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Aipak mask making machines are high automation,updated version of machines producing basic non-woven 3-layed disposable medical surgical face mask with up to 120pcs/min,7000pcs/hour. The providing series of machine including AKZ-100 one-to-two full automatic face mask making machine and AKZ-D2 folding integrated face mask making machine. Both devices integrate main body welding, built-in nose bridge strip, ear band welding part,entire systems are equipped with material-free monitoring system,reducing labor cost.

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Face Mask Making Machine:the Ultimate Buying Guide in 2020

With the globally spreading of novel coronavirus, as one of the main tools to prevent the transmission,soon the little normally not eye-catching face mask has become the hottest articles between the global trade and crazily robbed by people.How could that little mask block the terrible virus?

Now as the worldwide impacts, the global demand for face mask has rapidly grown .More and more companies have turned to produce masks,or find face mask machine manufacturer in china to supply their machine face masks needs ,but these have brought out so much questions:

How to choose the best face mask machine?

What qualifications do they need for producing masks?

How to control the mask quality and safety?


With these questions,in this face mask manufacturing machine buying guide ,I am going to introduce everything about medical face mask and face mask making machine.

You will get to know everything include qualifications,benefits, parts, design options, installation and FAQ about this machinery, and get a most loyal advice on how to choose a high output machine to supply your country face mask shortage.

Let’s go straight to the main subject of this guide:

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    1.What is medical face mask?

    Medical face mask is a kind of textile for medical protection,usually made of one or more layers of non-woven.


    As the novel coronavirus is highly infectious,the Center for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) has now officially recommended that everyone include infants should wear face mask when out in any public places.

    2.Which materials are used in medical face mask?

    Medical face mask is composed of mask body, tension belt and nose bridge line.


    While the mask body is divided into three layers called SMS:

    ·Inner layer,a skin friendly fabric,which is used to absorb moisture.

    ·Middle layer,Melt-blown fabric,has the function of filtration and isolation,which can block 99% of micro particles.

    ·Outer Layer,special waterproof fabric,which prevent droplets from entering the mask.

    3.What is the function of disposal medical face mask?


    5 performance metrics-Photo Credits:HALYARD

    Disposal medical face mask has a certain effect on virus isolation.

    From above its original raw materials,you may have known it can also isolate the droplets or blood in the air, the body fluids or other secretions in the air, and absorb dust .

    4.What is the standard requirement for medical face mask?

    Medical face mask can be divided into medical protective masks, medical surgical masks, general medical masks according to the

    performance characteristics and scope of application.


    Standards specifications for materials used in medical masks-Photo Credits:HALYARD

    The standard requirements for each masks are as follows:

    I.Medical protective mask

    · Filtration efficiency: under the condition of air flow (85 ± 2) l / min, the filtration efficiency of sodium chloride aerosol with median diameter (0.24 ± 0.06) μ m in aerodynamics shall not be less than 95%, that is to say, it shall meet the grade of N95 (or FFP2) and above.

    · Suction resistance: under the above flow conditions, the suction resistance shall not exceed 343.2pa (35mmh2o).

    II. Medical surgical mask

    · Filtration efficiency: under the condition of air flow (30 ± 2) l / min, the filtration efficiency of sodium chloride aerosol with median diameter (0.24 ± 0.06) μ m in aerodynamics is not less than 30%.

    · Bacterial filtration efficiency: under specified conditions, the filtration efficiency of Staphylococcus aureus aerosol with an average particle diameter of (3 ± 0.3) μ m shall not be less than 95%.

    · Respiratory resistance: under the condition of filtration efficiency flow, the inspiratory resistance shall not exceed 49pa, and the expiratory resistance shall not exceed 29.4pa.

    III. General medical mask

    In line with the relevant registered product standards (yzb), free requirements for particles and bacteria filtration,or lower than those for medical surgical masks and medical protective masks.

    5.Which face mask should you choose to wear to isolate the transmission of new crown virus?

    You may be surprised to find that not all face masks can prevent from virus transmission.

    To be actually safe, you will need either medical masks or N95 respirators .

    So you will need to know the difference between disposable (protective) masks and disposable medical and surgical masks as follows:


    1. Disposable (protective) masks with different properties are made of two layers of non-woven fabric, while disposable medical and surgical masks are made of one or more layers of non-woven fabric.

