automatic Counting Machines

      • It utilizes both automatic and manual machines programs.


      • It is a compact and highly efficient machine that can easily count and pack the capsules into assign containers or bottles.


      • It offers reorganization/restructuring of programs as per user requirements.


    Semi-Automatic Counting Machines

    Automatic Counting Machines

      • Suitable for counting large batches of capsules in pharmaceutical industries


      • Offers high accuracy in bulk counting


      • Use of advance technologies and unique algorithms make these machines highly appropriate for counting


      • Reduces the need of human involvement



    5.What are the applications of capsule counting machines?

    Capsule counting machines are critical component of a number of organizations including;

    Retail Pharmacies

    Instead of adding number of staff capsule counting machine is an efficient solution for that can save your time and reduces the chances of error.

    Retail Pharmacies

    Pharmaceutical Industries

    product of capsule counting machine 8

    Capsule counting machine market is rises with the growth of pharmaceutical industries. Automatic capsule counting machine can detect damaged or faulty capsules, capable enough to deal with bulk production batches, easy to handle, and increases profitability.

    Pharmaceutical industries deal with patient care and for this reason accuracy in each step of the production processes is the fundamental need of these industries.

    Veterinary Hospitals

    Fast and accurate capsule counting machine are considered as most demanding solution in veterinary hospitals.

    Veterinary Hospitals

    Primary Care Hospitals

    Capsule counting machine are significantly used in prestigious network of private and government hospitals who manages the largest number of inpatient and public health outreach.
    Capsule counting machines offer fast processes with high accuracy because any error in counting may alter drug dose in a package that may cause detrimental effects on a patient's health.

    Primary Care Hospitals

    Chemical Industry

    In comparison to hospitals, and pharmaceuticals- chemical industry also broadly use capsule counting machine for safe, accurate, and fast counting of chemical-based capsules respectively.

    Various pharmaceuticals

    Food Industry

    Capsule counting machine has wide usage in food processing and confectionery industry to count pills contain food ingredients.

    Secondly, accuracy in capsules counting is also required for finalizing the justified rate of products, any error in counting may cause industry financial loss customer compliance over the flawed product.

    Food Industry

    product of capsule counting machine 2

    Cosmetic Industry

    product of capping machine 7

    Capsule counting machine is beneficial for various purpose in cosmetic industry such as, counting of facial serums, and oils.

    6.Describe five basic advantages of capsule counting machines?

    Innovative and modern technology of capsule counter hooked with numerous benefits. Here are five major advantages of a capsule counting machine that you must know!


    Have you ever imagined sorting, counting, and dispensing thousands of capsules with different shapes, sizes, and colors by hand?

    Indeed, it is troublesome and would take hours and hours to complete this task. Besides this, you would encounter with risk of human errors during handling. Not only this! If you find some staff shortage, it would be ample of burden that hampers productivity and backlog of work.

    So, a rescuer can automatically here to save you from such a burden by relieving the workload of staff and offering you a more intelligent job. Instead of extra hands, it offers less space occupation and more efficient results.


    #2- Cost-Economical
    As we discussed above, manual handling can be cheaper, but you will be surprised to know it is more costly when you convert their working hour in money. A capsule counting machine is not only timesaving but it will cut down your staff expense by offering automatic, accurate, and fast output at a one-time cost.

    Cost Economical

    #3- Accuracy & Precision
    If an employee commits a mistake, you'll need to re-start counting all over again. Indeed, it is hectic and a loss of time. If you 'feed' input to the machine and rest is on the machine's ability to produce the results. The prime objective of the capsule counting machine is to assist you in accurate counting and boost your working efficiency procedures.

    Accuracy & Precision

    #4- No- Cross Contamination
    You can wear gloves, and other necessary PPEs but what do you think- will it save you from cross-contamination while handling? A capsule counting machine has negligible chances to aggravate the risk of contamination while activities.

    Cross Contamination

    #5- Customer Satisfaction

    Customer Satisfaction

    If you get inaccurate capsules, in the wrong bottles, so will you accept them? A capsule counter machine ensures high customer satisfaction by offering an amazing counting solution with sensors and auto-detector that do not allow such instances to happen.

    7.What are the differences between capsule counting machine?



    Automatic Capsule Counting Machine Semi- Automatic Capsule Filling Machine Manual Capsule Counting Machine
    Ideal for Larger Batch Production. Suitable for precise production for pharmaceutical procedures. Ideal for small batch production in pharmaceuticals, clinics, research institutes.
    This machine can count and fill thousands of capsules per hour with high accuracy. This machine ensures higher automaticity as compared to manual, count 25,000 to 47,000 capsule/ hour. Capsule counting capacity of manual counters are minimum and produces up to 300 capsule/cycle and the operating speed depends upon the technician.
    Entire procedure is performed automatically in continuous motion. Procedure is so much like automatic machines, except pushing lever to load capsules and collections. Working procedure is simple and based on hand operated procedures.


