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APC-S120 Automatic cotton inserting machine

Wide applicability,used for round,square flat and special shape bottle made of plastic.Self-diagnose and stop working to make alarm at errors and missing bottles as well as change cotton sliver.Patented cotton-insert technology,using pneumatic cotton -insert technology to avoid pollution of materials.


  1. Strong compatibility  Automatic cotton inserting machine’s height adjustable, suitable for all kinds of specifications, all kinds of round, flat, square, flat square bottles;
  2. Detection  Don't work with no bottle, breakdown self check, fitted cotton in early and some other warning detection alarm control function.
  3. Special Stuffing cotton technology adopts pneumatic plug cotton, to avoid contamination of the automatic cotton inserting machine for material.
  4. Clean the suction aspiration, ensure the working environment clean. specifications, all kinds of round, flat, square, flat square bottles;
  5. Adopts programmable controller PLC control, Chinese interface, touch screen, easy to learn, easy to operate; , square, flat square bottles;
  6. The automatic cotton inserting machine adopts conform to GMP requirements of stainless steel and other materials. , square, flat square bottles.


NO Name Manufacturer
1 Motor TQG(Taiwan)
2 Stepper Motor EVER ELETTRONICA (Italy)
3 Photoelectric sensor  for Seeing bottle ORMON
4 Switch button Schneider
5 Main Control Board PLC Adopt Delta/Siemens
6 Man-machine interface Adopt Siemens/Siemens



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