    2.The main production process of disposable (protective) masks includes melt blown, spunbond, hot air or acupuncture, etc., which is just a kind of protective textile.

    While the disposable medical and surgical masks are made of two layers specially used for medical and health care

    fiber non-woven fabric , and add one layer of filter spray cloth in the middle, then welded by ultrasonic wave.

    3.The disposable medical and surgical masks have different protective functions,that equivalent to liquid resistant, filter particles and bacteria, while disposable (protective) masks are mainly used to prevent dust and filter particles. Therefore, during the novel coronavirus pneumonia, it is better to use disposable medical and medical surgical masks and N95 respirators.

    4.Disposable medical and surgical masks can block the air-borne infectious virus with a diameter of less than 5 μ m or close contacted virus transmitted by droplets, but disposable (protective) masks can not.

    6.What equipment are needed for producing medical face mask?


     Aipak Face Mask Making Machine

    As everyone knows,as a class II medical device,if you want to produce disposal medical face mask on a large scale, you will not only need a clean environment with a cleanliness level of 100000 include Hand drier,Clean wardrobe,Wind drenching room,Clean bench.


    Using clean room to mass production masks-Photo Credits:Nikkei

    But also you will need equipment include mask forming machine,mask cutting machine,mask trimming machine,nose bridge machine,ear loop face mask welding machine,face mask packing machine.

    7.What is Face mask maker machine?

    Face mask maker machine is to produce all kinds of masks with certain filtration by hot pressing, folding forming, ultrasonic welding, scraping removal, ear belt nose strip welding and other processes to the multi-layer non-woven fabric.

    The mask equipment is not a single machine, it needs the cooperation of multiple machines to complete all kinds of different processes.


    8.How many types of face mask making machine are there?

    Now there are many different types of face mask making machine in the market,the most popular you can choose from include:

    1)Cup Mask Machine


    Cup mask is a kind of environmental protection product for protecting human health. Compared with the blank mask we used to use, the cup mask has a higher filtering level and can block most harmful substances in the air.

    Therefore, cup masks are more popular in some environments with higher protection requirements.

    The main features you can find in full automatic cup mask machine include:

    ·It has advanced servo and constant temperature control system,uses PLC to control the material from entering to forming to welding to punching, and the whole production process is fully automatic.

    ·The equipment only needs to be equipped with a full-automatic cup type mask nose strip ear belt welding machine.

    ·The products are exquisitely made and the quality completely meets or exceeds the domestic and foreign testing standards.

    ·The mask equipment saves more than 30% material. So it can reduce the cost and improve the efficiency.

    2)Non-Woven Face Mask Making Machine

    Non-woven face mask making machine is a device that uses ultrasonic system to fuse needled cotton, non-woven fabric and melt blown fabric together as special order to make blank masks.

    You will find the whole production process from feeding to nose line piercing, edge sealing and cutting of non-woven face mask making machine is automatic .

    Besides,there are more features you will find include:

    ·You can select appropriate P.P. material to produce 1-4 layers of masks according to your various demand.

    ·The whole machine is made of aluminum alloy, which is strong and beautiful ,ensure the size of the finished masks is accurate.

    ·You can set the tension wheel and adjust the fabric tension to effectively ensure the beauty and flatness of the finished masks.

    ·The machine work stable with large productivity.

    ·It has independent nose bridge conveying group,that convenient for adjustment and maintenance.


    Aipak Full automatic face mask production Line

    3)N95 Face Mask Making Machine

    N95 face mask making machine is a plane or three-dimensional mask devices which use N95 non-woven fabric as raw material to produce N95 masks.


    Aipak N95 Face Mask Making Machine

    It integrates main body welding, built-in nose bridge strip, half-folding, ear band welding, and breathing valve punching.

    Can be equipped with an automatic coding device,you only need to provide the standard size of the printer.

    It only requires one worker to operate.


    After from that you will also find so many merits of N95 face mask making machine:

    ·It has stable performance, continuously adjustable production speed, high production efficiency.

    ·It is simple and convenient to operate and adjust, high degree of automation, can effectively reduce labor costs.

    ·PLC program controls the operation of the whole machine to reduce the operation difficulty of users.

    ·Imported ultrasonic transducer, 20K international frequency standard, more powerful and stable output; plus two sets of ultrasonic system, effectively guarantee the welding quality of products.

