Aipak Disinfection Tunnel
Aipak Disinfection Tunnel is used for epidemic detection in high- traffic and high-density areas. It provides safety and efficient services for passagers, such as non-contact face recognition detection, body temperature measurement with thermal imaging sensor, hand-free disinfection, and 360° all-around atomizating disinfection for people, pets, cargoes and other objects. The system will give warning to security guard for secondary inspection If the body temperature of passager is too high. The food-grade safe disinfectants, which using for intelligent channel, is 100% harmless to the human health. The tunnel is aesthetics with scientific and safe design, which supports to collect disinfection sewage automatically for a friendly and clear environment.

Are the Disinfection Tunnels Safe? the Definitive Explanation Guide in 2020

With the arrival of the counter-work tide,and to help the series world health emergency together we faced ,we have created a solution that can be of public value.

It is called smart disinfection tunnel that will provide safety and efficient services for you, such as non-contact face recognition detection, body temperature measurement, hand-free disinfection, and 360°all-around atomizating disinfection.

In this buying guide,I am going to introduce everything about this equipment and give you the definitive explanation about if the disinfection tunnels are safe.

Let’s go straight to the topic.

1. What’s the disinfection tunnel?

2. What is the specification of the disinfection tunnel?

3. What’s the application of the disinfection tunnel?

4. What are the main features of the disinfection tunnel?

5. What are the main parts of the disinfection tunnel?

6. How does the disinfection tunnel work?

7. Why invest in such disinfection tunnel?

8. Are the disinfection tunnels safe?

9. How to proportioning the disinfectant water?

10. What is the consumption of the disinfectant?

11. Is the disinfectant refillable?

12. How long and how to set the spray time?

13. What’s the cost of the disinfection tunnel?

14. How to install disinfection tunnel?

15.Is there any quality warranty or maintenance guideline?


1.What’s the disinfection tunnel?

A disinfection tunnel is a tunnel or channel,gateway,door that for santerilization and decontamination of people,pet,cargo and other objects when combined with appropriately atomised liquid spray for the atomization of any biocides and viruses.


                            Aipak Disinfection Tunnel


2. What is the specification of the disinfection tunnel?

First,you will find its dimensions as follow:


Then you find its main parameter are:

Overall Dimension


Disinfectants Spraying Mode

Ultrasonic Atomization

Main Host Dimension


Control Mode

Auto-sensing. with 4 spraying devices


AC 220v/110v

Work piece Ratio

3~6 Liter/Hour

Noise Effect


Capacity of Disinfectant container




Disinfectant Type

Compound Potassium Peroxymonosulphate Powder disinfectant is recommend

System Materials

Premium Galvanized steel sheet with special plastic power sp

Type of Hand

Non-contact Auto-sensing Spray

Operating Temperature

0~40(It is not allowed to use this system under 0  due to the frozen of Ultrasonic Atomization Disinfectants

Temp. Measurement Accuracy


Length of Temp.

Measurement Channel


Time of Temp. Measuring


Resolution of Thermal

Imaging sensor


Display Size

8 inch LCD Touch Screen


Measurement Distance


Range of Temperature Preset


Net Weight


Gross Weight



3. What is the application of disinfection tunnel?

Disinfection tunnel is suitable for any indoor scenarios that requires public health prevention and monitoring such as Hospitals, schools, residence, manufacturers, Enterprises, Construction site. Supermarket, Malls, Stations, Air Ports, Banks, Hotels, Expo. Entertainments, Library. Etc.


        Disinfection tunnel at Tiruppur farmers’market-Photo credits:The News Minute


4. What are the main features of the disinfection tunnel?

As of public value protective products,the main features you will find like:

  • ·Food-grade Safe Disinfectants

  • ·Anto-Sensing Disinfectants Spraying

  • ·Adjustable Disinfectants Spraying Degree

  • ·Adjustable Disinfectants Spraying Degree

  • ·Temperature measurement with thermal image technology

  • ·Microcomputer Control System

  • ·Supports Face Recognition

  • ·Support Attendance System

  • ·Channel Lighting

  • ·Easy to move and install


5. What are the main parts of the disinfection tunnel?

The disinfection tunnel is aesthetics with scientific and safe design, which supports to collect disinfection sewage automatically for a friendly and clear environment.

Most of the parts can be installed and removed according to your needs for your business, optimize your own disinfection tunnel with extra features.

The main components it displayed include:

·Face Identification

When you put your face in the designated area,it will automatically recognize your image and store it.

It displayed with 2 cameras and 1 digital screen.

You can set up according to your needs or for any security purposes.

Besides,it can be connected with computer for your easy read and extract data later.

And has large storage capacity ,that is 30000 face information can be stored.


·Body temperature scanner


Using high-precision infrared spectrum sensor and calibrated by blackbody radiation source, it can measure body temperature without contact for a long distance and display the data., which can effectively avoid cross-infection of body temperature.

The accuracy of the data is less than or equal to ±0.5ºC.The range of the data is between 25ºC to 45ºC.

Apart from that,The monitor can be adjust as the temperature difference of seasonal changes.

 ·Alarm system

Equipped with the body temperature scanner,there is the alarm system,it will make alarm and voice broadcast for abnormal temperature,and just need 1 second to obtain the result . 

·Spay System

It uses ultrasound atomization device that can be adjusted to different angels for spraying, these are located in four different areas. Two nozzles at the ceiling and two nozzles at the bottom and it’s connected to computer system that makes everything easy and effective for your preference of spraying methods.


 ·Ultrasound atomization device

The vibration signal from the main circuit board is amplified by the high-power triode and transmitted to the ultrasonic chip, which transforms the electric energy into the ultrasonic energy.

