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Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine At Best Price

Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine is configured according to the precision manufacturing requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.
Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine mainly consider in medium scale pharmaceuticals, herbals and nutraceutical companies where the higher production output is required with medium lost.
The machine provides a high degree of automation with higher levels of weight accuracy in filling hard gelatin capsules. Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine suitable to fill capsules of all sizes & it is constructed by quality Stainless Steel covering according to GMP standards.

Crazy mask making machine,should take a break

Early of 2020, a novel coronavirus infection epidemic has touched the hearts of millions of people,it is a war epidemic without smoke.Masks have been special purchases for the Spring Festival,and mask making machine is undoubtedly the starting point of this year’s automation industry.
Non Woven Face Mask Making Machine-Photo Credits:Khandhala Enterprise These two days, more and more

Home and Public Disinfection? Only Effective if Choose and Use Right

2020 A sudden outbreak coronavirus has once again raised the public awareness of health prevention, and the use of disinfectants or sanitize spray at public and home has become an important matter that everyone would like to care about.

However, all kinds of sanitizing products in the supermarkets and pharmacies will inevitably make us feel dazzled. Apart from that, improper use of disinfectants or sanitizing spray or may also cause respiratory tract and skin irritation in the light, fire, and other serious accidents in the heavy, and even life danger.

Successful Exploration of Solving Capsule Filling machine Hysteresis material and Stick capsule

With the rapid development of electronics and machinery industry,automatic capsule filling machine come to the world,make that capsule have a significant evolution from theory to manufacture.

It has been identified by most manufacturers and consumers as its such advantages as fast dispersion,good stability,cover up the bad gas of the drug taste and reduce the stimulant of the medicine,only second to the tablets and injection in the world’s pharmacopoeia.

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