    ·The finished mask can be stacked automatically in the discharging position,which is convenient for sorting out,saving time and labor for the next process of ear band welding.

    4)Folding Face Mask Making Machine


    Disposal Folding Face Mask Making Machine-Photo Credits:Hengyao

    Folding face mask making machine, also known as C-type mask machine, is a full-automatic machine used for the production of folding mask body.

    It uses ultrasonic technology, bonding 3-5 layers of PP non-woven fabric, activated carbon and filter materials , and cut out the folding mask body.

    The ear band is made of elastic non-woven fabric, which makes the wearer's ear comfortable and pressure-free.

    The filter cloth layer of the mask has good filtering effect , can be applied to construction, mining and other high pollution industries.

    Besides,folding mask making machine also has other features including:

    ·It has automatic PLC control system that can counting automatically.

    ·It is easy for you to adjust and convenient for refueling.

    ·The mould adopts the way of extraction and replacement, you can change the mould quickly and produce different types of masks.

    5)Duckbill Mask Making Machine


    Duckbill face mask making machine is a device that uses the principle of ultrasonic seamless welding to produce duckbill mask suitable for high pollution industry.

    You can use 4-10 layers of PP non-woven cloth and filter materials (such as melt blown cloth, activated carbon materials, etc.) to produce this kind of high filtration duckbill mask.

    Besides,you can also find the other features as follow:

    ·The machine is highly automatic,from feeding to finished masks are a line of automatic operation.

    ·It can automatically feed raw materials, has independent nose line conveying system, and can automatically fold the nose line in the non-woven fabric, automatically fold the edge and cut the finished masks.

    ·It is a stable machine with high output, low defect rate and easy to operate.

    While as the welding method and ear belt use methods vary, the non-woven flat type face mask maker machine can be divided into:

    6)Inner Ear Mask Machine


    Inner ear mask machine, also known as mask printer, is a device for automatic production of multi-layer material flat masks.

    It can use 1-4 layers of PP spunbond non-woven fabric Activated carbon and filter materials, the whole machine is a line of automatic operation from raw material feeding to nose line insertion, edge sealing and cutting finished products.

    It is a stable machine with high output,low poor rate,easy for operation.

    7)Outer Ear Mask Machine

    Outer ear mask machine also can be called flat face mask making machine,or automatic mask spot welder, ultrasonic mask machine.

    It is a device that use ultrasonic to fuse the elastic belt into the two outer sides of the mask body.


    Face Mask Outer Ear Loop Welding Machine-Photo Credits:Futan Machinery

    You will only need one operator to place the mask body into the conveyor belt fixture, and the rest of the follow-up actions will be automatically operated by the machine.

    There are also other features you will find:

    ·The machine is compact, small ,will not occupy space.

    ·PLC program control, high stability, low failure rate.

    ·The whole machine is made of aluminum alloy structure, beautiful, solid and rust free.

    ·Photoelectric detection to reduce the error rate.

    ·You can adjust the welding strength of ear band,to ensure the ear band is welded firmly.

    8)Bandage Mask Machine


    Automatic Surgical Bandage Face Mask Making Machine-Photo Credits:HengYao Machinery

    Bandage mask machine is a kind of efficient bandage welding equipment for blank mask.

    It is mainly used for bandage welding non-woven blank mask.

    You can also make 2-layer non-woven blank mask, 3-layer non-woven blank mask, medical blank mask, 4-layer activated carbon blank mask and gas mask.

    Other feature you will find in the bandage mask machine including:

    1. It is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, which is light and beautiful without rusting.

    2. You will find it can count automatically,that effectively control production efficiency and production progress.

    3. You can adjust the operation according to the actual needs.

    4. The length and dimension of the finished product are controlled uniformly with a deviation of ± 1mm.

    5. The equipment has a high degree of automation and low requirements for the operators. You will only need to feed and sort out the finished mask.

    6. It is a stable working machine with convenient operation.

    7. The automatic ultrasonic welding wheel is made of imported high-quality steel, with long service life and wear resistance.

    9.What is fully automatic face mask making machine?

    Fully automatic face mask making machine is a high-speed automatic flat type ear belt mask device.


    Aipak Automatic medical disposable mask production line (one-to-two)

    You can use 1-4 layers of PP spunbonded non-woven activated carbon and filter materials as the raw material.

