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Aipak pharmaceutical mixer machine can be also called bin mixer and is suitable for mixing of dry granule materials for pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff and other industries.

Based on importing,absorbing and digesting the new technology of foreign countries,all Aipak Bin Mixers featuring simple structure,compact structure,high mixing efficience,small occupation area,lower power consumption.

High mixing speed and good mixing effect,the mixing uniformity rate can reach over 95%,inner of all Aipak bin mixers are of new type sealing structure,during mixing,it is free of pollution,with convenient operation and maintenance.

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Lab Mixer: The Complete Buying Guide in 2023

A lab mixer is a very robust piece of equipment that makes life easier for everyone belonging to this field. This is true, a lab mixer has been a steadily rising market in the world of experimentation and acquiring accuracy.
This buying guide is specifically discussed by our experts which would be helpful before investing in a lab mixer. So, have a look!

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Mechanisms Involved In Pharmaceutical Mixing Of Powder

Mixing can be explained as a unit operation that involves more than two ingredients combined by a method using agitation, shear, or mixers. The process of pharmaceutical mixing is about the dissolution of powders and solids, blending of raw materials, formulating of minute emulsions, reduction of particle size, etc.

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Types Of Powder Mixing Machines In Pharmacy

Powder is an essential element in processing and making of different pharmaceutical products. And granulation or mixing of powder can increase the processing rate as well as dosage effect.
You may have been facing problems during the selection of pharmaceutical powder mixing machine for your business or personal usage.
Do not lose hope! In this post I will explain about different types of powder mixing machines for pharmacy along with their uses, features and working ability etc.

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Types Of Pharmaceutical Mixer

Thinking about a mixer can bring a mouth-watering treat to everyone’s mind. Cakes, Smoothies, Pasty Products, Pizza dough, Cheese- All thanks to mixers and blenders.
Mixing plays a significant role in combining raw ingredients employed for foods, pharmaceuticals, general, and healthcare preparations. For this, choosing the right mixer is of prime importance.

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How to Mix Pharmaceutical Powder

Powder is not only a solid dosage form, but it is the beginning point of other dosage forms. In a simpler term, it is a core of practicing pharmacy. To mix pharmaceutical powder, pharma industry must have a sound knowledge of it. Mixing of pharmaceutical powder is a key component for the quality and good performance of the product. These processes are highly implemented in the field of pharmaceutical, food, healthcare, and chemical industries.

Pharmaceutical Blender

Pharmaceutical Blender:The Ultimate Buying Guide In 2023

When you hear the term ‘blender’ you often think about the blenders that are used in homes. These blenders are used to mix different foodstuff.
Blenders are also used in the industries and they have a major role in the pharmaceutical industry. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry to mix different ingredients and chemicals for the manufacturing of the drug. These are large tanks usually made up of stainless steel. But they can also be made of cast iron, aluminum, and steel. They are used for processing large batches of products.


High Shear Mixer: The Comprehensive FAQ Guide in 2023

If you are here, that means you are looking for High shear mixer to make all your dreams come true: a machine that is effective, efficient, versatile, or should I say: an all-rounder! No need to go anywhere else, as this buying guide will take you in the world of High Shear Mixe rto understand each and everything regarding these machines.
Not only the general things like benefits, drawbacks, components or types, but you will also learn the quality factors including all the specs and features required to help maintain, troubleshoot, and utilize it in the best way possible.

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