    8.How to clean and maintain capsule counting machine?

    Regular maintenance and cleaning arethe required processes for improving function of capsule counting machines as it is important for any other industrial equipment.

    Process of cleaning is quite simple but users should perform it on a regular basis (usually in a week) or early if the machine is showing errors or output is not optimal or numerous dust producing drugs are being processed in the facility in which the capsule counting machine is installed.

    There is an automatic reminder application installed in the machine for regular cleaning which is editable and a user may change some of its features including cleaning frequency.

    It is required to switch off the counting machine before cleaning.

    70% isopropyl alcohol and distilled water are required for cleaning mainly, however it may also require digital screen cleaner, paper towel and mild soap.

    Guidelines about cleaning of each component of the counting machine are mentioned below.

    Cleaning of Funnel

    Detach it from the machine, carefully and thoroughly clean the inside and outside surface of funnel with alcohol and slightly soapy water

    Cleaning of Funnel

    Glass Detector Screen Cleaning & Maintenance

      • There are two round thumbscrews on the uppermost side of the machine, user can unbolt them to disconnect square guards.


      • Then, elevate the complete channel assembly.


      • Subsequently, wipe the dust accumulated on four detector screens with the help of dry cloth.


      • Next, to make the glass windows (all four) dirt-free, clean them using a neat cloth wet in alcohol or slightly soapy water. At this point, care should be taken, and you should clean in all directions but not up and down.


      • Wipe the glass windows and dry them to prevent streaks using a digital screen specific cleaning cloth.


      • At this point, visual inspection is essential, you can carefully check the inside and outside of the channel assembly, particularly the glass windows for dust or particles. If you find dust or marks, wipe them once again using distilled water and dry.


      • At the end, fix the inner channel assembly again and reconnect the square guards by adjusting the round thumb screws.


    Glass Detector Screen Cleaning

      • After that, gently press down/depress the sliding ring which unrolls the two black clips connecting the glass window holder.


    Glass Detector Screen Cleaning-1

    Counting Tray Cleaning

    It is not recommended to use alcohol for cleaning of the counting tray. Use of lightly soapy water only is sufficient.

    Tray Sensor Cleaning

      • Tray sensor is installed behind the counting tray, it senses the placement of tray and conveys the message to the unit whether the placement is right or not.


      • For cleaning, detach it from the unit and use distilled water for cleaning then wipe and dry to prevent streaks.


    Tray Sensor Cleaning

    Cleaning of Touch Screen

      • It is recommended to use glass cleaner without ammonia for cleaning touch screens. Spray it on a neat, lint-free cloth and use it for cleaning. Do not direct spray on the touch screen.


      • Inspect visually, clean it again if there is any dust.


    Cleaning of Touch Screen

    9.What is the basic troubleshooting of the capsule counting machine?

    Troubleshooting Guide

    In this guide, you will find a list of possible errors that you may experience while working with a capsule counting machine along with possible solutions that you may exercise to solve issues for better operation.

    Ⅰ.Problem: Unit counts by itself


      • This problem arises due to a damaged detector glass window.


      • It may also occur when there is tablet dust or residue contamination on detector glass.


    Troubleshooting Guide


      • Regular cleaning of detector glass screens as recommended above.


      • Replace the damaged detector with a new one for optimal results.


    Ⅱ.Problem: Over-count of pills


      • Due to tablet/capsule fragmentation


      • It may also occur when there is tablet dust or residue contamination on detector glass screens.


    detector glass screens


    Regular cleaning of detector glass screens as recommended above.

    Ⅲ.Problem: Undercount of pills


    It occurs due to improper handling, when a user nonstop rapidly adds capsules into the funnels or adds straight into the funnel hole.


    Transfer the capsules into a funnel at moderate speed to avoid process interruption.

    Ⅳ.Problem: Counting tray is pushed in yet display indicates "--" in place of "0000".


      • It may occur due to dust or contamination on the tray sensor.


      • It may occur due to improper insertion of the counting tray.


    Undercount of pill


      • Regular cleaning of tray sensor as recommended above.


      • Properly set in the counting tray


    Ⅴ.Problem: Counting tray is not properly set in yet display indicates "0000".


    It may occur due to dust or contamination on the tray sensor.


      • Regular cleaning of tray sensor as recommended above.


      • Repair the tray sensor screen if it is damaged.


    Ⅵ.Problem: Inaccurate excess discharge of capsules per package


    It may occur due to loosening of screws of appendage for changing direction for discharge.