    The whole machine is one line of automatic operation from raw material feeding to nose line insertion, edge sealing and cutting finished masks, plus two ear band spot welding machines.

    You can this machine to produce outer ear band mask.

    10.What are the specification and main parts of automatic face mask making machine?

    You can find the isometric drawing of automatic face mask making machine (one-to-two)as follow:


    And the dimension:


    Automatic face mask making machine consists of three main parts that coordinate and work together .


    I.Mask body making


    The mask body making can also be divided into:

    1.Raw materials feeding




    The main body of disposable medical mask on the market is composed of 3-5 layers of cloth.

    You can see that this mask machine can make 4 layers of masks, because it has four cloth racks, and the right side is the nose line rack.

    The raw materials feeding order is all kinds of cloth pass through their own cloth support frame, and then enter from the cloth layering frame. After several kinds of cloth are stacked, they enter into the cloth fold, and finally enter into the main processing process through the folding position.


    The function of cloth edgefold is to fold both sides of the originally wider cloth to reach the width of mask you want.

    You can see that there are three folds on the disposable mask, which are realized through the wrinkle mechanism.

    There are also some parts you are worth to know among this feeding procedure:

    1)Cloth placing frame


    You will be easy to get its principle from above assemblies.

    Rotating damping mechanism:

    When the cloth rolls around, if the rotation speed is too fast, the cloth will pile up. In order to avoid this situation, it is necessary to make the rotation axis have a certain damping force when rotating to ensure that the cloth is tight at all times.

    The rotating damping mechanism plays this role.

    The star handle compressed spring, and the spring compresses the compression block on the rotating shaft for damping.

    Cloth roll fixing block: its function, needless to say, is to insert the two ends of the central hole of the cloth roll to form a main body, and then fix the cloth roll fixing block on the mounting base through the star handle.


    Jacking spring, fixing block mounting base and adjusting block:

    The function of these three parts is to facilitate the adjustment of the left and right positions of the cloth roll.

    The tightening spring forces the mounting base of the fixing block onto the adjusting block. The adjusting block and the rotating shaft are threaded.

    The position of the cloth roll is adjusted by tightening and loosening the adjusting block.

    (Note: there is a strip hole on the mounting base of the fixing block, which is used for matching with the screw on the rotating shaft to avoid the relative rotation between the mounting base of the fixing block and the rotating shaft.)

    2)Bridge line placing frame


    Between the upper pressing plate and the lower pressing plate is the area where the bridge line is placed.

    The upper segment and the central axis are threaded. By rotating the upper segment, the height of the area where the nose bridge line is placed can be adjusted.

    The principle of the lower rotation damping mechanism is the same as that mentioned above.

    3) Cloth support frame, cloth layering frame, cloth folding place, mask folding place.

    2.Mask body procedure


    1)In the whole process, except for the separation of the conveyor belt, there is only one driving motor.

    The power of each moving roller comes from this motor, and the transmission of the intermediate power is through the chain wheel, gear and other transmission mechanisms.


    2)The bridge line cutting process includes the drive of bridge line, cutting and folding of cloth side.


    Route of bridge line: bridge line entrance-- drive roller * 2 --bridge line cutting roller

    You can see the drive and cut rollers as follow:


    You can see that there is a groove in the middle of the two rollers, which is used to cross the bridge line, and the small teeth on the driving roller can block the bridge line and drive the bridge line forward.

    There is a blade on the cutting roller, which is used to cut the bridge line. After cutting, the bridge line enters the folded cloth from the pipe.

    You may ask, isn't there a cloth edgefold in front? Why there is a folded edge sheet metal here?

    In fact, the difference is that the two sides of the cloth are folded to about 90 ° in front, but here is to fold the original folded edge from 90 ° to 180 ° in order to roll in the bridge line.

    3)Ultrasonic hot pressing station, mask section station


    The mask body passes through the right embossed roller, pressing the cloth and the nose line together, leaving the dotted line on your disposable mask at the same time.

    Then through the three roller pairs, when passing through the middle cylinder with blade, the mask body is cut off according to the fixed length.

    II.Mask body material separation


    1. Turning mechanism

    The reason why a flip mechanism is put here is that in the previous process, the mask body is outward facing, that is, the blue side of the disposable mask.