The ultrasonic energy can atomize the water-soluble drugs into 1um to 5um micro mist particles at room temperature, and spray the water-soluble drugs into mist by using the ultrasonic directional pressure with water as the medium.

Unlike other spray nozzles ultrasound enhances dispersion of liquids into fine mist with a narrow size distribution. It helps disinfectant to have better contact with all surfaces for better disinfection and does not leave any marks on the surface.


·Automatic sanitizer

sensors are located in different areas for any sanitizing process to ensure automation,100% non-contact. It helps to avoid cross-infection and reduces the workload of security personnel and reduces risk of exposure to other high-frequency contact personnel.


6. How does the disinfection tunnel work?

The Disinfection tunnel / channel is designed to make people to pass through in order to enter into the premises. It’s equipped with 360-degree whole body disinfection by ultrasonic atomization spraying system. It’s 100% non-contact, non-touch disinfection operated by non-contact face recognition scanner and body temperature measurement with thermal imaging sensor.


7. Why invest in such disinfection tunnel?

Among the various disinfection equipment market,you will find our disinfection tunnels have so many advantages include:


1.Large enough of the atomization amount, disinfection thoroughly, disinfection in all directions from top to bottom.

2.Atomized disinfection materials are safe, using Compound Potassium Peroxymonosulphate Powder, Formula 1: 200 dilution. Same material with Tap water disinfection. there is no much toxicity to the human body. This injury is almost negligible. And it will proportioning automatically.

3.Without plastic curtains, enough atomization, it is completely non-contact, non-touch disinfection, safer and scientific.

4.Disassembled Packing, small Packing size. One HQ load 38 pcs, save sea cost.

5.Disassemble packaging, quick disassembly and easy installation design, saving installation time and labor.

6.Lightweight, movable with pulleys, and a wide range of applications.


8. Are the disinfection tunnels safe?

Now as various version of disinfection tunnels are springing up across the country,the biggest problems you will ask is that if the disinfectant it sprays safe?Or will the disinfectant burn you skin or harm to your body if inhaled?

Essentially these tunnels spray a mist of compound potassium peroxymonosulphate powder through right proportion,it's the same disinfectant as the bleach agent in the tap water you drink every day.

Currently ,there are many kinds of disinfectants in the market,you will find their application scope and functions as the following comparison:





Application Scope

75% Alcohol





84 Disinfectant




Indoor or outdoor,cloth

Compound potassium peroxymonosulphate




Indoor or outdoor,cloth

Povidone iodine




Indoor or outdoor

Peracetic acid





It is also the recommended disinfectant by the national government as there are authority tests find below:


compound potassium peroxymonosulphate mg/l

Effect time.min

Killing rate.%

Escherichia coli(8099)




Staphylococcus aureus(ATCC 6538)




Bacillus subtilis var. Niger(ATCC 9372)




Influenza virus(H5N1)




And there is recycling tank on the bottom of the tunnel,where the spraying disinfectant will flow to ,and the carpet itself can absorb the liquid to stanterilize the bottom of your shoes.

So,it can concluded that the disinfectant tunnel are safe.

Even though,on the other hand,the World Health Organization warns that disinfectant tunnels are supplements to the epidemic ,will not replace other steps like washing hands regularly,wearing mask whenever out,keeping proper distance in any social places and maintain good personal hygiene.

Last but not the least ,you will need to strictly follow the guideline to use this disinfection tunnel to avoid serious side-effects, ranging from skin and eye irritation to severe burns.


9. How to proportioning the disinfectant water ?

For different usage ,the proportions vary ,you may do as follow:



Personnel passage disinfection

1:200 dilution

Environment,animals,equipment,Incubator disinfection

1:200 dilution

Drink water disinfection

1:1000 dilution


Specific pathogen disinfection

Escherichia coli,Staphylococcus aureus,Swine vesicular virus,Infectious bursal disease virus

1:400 dilution



1:800 dilution


Influenza virus

1:1600 dilution


Foot and mouth disease virus

1:1000 dilution

Aquaculture fish and shrimp disinfection

Dilute with water 200 times and spray it all,0.6-1.2g/1ml water

Besides,you will need to manually add to the dosing device needs and the proportion will be completed automatically.


10. What is the consumption of the disinfectant?

1 kg can be used for 160 hours. 1: 800. Dissolve 800L water in 1kg.

The sterilized water bucket is 25L, 5L for an hour, that’s a full one can be used for 5 hours.

It will dosing automatically, and make automatic alarm when the water is nearly used up.

25L of the prepared solution can disinfect 5 * 3600 / 30 = 600 people.

That is, 1 kg can disinfect 19200 people.


11. Is the disinfectant refillable?

Yes, you can always easily check how much disinfectant left and it can always be refilled easily. Doesn’t require any extra parts or anything to purchase to refill. Simply refill disinfectant to the tank.


12. How long and how to set the spray time?

You will no need to set the spraying time 30-40 seconds as it has been set when leaving the factory .

It starts to spray when sensed and stops when you have left.


13. What’s the cost of the disinfection tunnel?

The cost of the disinfection tunnel ranges between 1610 to 3500 US dollars.

You will need to determine which system you need as the face recognition,hand santerilization and temperature measurement can be separated to purchase and will be more cheaper.


14. How to install disinfection tunnel?

It’s very easy to install. Installation video is included with the package. You can simply play video and it will guide you through out from start to finish and testing.


15. Is there any quality warranty or maintenance guideline?

The quality warranty we can provide including:

·All components are CE certified

·All components are throughly checked before leaving the factory.