    Carefully tighten the screw

    Ⅶ.Problem: Malfunction of panel display, the numbers are not changed


      • Strong light


      • May occur due to improper plugging in of sensor socket


      • Loosening of welded dot or interruption of internal coppermay lead to poor linkage of protecting wire plug.


    Malfunction of panel display


      • Relocate the equipment to indoor


      • Properly re-plug the socket


      • Re-wiring or re-welding


    Note: In the above-mentioned problems, the sensor indicator may not brighten up.

    Ⅷ.Problem: Wrong capsules counting


      • Fast counting speed


      • May occur due to fragment contamination


      • May occur due to overlapping of capsules /tablets when feeding hopper is very high


      • May occur due to concealing of sensor by powder


      • Unfit location of counting machine which may expose it to sunlight.


      • High exposure to indoor natural light.


      • Sensor may damage


      • Loosening of welded dot or interruption of internal copper may lead to poor linkage of protecting wire plug.


    counting speed


      • Decrease the counting speed


      • Remove fragments


      • Hopper height re-adjustment


      • Sensor cleaning


      • Sensitivity re-adjustment


      • Relocate the counting machine to the indoor


      • Reduce the indoor light


      • Re-wiring or re-welding.


    Ⅸ.Problem: Vibrating noise


      • May occur due to loosening of vibrating tray screw


      • The outer opening of the vibrating tray may link to the inner opening of the discharging channel.


      • The block equipped inside the machine and hexagonal screw located on the lower part may not be detached/disconnected.


    Vibrating noise


      • Tighten the screw may resolve the problem


      • Vibrating tray re-adjustment


      • Detachment of the block and the hexagonal screw.


    Note: The sensor indicator (LOAD) will brighten up when the counting machine is switched on and disappears automatically after 1.5 seconds, at this point the machine is considered ready for counting. However, if the display does not show "0000", it should be readjusted to "0000".

    10.What are the major consideration points that you must know before purchasing a capsule counting machine?

    Counting machines are considered as an important component of food, hospital, pharmaceuticals and other industries. It is actively used for counting capsules, granules, tablets or food.

    Taking its applicability into consideration, the counting machine is a type of equipment that remains under development which becomes easier with the advent of highly precise advanced microelectronic, electronic, and packaging skills.

    There are various models of counting machines made by different manufactures available. Therefore, you should consider the following points when buying capsules counting machines.



    Think about its workability, whether it is applicable to different types of samples or it is specific to only one dosage form. In pharmaceutical industries, there are many products for which counting is required for example; sugar coated tablets, plain tablets, soft capsules etc., therefore it is very important that the counting machine can be used for a large number of samples. It will save industrial cost and minimize the space needed for many equipment.

    Is the operation trouble-free?

    There are many characteristics which can tell you about the ease of operation.

    For example;

      • Investigate about the working operation of equipment whether it is automatic or not and to what extent it requires human involvement.


      • Investigate about equipment adjustability whether it allows modification in operation parameters easily.


      • Also, investigate the cleaning and maintenance protocols whether it is simple to maintain and repair the equipment because you will be using it for prolonged duration and cleaning is the fundamental requirement for better operation.


    operation trouble

    Counting Accuracy

    This is one of the primary considerations before purchasing a counting machine. The accuracy of counting tablets/capsules should be 99.5% or above.

    Counting Accuracy


      • First consideration is that the machine should be safe to the products means it will not damage drugs during counting operation.


      • Secondly, it is also important that the equipment remains stable for a longer time. It should be equipped with safety devices that protect it from damage and short circuit.



    Brand Price/ Budget

    You should choose a brand that ensures the best quality of machine at a fair price and those who guarantee you of good services in case of any faults in the machine.

    Brand Price

    Hardware and software

    You should choose a model that is advanced and has updated hardware and softwares. It will facilitate smooth operation.

    Hardware and software

    Production Size

    You should choose a counting machine that best suits your production capacity, meaning it can efficiently count the number of capsules/tablets you manufacture.

    Production Size

    Quality Agreement

    You should select the equipment that satisfies quality standards.

    Expertise Needed

    You should choose a model that requires minimal level of advanced expertise and is easy to operate. Because if you select equipment that fully requires new expertise, you will have to put efforts and money for additional training.

    Expertise Needed


    Capsuling counting machine is much needed equipment in pharmaceutical industry. This is all because of high technology, high- speed, and excellent accuracy. When searching for the best capsule counting machine. We recommend you AIPAK Pharmaceutical Machinery best series of capsule counting machines. Because they're the top-leading company in the designing, and creating of compact, convenient, and innovative capsule counting machine with high processing speed.


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