    2. Dividing mechanism


    The three red ones in the figure are the mask body.When it is sent to the middle position,the paddles on both side will push it into the left and right sides in sequence,and then pushing cylinder will push it into the conveyor belt.

    III. Ear band fusion / folding


    1. Step conveyor line

    The conveyor line adopts a double chain wheel structure, and the two sides are chain with ears , on which the mask carrier can be fixed.

    Then the carrier moves forward in a step-by-step manner, one grid at a time, and the drive of the conveyor line is step / servo motor.

    2. Ear band welding mechanism

    After the ear belt is rolled down from the upper ear belt, it comes out from the ear belt outlet.

    Then the pen shaped cylinder on the far right drives the lug strap clamp to clamp the strap out.

    And use scissors to cut the ear belt , then place both ends of the ear belt in place with clamps .

    Finally perform the fusion action.


    3. Earband folding mechanism


    when the mask carrier transports the mask, the ear belt will be folded to 90 ° when passing through the ear belt deflector.

    After reaching the position, press the air cylinder down and press the mask, then fold the ear belt, push the ear belt forward onto the mask, and return it.

    Finally press down the welding guide post, press the contact point between the ear belt and the mask body, and then heat it.

    4. Stacking mechanism


    The carrier transports the mask to the belt line and brings the mask to the blanking place.

    The upper sensor has the counting function. Every 10 pieces ,the cylinder will be pressed down, press 10 masks onto the feeding conveyor belt, and then manually remove the masks.

    11.What are the main features of fully automatic face mask making machine?

    Among the various face mask market you will choose the fully automatic face making machine as follow reasons:

    ·High degree of automation

    It counts automatically,which can effectively control the production efficiency and production progress.

    ·Low requirements for operators

    Generally,if you buy fully automatic face mask making machine,you will only need one operator to complete the feeding and sorting out the finished masks,as other process will be completed automatically.


    You can make 1-6 layers mask body according to your own choice.

    ·High reliability

    The machine adopts PLC program control, photoelectric detection, ultrasonic system with stable performance, high reliability, low failure rate.

    ·Balanced tension

    Automatic tension control of raw materials to ensure the tension balance.

    ·High output

    The mask body produced by the body machine can be evenly distributed to the external ear belt machine by PLC to produce at the speed of 80-120 pieces per minute, and some equipment can achieve more than 120 pieces per minute.

    12.How does automatic face mask machine work?

    Automatic face mask making machine follows 3 steps that determine how it work.

    ·Manually Feeding

    First,you will need to manually load the PP spundbond non-woven fabric incoming roll and nose line roll into the material rack in place after the machine has starting-up.

    Here you may also need to adjust all parameters to make sure the machine is in proper working conditions.

    ·Stitch the nose bridge line

    Then ,you will need to stitch the nose bridge line into the laminated three-layer non-woven fabric.

    This step is to make face mask more tight when wearing as you will need to pinch the nose bridge line to the upper side of your nose as it will be more firm so.



    The transmission mechanism will drive the non-woven fabric and nose line forward to be folded, compressed.

    You may be ask why need to be folded?The answer is that face mask has standard specification ,it has to bed folded to totally cover your face to the largest extent.

    Then in order to have permanent crease, it has to be compressed and also for the easy operation of next process.



    This step you will need to cut the three-layer non-woven fabric into single mask unit.

    Then sent to the two ear belt welding mechanism by the transmission mechanism.

    ·Ear Belt Welding

    Last ,you will need to weld the ear belt through the ear belt welding machine.

    Besides, in order to strengthen the binding strength of the ear belt and mask body,and make sure the ear belt can last long under a relatively tight state,you will need to use adhesive at the four welded points.


    Through the above five steps,you may be wondering if a disposal medical face mask has been finished production.


    That is not ,as during the whole production process,not only the process contacts between the machines,but only the non-woven fabric is exposed to the air,that unavoidably be contaminated by the air.

    Then first,you will need the static eliminator to eliminate the static on the on-woven fabric surface.

    And then you need to place the mask in an environment of 400mg/L of ethylene oxide,the hydroxyl group will have alkylation reaction ,and most micromolecules will become inactive ,that is you have achieved the purpose of sterilization.

    Whereby,the ethylene oxide is toxic to the human body,but also is easy to burn and explode.

    So you will need to place the disinfected mask for 7 days for inspection,when the residual amount of oxygen ethane is lower than the standard vale,you can make it packed.the complete disposal face mask is finished so.

    13.What safety features do fully automatic face mask making machine have?

    When you purchasing the fully automatic ,you will find there are so many safety precautions for your safety uses.

    ·Safety self-lock

    The software included in the machine will self-lock with each other to prevent misoperation.

    ·Fault self test

    There will be malfunction indication whenever any fault occur,and also easy for your maintenance.

    ·Feed grating protection

    With feed grating protection to ensure the safety of operators.


    You will find the buzzer will sound when there is faults.

    ·Three color work indicator

    You will easy to know the machine working conditions from the three color.

    ·Leakage protection

    The machine and the operators are protected by this leakage protection function.

    ·Emergency stop switch

    The machine will be urgently stopped when there is emergency happen.

    14.What is Semi-automatic face mask making machine?

    Semi-automatic face mask making machine can use 1-3layers PP spundbond non-woven fabric to make the mask body ,complete automatically compress the three layers raw material and insert the nose bridge.

    The complete face mask making process need to be completed with the assistance of mask ear belt electric welding machine.


    15.What are the main parts of Semi-automatic face mask making machine?

    As the semi-automatic face mask making machine is just complete the mask body ,so it is simply made of Unwinding mechanism,masforming mechanism,welding and cutting station,Aluminum frame,Control Cabinet.

    16. What is the merits of Semi-automatic face mask making machine?

    Though the semi-automatic face mask making machine has very simple structure ,you will find it has so many merits:

    ·Stable quality

    The machine works stable with adjustable speed, easy to operate.

    ·High output

    It has a high production efficiency that up to 200-300 pieces / minute.

    ·Beautiful appearance

    The machine is made of aluminum alloy,clean and beautiful without welding or painting.

    Besides, the machine has human-machine interface touch screen control, built-in time, total output, output of the day.It will automatically alarm and shutdown when you have set the number

    You can also adjust the printer speed with the digital keys.

    ·Low noise

    The machine adopts a three-phase gear motor, the magnetic wheel deceleration with a braking function, and the noise is extremely low.

    ·Superior performance

    The mask is made of ultrasonic welding, with superior performance and high-speed lamination.

    17.How does semi-automatic face mask making machine work?

    As automatic face mask making machine,first you need place the non-woven raw materials on the unwinding mechanism.

    The machine will produce automatically after starting-up,and after the mask sheet come out ,it will be sent to the ear belt welding machine for spot welding.

    18.What is Ultrasonic spot welding machine?


    Aipak ultrasonic welding machine
    Automatic mask straps electric welding machine is a high precision device that uses ultrasonic wave to dissolve the elastic band on both sides of the mask body to complete the finished product of the elastic band mask.

    The mask welded is more firmly through this machine.

    It is mainly used to cooperated with the semi-automatic face mask making machine.

    19. Why choose the Ultrasonic spot welding machine?

    1. The welding effect of this ultrasonic welding machine is better than that of ordinary machine, which is clean and beautiful.

    2.The machine requires only one operator to place the mask body and elastic band at each point of the ultrasonic wave at the same time, and then step on the switch to finish the product.

    The cylinder welds firm, the welding time is adjustable , built-in time, adjustable air pressure, moderate current regulation, no noise, extremely simple operation.

    3. It can be used for chemical fiber cloth, nylon cloth, knitted cloth, non-woven cloth, glue spray cotton, PE paper, PE + aluminum, PE + cloth composite materials.

    4. Application examples: welding, pressing, spot welding and embossing of lace suits, lace underwear, lace packaging ribbons, accounts, raincoats, umbrellas, tablecloths, handkerchiefs, non-woven mask rubber bands, diapers, motorcycle hats, non-woven fabric bags, disposable surgical clothes and hats, underwear bra welding and other handicrafts.


     Aipak ultrasonic spot welding machine

    5. The ultrasonic spot welding machine adopts original transducer, with stable output, high-quality component assembly, reliable performance, smart design and convenient operation.

    6. It can eliminate the trouble of assembling needle, thread and spool of traditional sewing machine. It can spot weld the non-woven belt (or other chemical fiber materials) on the non-woven bag, and the firmness can reach the material strength.

    7. Capable of high-speed continuous operation, high production efficiency, quality improvement and profit creation.

    20.What is the environment requirement for face mask production?

    For the quality and safety of face mask,you will need take care the environment requirement.

    1. The ambient temperature is required to be normal temperature.

    2. Humidity requirement is 40% - 80%. No condensation, dehumidifier should be installed.

    3. Fluctuation of power supply grid: ± 5%, and the grid ground wire meets the international requirements. In areas with voltage amplitude of more than 5%, electronic automatic voltage stabilizing and current stabilizing devices shall be installed.

    4. There shall be no strong electromagnetic signal interference near the installation equipment. There shall be no radio transmitting station (or relay station) around the installation site.

    5. Foundation amplitude: less than 50um; vibration acceleration: less than 0.05g. Avoid a large number of stamping and other machine tools in the vicinity. Equipment space shall be smoke-free and dust-free.

    6.Avoid working environment with serious dust such as metal polishing and grinding.

    7. Air pressure: ≥ 0.6MPa.

    8. Some environments should be equipped with anti-static floor, strengthen shielding, etc.

    21.What is included in the face mask maker machine Validation Protocol?

    The face mask making machine validation protocol contains:


    You will get one machine installation manually instruction and the training materials include:

    1. Installation adjustment

    2. Operation and safety

    3. Adjustment and parameters setting

    4. Maintenance

    5. Common problems troubleshooting

    6. Other precautions

    ·After-sale service

    One year free after-sale service (not human errors or damages) with lifetime technical services and support will be provided to you.

    ·Adjustment tools

    These tools include one set of multifunctional jig,one tool box,one set of Hexagon wrench,one Adjustable wrench,one Open end wrench,one Needle nose pliers,a screwdriver,one Cross screwdriver,scissors,Magnetic switch,Optical fiber, connector.

    22.How to control the quality and safety of medical face mask?


    1)Inspection Test

    From the standard requirement and the production process of medical masks,you may have known that medical face mask must be inspected to pass relative tests to ensue the quality and safety.

    The inspection tests include the spray resistance and breathable performance of the outer layer,and the moisture absorption of the inner layer .

    Among which the breathability is one of the main factors that determine the quality of the raw materials.

    While,enterprise is to set up standardized operation of product quality management system to ensure the safety of masks, as the filter material quality of masks is different through effective and simple methods to inspect.

    You will need to pay high attention to the production process and source of the filter material.

    You will also need to well know the quality requirements for the filter material and have good supplier to ensure the mask safety.

    2)Clear remarks

    The face mask making machine manually instruction should have clear remarks how to correct use and wear face mask,as it also affect the protective effect.

    Or clear remark the front and back of the face mask,how long it only can be worn,how to take off the worn mask,and face mask can’t be disinfected by alcohol.

    3)Ensure production equipment and environment

    The above mentioned production equipment of class I00000 clean room and air pressure ≥0.6MPa etc. both are critical factors that affect the safety and quality of face masks.

    23.How can you increase the efficiency of fully automatic face mask making machine?

    There are ways for you to improve the efficiency of fully automatic mask making machine:

    ·Training your operator for the best techniques and production process with the online video or manually instruction provided by the supplier.

    ·Possibly calibrating the machine to get the most accurate cutting edge or to save the raw materials.

    ·Frequently clean and main the main to make stable working.

    ·Make sure the production environment has meet the standard requirement.

    24.Which is a better choice,an automatic face mask making or a semi-auto, under the current circumstances?

    In order to solve the current face mask shortage,and choose a most suitable face mask maker machine,first,you must know that the initially usage of face mask maker machine can be divided into three steps:

    ·Spare parts production



    While most of manufacturers have no problems for the first two steps.the biggest restriction to the capacity is that the debugging needs most experienced engineer.

    So,here a semi automatic face mask making machine is more recommended.

    As there is several aspects you can see the difference.

    First,a fully automatic face mask making automatic only need two workers and the real capacity is 80-90pcs/min.

    While a semi-automatic face mask making machine need several workers with real capacity up to 120pcs/min.

    Secondly,a fully automatic face mask making machine is more difficult to debug and work unstably.

    While a semi-automatic face mask making machine is more easy to debug and work stably.

    You can also refer to below charts for the difference:


    How to avoid the trap of mask making machine market?-Photo Credits:Testex

    25.What need to take care when choosing mask equipment?

    You will need to apply for "Medical Device Product Registration Certificate" and "Medical Device Production License" before mass production.

    After from that,There are several point you nee to take care,specific as follow:

    ·Mask type

    You will need choose mask equipment mainly based on the specifications and types of production masks.


    Know about proper usage of masks-Photo Credits:Narayana Health

    It is the most appropriate to select the flat type face mask manufacturing machine for the production of disposable masks specially supplied to hospitals, and the folding mask machine for the production of masks that people usually wear to prevent haze. This is to select the corresponding mask type for the market to be done.

    ·Supplier online support

    Seeing that now many mask equipment are imported from china,you may first need to consider the easy operation from the instruction manuals and online videos the machine suppliers have provided since under the current circumstance,they will not able to send their engineers for your on-site assistance.


    ·Perfect after-sales service

    You will need to choose manufacturers with good industrial experience who can provide perfect after-sales service, so that you will find the fastest solutions whenever any problems occur.

    ·Conform to relevant national standards

    You will need to make sure mask produced by the face mask machine must conform to relevant national standards and meet the requirement for sale.

    Otherwise,if the supplier doesn’t have the the mask industry quality control experience ,the mask produced will not pass relative inspections,or if the supplier doesn’t well know the production process and design concept,the production process will be often interrupted and lead to high failure rate.

    26.How can you troubleshoot face mask making machine?

    You may encounter some problems during the production process of face mask making machine,here are some solutions for them:


    ·Material left and right deviation

    It is the lading rack unstable.

    You might fix the loading rack to be horizontal or tighten the tensioner or increase the load.

    ·Folding deviation

    It is as the rack material entrance gantry uneven.

    There are two ways,you might adjust the rack material gantry coil rack to make the direction of the rack material is the same with the folding plate.

    You might make the pre-folding and folding parts are in a relative level,the mechanism space is consistent.

    ·Nose bridge line folds

    There are three reasons that the nose bridge lien folds,first,it might be the nose bridge is not cut off,or the cloth coil deviates,or the position of small baffle before welding is not correct.

    Then you might adjust the nose bridge cutter,the cloth coil,and the small baffle to make sure they are in right place.

    ·Poor short side welding

    It is might because the pressure of welding toothed roller is small, or insufficient ultrasonic energy,or unevenness of ultrasonic steel mould and hobbing,or dislocation of welding position and Bridge strip.

    Thus,you might adjust the roller pressure,check the condition of the ultrasonic.or you might adjust the height of the ultrasonic mold to make it is in a relatively parallel with the roller.

    Last,you might loosen the screw of roller shaft and gear for several meters, and turn the roller to adjust the position of welding teeth.


    Adjust the Mask Making machine ultrasonic

    ·Poor long side welding

    The pressure of the welding roller is too small or the ultrasonic energy is not enough.

    You might also adjust the roller pressure and check the condition of the ultrasonic.

    ·Mask slice not cut off or filamentation

    It might because the cutter is too high or deviates or the cutter position is deviated.

    So you might adjust the cutter height or pressure of the cutter roller.

    You can also loosen the roller shaft and gear for several meters,and turn the roller shaft to adjust the position of the cutter.

    27.What is the new technology in face mask making machine industry?

    In order to alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand and meet the urgent needs of the market. Chen Mingfa, chairman of "contemporary inventor" and "Hainan paipaipaikan Information Technology Co., Ltd." in China, analyzed and found the idealized final result IFR by using TRIZ invention theory.

    The invention was completed on February 7, and the patent application "a kind of emergency mask" was submitted to the State Intellectual Property Office.


    The "emergency mask" of the invention only has the main part of the mask, and the main part of the mask is not equipped with ear rope; the left and right ends of the main part of the mask are respectively provided with ear rope holes.

    Nose strip is not installed on the main part of the mask. The mask can be wrapped in a roll, like a large roll of toilet paper, with 500-2000 pieces per roll.

    The user unit can order the whole volume. When using, use scissors to cut it.


    The mask manufacturer can provide ear rope and nose strip as spare parts to consumers for free, and the consumers can install them by themselves.

    The invention can rapidly increase the production capacity of the existing factory by 5-15 times, only need to replace the grinding tools, no need to add new equipment, and can realize efficient production in 3-5 days.

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